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Hi guys! I'm having a hard time remembering a game I used to play at school, and I'm hoping someone can help me. It was in the early 90's and I used to play it on a Macintosh computer. The game was on a floppy disc! The game was set in a mansion and it was at night. I believe you had to solve questions and puzzles in order to move throughout the mansion. If my memory serves me correctly, you have to complete your goal/get out of the house before sunrise. I may be wrong. I can't remember if we had to save a person or find them. Other games I used to play around the same time at this school were Number Munchers, Word Munchers, Mario Teaches Typing and Oregon Trail. If someone can figure this out I would greatly appreciate it!!! I apologize for the lack of clues, I wish I remembered more.

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So there was this game which is set in a forest and is basically a competition between animal characters (i think there were 3), one of the guys i think was a skunk and he was named stinky, maybe there was a beaver too. The games they compete vary. I remember water slide racing(the slide was from wood and there were obsticles on it), and throwing rocks and whoever throws the rock closest to something wins. There is a map from above and u chose which game u play in your order. The game is for kids and i think it was pretty colorful. I played it on pc when i was really young, 2000-2006. Any feedback is appreciated :).

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I can't find a game, it's a top-down game, kind of looks like Spy Hunter, you ride a car, there's a bunch of other cars, red and blue trucks which can crush you, there's also holes in the road and if you fall in them you explode, and I remember on one of the levels there was a "boss" which was a big helicopter. I played it on an emulator and I don't remember the platform though, SNES or SEGA Mega Drive probably. 8 or 16-bit graphics.

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I can't find a game, it's a top-down game, kind of looks like Spy Hunter, you ride a car, there's a bunch of other cars, red and blue trucks which can crush you, there's also holes in the road and if you fall in them you explode, and I remember on one of the levels there was a "boss" which was a big helicopter. I played it on an emulator and I don't remember the platform though, SNES or SEGA Mega Drive probably. 8 or 16-bit graphics.


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Hi im trying to find an old horror kinda game with devils.I remember playing it on PC.From what I can remember you are a devil in a creepy old house and some devils attack you. The game had some jumpscares but I can't remember more details.But if you have ANY game in mind please tell me because i NEED to find it.Thanks.

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@starxidiamou: how old are we talking? I can't think of many games where you play as a devil. The one that comes to mind is Jersey Devil for PS1 but it wasn't exactly a horror game.

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i have this pc game i used to play when i was 6 around 2006 maybe earlier lets say 2004, you are some green dressed dude kinda looking like link with a green or yellow bird following you. its a third person view game, adventure i believe and i remember you traveled from island to island on a big fish. a cut scene i remember is an old lady running out of her door screaming for help about ghosts in her house, with her hands press up on her cheeks. i believe the story was about a ghost pirate maybe? that is about all i remember and this has bothered me since 2012. i need closure.

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@aerithlives:Sorry for the late reply i don't remember how old it is but it was one of my childhood games it was creepy in an old house and you had devils attacking you with jumpscares.It was a third person game.I think i played it around 2009 - 2012 I also played it on PC i cant remember more details but i really need to find it. Thanks.

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Medieval era game fairly certain it came out sometime in the late 90's, early 2000s, it had different elements of the time in it. It was a silly game and I'm almost positive it was a point and click adventure, reminded me of zoombinis in comedy and the way you played it as a point and click, though I cant remember if it was educational or not, I don't think it was.

I remember there being a tourney thing like they did back then, but again it was all silly. There were different levels you went through similar to zoombinis, and I'm almost positive there was a little customization too, I think it involved what your shield heraldy and stuff looked like.

I also remember there being a scene where they attack a castle and it can go wrong with a silly animation at the bottom of the screen of the knight getting chased by an alligator. If anyone remembers what this game is, I'd be very happy to know,it's been bothering me that I can't remember it.

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Remember a science fiction pc game I use to play back in the 90's game was done in the style of games like the journeyman project and myst. What I remember of the gameplay is your in space near a couple of planets a commercial pops on your screen for some kind of meat I ignore the commercial and proceed to the other planet close by where I land in some kind of junkyard there is an alien standing outside and he asks you if you could go to a certain butcher to get some meat and not to go to the one where the commercial popped up on my screen I ignored him and went to the one he told me not to go to. When I went back the alien knew I went to the one he told me not to go to and got a game over screen after that. Would be nice to know what game this is because I want to play it again. Names I thought it was was the search for the big bang,the search for end of the world but it wasn't. The name of the game is deadalus encounter

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I can't remember the name of the game but i played it around the 90's. It's an adventure game and that the character you control changes to a soldier whose weapon is a gun, a baby that uses the feeding bottle as a clubbing weapon, and someone with whip, i think (like simon belmont in castlevania). I also remember the background being inside a castle. I think i played it on a family computer (or NES). Thanks in advance!

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@tempest_mage: Konami Wai Wai World 2. The character you thought was Simon Belmont WAS a Belmont. :D

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@aerithlives: Finally! Closure for me! Thank you very much! ???

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Hoi, there was a game that I played as a kid (around 2008-2014) that I used to love, but can't find it again.

I believe it was a flash game on some website (PC). It was a kind of turn-based artillery game that is similar to games like Worms, Cannon Brawl, Scorched Earth, etc. Except this one was about controlling a giant dude that carried little people on his backpack. The little people were thrown to an enemy giant or to destroy/affect terrain and defeat the enemy giant. The little people had special powers that ranged from simple explosions to elemental powers to healing (I think). Can't quite remember, but I think it might have been a single-player game with no online multiplayer. The graphics weren't all to fancy, and I don't know if there is audio or any music. I would love to play this game again, so thanks in advance for any help!

Example of games that 'look' or may be similar:

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pc game, top down shooter and slasher. had tons of weapons,vehicles. enviromental ai like crocidiles or dogs. very bloody old like 1990-2006 game i cant lower the gap any further, the start screen had a gun shot every time u sleected an option. a few of the maps was a sewer,a prision with train and train track that would eletrocute you. very bloody. you had a lot of blood bath and there was a reduced gore mode. i really enjoyed this game please help!

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Hey there!

I'm tormented by the idea that I don't remember the name of a game that I played when I was a kid. It was a simulation game, maybe the game is from the early 2000 because it was a 3D game with decent graphics. You could buy a truck (or something like that, MAYBE even a car) and you had to accept jobs (something like Euro Truck Simulator) and, if I don't remember wrong, there was even police that could chase you. I remember something, like in order to finish a job, you had to go to a checkpoint that was always the same in all the map (the same structure I mean, like a long structure with a bunch of garage doors or something like this). Anyway, it was a fun game for me (a little kid). Please help me!

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@mrfrost: how and where di d u find it it might help in my prediciment to find my super violent top down game :D

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@grimmlock95: I searched "old games like Euro Truck Simulator", and I got a list of 62 games; I just searched in that list till I saw something familiar.

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90s pc game, maybe DOS, or not.

Point and click adventure, hand drawn style, the world (earth or generic planet) has around 7-9 ish layers deep that go to the planets core. Don't remember if I gotta save someone or kill a final boss, but I gotta reach the deepest layer. Filled with characters (mostly non-human I think) that I can talk to, some items as well, lots of puzzles. The mechanics would be like machinarium i think.

Does that ring a bell? Thanks!

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The game is a late 90's, early 2000's point and click adventure game for PC.

You start out in a snowy land and you head toward something, not sure what. When you get there you meet some sort of shaman who sends you to 3 different lands.

One of the places he sends you is Ireland, you're a monk there and you walk around solving puzzles until eventually you activate a large standing stone that triggers a horse to come galloping by, if you manage to grab hold and get on, it will bring you into a book. There's someone on a throne and you move around the room without falling through into the sky. Something about a sword too I think.

The next land is in China, I don't know who you become but at some point you need to go into "hell" to find a mushroom that will give (the emperor?) immortality.

In hell you need to get a paper stamped in the correct order by animal headed officials and that includes flipping the room to get to the officials on the ceiling.

In the last land you turn into an Aztec warrior who needs to solve a puzzle in order to travel to Xibalba to wake up Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent). The jaguar god is the one who's currently awake but he's not accepting the blood sacrifices the king keeps making and the king is getting really weak. The king's young daughter will be sacrificed soon in the hopes that her sacrifice will bring the rain they need for their crops.

At some point you need to climb into a giant spider web and collect certain things in there while avoiding being caught by the giant spider.

That's all I remember, I hope it rings a bell for someone.

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Hope somebody will be able to help me. I remember playing a game many years ago, probably over a decade ago now, which i just can't remember the name of. It was an adventure style sort of game if i remember rightly, generally point and click, mixed with a bit of a mystery solving game. I believe it was set in Egypt, you played as an adventurer of some description. I don't remember the actual plot of the game, but i do remember that there's a section at the end of the game where you need to place the correct items in certain holes as you're travelling down a staircase of some kind, but if you fail then you end up getting dropped into lava (I think). It's kind of a mature kind of game too in that respect. There's also a couple of sections i remember through the game. One in particular is when you're on a boat, possibly cruising on the Nile to get to another area in the game, and a mummy (or a monster of some kind) attacks you while you're on the boat and you have to escape him by either using certain items or running a certain way, i can't remember precisely. I think the mummy attacking you is a recurring theme in the game and you have to escape him in different ways. There's also a section where you're in what i believe is a wine cellar, and you have to hide from two guys that are coming down the stairs, otherwise i think one of them shoots you.

I think it's a Nancy Drew esque game (but not part of the series obviously) I remember loving it as a kid but i can't remember the name of it, if it rings a bell for someone then that'd be awesome!

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Looking for an old computer game for little kids. Probably came out in the 90's. There was an overview of a town where you could select several different minigames. One minigame involved putting frosting on cakes. There was also a parade minigame. I think I found a picture of the town overview. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Jumpstart but similar to it.

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i found my game after stumbling apon loaded i founbd it its called take no prisoners and funny enough i was looking up loaded on this site and it was in the similar games tab on the right side thankyou so much!!!!!!!!

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Hey so I played this game on the computer when I was younger maybe in like 2006 or before. I basically had to use the arrow keys to move my character around, it was definitely purple but maybe a flower on wheels or something lol? And it made a constant bleeping/munching sound as I had to move around to eat things in my path?? I do think there were different levels once you had eaten all the ‘things’, it was defo a kids game and cartoon like. Nobody, not even my parents, remembers what I’m talking about and it’s so annoying, thanks x

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Hi guys! The one i'm trying to remember is not a proper game, its more like an educational game for kids to teach about planet earth.

The game is a clicker with a lot of pre rendered 3D images so you must click on the corner on the screen to move around.

You start exiting an elevator in a place that I could describe as a museum in an underground cave. There are a lot of rocks (mineral) on shelves and when you click them the game give its description. There is another room where you can simulate an earthquake and a volcano eruption.

I'ts probable from the 90s

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I've got a hard one.
I remember getting this game when I was a kid around 2005 or 2006. Basically, it was Zoo Tycoon, but with dinosaurs. Unfortunately, the game didn't run very well on my old computer, so I had it taken back. Here's what I can remember about it.

I'm guessing it came out around either 2004 or 2005 and I got it for PC. It was a management game where you manage a zoo with dinosaurs. The game was 3D and had realistic-looking dinosaurs, likely with some of the scientific inaccuracies of the time. As for how the game played, I'd assume it played like any other game in this sort of genre. Didn't really play it much since it was nearly unplayable on that old computer. I remember the tutorial involved building an enclosure for some kind of large carnivore. I want to say a T.rex, but I'm not entirely sure. I think the tutorial also used red highlights to tell the player what to click, but again I'm not really sure. I believe the map was flat, or at least the area where I had to put down the enclosure was. The UI was either to the left or right of the screen. I think either the disc or the box might have had a raptor on it or some other carnivore with brown scales. The only other way I can help is by stating what it isn't.

It's not a Zoo Tycoon game. I owned Zoo Tycoon before I got this game and Zoo Tycoon 2 after 2006, the art style of 2 doesn't match up, and I wouldn't get the Extinct Species expansion until 2008.

It's not Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. The UI of JPOG doesn't match and I would've never gotten rid of a Jurassic Park game as a kid.

It's not Dino Island. The art style is too cartoony in comparison to what I played and the tutorial does not match up.

Well, that's about all I can remember. Hopefully, something turns up from this.

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This is a game about a miner in a mineshaft, where he is attacked by what I assume is a bear/bears, and he uses a shotgun and dynamite to defend himself, and collect items. This game was really old, from like 1998- 2007, it was top down on windows, I played it on windows vista. It had a red tint to it, as in the whole game looked red.

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I've been racking my brains trying to remember an arcade game I played in Spain around 25-30 years ago.

It was done in a manga/anime art style and seemed to be set in a fantasy remake of the First World War. It was a beat em up where you would leap to and from bi planes and beat up soldiers.

I remember one of the bosses was literally a giant floating severed mummified head, and the last boss (that I could never beat) was like some giant red skinned general guy.

Can anyone help?

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@nicocantrecall: i can't help but askd if it was Zoo Tycoon Dinosaur Digs? I know you said it was no Zoo Tycoon game, but look again, because you described it almost perfectly. You also listed all the Zoo Tycoon games you played, but not this one.

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Man I could really use some help here, this has been driving me absolutely insane. When I was a young child in the late 1990s/early 2000s, I would watch my father play some game on the PC that I remember as some sort of 3D isometric adventure game. Memories of it are very hazy but I remember that there was a part of the game where there was a race of mole people who lived underground or in the sewers, and I believe a large part of the game involved solving puzzles. I swear there was also something to do with radiation but that's about all I remember, sorry that it's such a horrible description. I asked my father and he seems to have no recollection of what I could be talking about, at this point I'm honestly almost convinced my memory of this game is just some sort of fever dream.

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Hi there!

I need help finding some game I was playing long time ago.

So the game was 3D with fixed camera angle (just like Resident Evil 2) I think it might have same graphics and could came out around same time. It was ARCADE game I remember that the first level was on ship or yacht of some kind. The player had to beat some bad guys on the way and You could pick up items that was around like speaker and use it as a weapon. I also remember that when player got hit he/she lose some clothes... I think that could be a game from some Japanese company like Capcom. I can't remember more thanks for answer.

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Hello everyone, I'm searching for an Top-down view, Adventure, Puzzle and Sokoban Game that is available for PC, which is similar to Chuck's Challenge 3D. The estimated year I think the game came out would be between 2006 to 2012. The difference is that it had a larger map, had better graphics and was more colorful, friendly and "childish" compared to Chucks Challenge, but something that they share in common is that it was a Sokoban, which means you had to move objects like rocks, etc to proceed to the end of the level. The protagonist was an anthropomorphic thing, not sure what he was, to be honest.

The biomes that I remember were a Greenland where you had to move circular rocks and other things that blocked the way, and a factory level where saws moved and could kill you and also had movement boost that made you move from side to side really fast, and if you wanted to end the level, you had to go to star to continue to the next level, and if you died you restarted from the start of the level.

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Hi everyone, I just remembered a game I now try to search. But I don't find it. I hope, I got more luck here^^

- It was a Windows Vista or Windows XP game (I think I played it on Vista).
- It was 2D and it got levels. The levels weren't scrollable, so you have just one fixed screen per level.
- You played a squirrel (I think) with armor and bow and arrow.
- The enemies are blown-up frogs bouncing like the ball of a breakout-clone.
- You can walk left and right and shoot with your bow vertically up. You have to kill the frogs
- There were powerups, which changed your shots. But I don't remember any specific powerup.

I really hope one of you even knows the game :)

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Theres a game I played back in the day and I cant remember the name. Here's what I've got:

-sometime between 1998-2002 (estimate)

-PC game

-each scene was fixed camera, you used the mouse to click where you wanted your character to go, and then to attack you clicked on the enemies. The enemies I remember are goblins. You could click and swipe your mouse up or down to do different sword attacks.

-your character is a human warrior.

-The angle of the camera when in each scene is angled down, like diablo, but not as angled.

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I've tried for possibly 20 years to remember what I know is a C64 game, gone through many pages of Lemon64 etc but just never come across it again. Would love to know. I only ever played it a few times at a specific friends house, which is how I know the approx date.

Platform: Commodore 64

Year: Around 1987-88 when I played

Game Type: It was side on and I'm pretty sure we were inside a spaceship. I think it was flip screen, no scrolling. Relatively slow paced, you could take you times to move through each screen and avoid hazards. On each screen there were multiple 'rooms' and some might have had water in them. There were doors between the rooms I think. I don't recall what our character looked like.

General Graphics: I recall it having a generally pink & grey look with heavy use of shades to create 3d edges / bevels / relief effect. The reason I remember it is because I LOVED the general look.

Sound: I can't remember anything in particular about the sound

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@nt64: Some of what you describe sounds like Exile (1988.)

When I'm not on mobile I will add a link, but it is certainly here on the wiki.

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Thanks but not Exile. I did play that both at the time and recently though but it’s scrolling, the game I’m trying to remember is much more simple - static screens, slow pace.