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All. I am trying to remember a computer game I played in the 90s. I can’t remember much sadly. It took place in the desert where you were a character and had to solve puzzles. It was a game where you click on the sides of the screen to move to the next area.

I remember distinctly a character that said “what do you want” in a slow drawn out tone.

There was one screen with a rabbit that would pop out of holes and you couldn’t catch him. Also another puzzle with a statute that you had to pick the right gems and water level in his bowl.

It was a similar game to the dig.

Please help!

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I remember playing this game back in 2009-2010 on my ipad (ios), it was a 2d style action game set in the ww2 era, where you started as an allied soldier fighting what was presumed to be nazis. The game had a very cartoonish style almost like the characters were cut out of paper. The point of the game was to fight through the levels to get to the final nazi-boss-officer at the very end. I vaguely remember the soldier having a cigarette in his mouth always, and the game was very gory and as you shot enemies they would explode into blood and bones. As you progressed from level to level, they got harder with more and more enemies and i remember the dogs that would attack you were a real pain. I also remember towards the end of the game you entered a castle where the final boss remains, and also nazis that were dressed in all black like officers. The game at this point had a very dark theme and it was always night. You could pick up better weapons from the fallen enemies and also throw grenades. You were always fighting from the left side of the screen to the right, and you could sort of move “side to side” or up and down the screen, but once you went too far right, you couldnt really go backwards. This was one of the first games that popped up when searching “ww2 games” at the time, and ever since i have not been able to find it again even in the depths of google. This game had a style that seemed to be aimed at kids yet it was so gory i cant imagine it was intended for them. Any help locating the name of this game would be appreciated, thank you.

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Hey all. I've been searching through quicklooks trying to find a game that was looked at sometime within the last year, year and a half or so. I can't for the life of me track it down.

I fairly certain that it was either a Brad or Abby QL and I think Vinny was in it as well... What I remember is it's a 2D, top down game where you're either a boat or a submarine. You travel around the map moving from Port to Port and there were "events" of some sort that took place and your choices impacted passengers on your craft. I think there was combat but I don't remember what it was if there was any. I recall the color scheme being "earthy" colors. Tans, browns, et cetera... Can you help? Thank you!!!!!

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@wollywoo: YES!!!!!! That's it! Thank you sir!!!!! Or ma'am....

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We're trying to remember a game my boyfriend played about 15 or so years ago (1999-2004).

It was a downloadable game for PC and had a similar art style to many of the Popcap Games (not 8 bit and also not a Popcap game, we've checked).

The gameplay was a platformer that was room-confined over mutiple screens, but moved smoothly (not like early Zelda).

Character-wise, you were a dragon searching pyramids for keys to the next level and treasure.

You'd fight mummies and snakes with a fire/breath attack.

Update on the game hunt: We've confirmed it's not the following:



Dragons Wake

Dragon: A Game About a Dragon

Dragon Breed


Dragons Crown

Mibilis Quest

Adventure Island

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My sister and I are trying to remember a game we played in the early 2000s, probably came out between 1995-2005. It was on PC / Windows XP.

It was aimed at kids, and was a point and click style puzzle game. Easy enough for a child around 6 or 7 to play.

It began with a kid and an animal friend (possibly a bear, tiger, or other animal) on a boat which then crashed on an island. At the end of the game, you end up reaching a volcano.

The game play itself involved a 2D fixed-screen with arrows on each side that would allow you to move to different areas or different rooms. In order to proceed in the game, you had to solve puzzles and complete certain actions.


We figured it out by searching one of those game databases - it was "Moop and Dreadly: The Treasure on Bing-Bong Island"

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I have played this game around about 2003,04 maybe (I was really young I can’t really remember) but the game was surely made in 90s.

I remember only small bits of information about it but if anyone can help me it’d be awesome.

It looked like those DOS games. It had something resembling a 2.5D perspective.

It had little people walking around on top of some white ground (I am not sure was this snow, ice or something else).

This part I am not sure about: I vaguely remember being able to do stuff to those people but that might be my mind playing tricks. The thing is, I don’t remember anything else about the game, not a single thing about it's gameplay or the goal of the game but I played it a lot which is why I want to find it. It is possible that somewhere in the game there was a plane or something flying but I am not sure because the game came on a disc with a lot of other games and the plane part could be from another game. I know it’s not a lot to go off but if anyone knows it thank you so much!

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Ive been trying to find this game for awhile now. I remember playing it maybe around 2006? It was on our old computer, maybe windows xp. It was the trial version i think? You could only play to a certain level then it would show where you could buy/order the game. It was a CD game i think, but the trial was already installed.

It was these colored marble looking balls, they were shiny but they acted more like bouncy balls. You had to rearrange them to match the picture you had. I think one of the first levels was, making a pyramid with the gold balls, and there were blue ones you had to move away. I remember one of the levels, they were in a grape shape.

If you tried to shove one ball in between two, it would struggle and eventually the others would bounce away with the force.

Does anyone remember this game?

Thanks for the help.

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It had to be around 2007-2010, I remember playing this old computer game from a website I'm pretty sure was called either "Instagames" "Insta-games" or "InstantGames" .com or something similar to any one of those names. I remember playing this game either directly on the website or via download. The game was in 3D, and was some type of Third-person Sci-Fi shooter game. I can't remember exactly, but I think the goal of the game was either "Capture the Flag" or some type of "Castle Seige." By right-clicking, you were able to boost through the battlefield and shoot enemies with a neon streak of light following behind you as you move. I think your character is some type of android or a guy in Suit. Visually, I feel like the best way to describe it, would be by calling it a much older version of "Daemon X Machina." The movement and aesthetics work and look just as similarly, but you control your character with a mouse and keyboard. It was really fun and I had a lot of fond memories of it, I would GREATLY appreciate it if someone was able to somehow find the name of this game and where I can download it for nostalgia's sake.

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I remember playing a game that was similar to Super Mario Brothers 2 on NES. You played as a princess and you were aboard a ship and could throw vegetables.

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So this game is very vague in my memory, but I hope anyone can help me... I played it in the late 90's-Early 20's. (I believe on windows 95) It was set in a 3D environment, and I was controlling some sort of a flying saucer - spaceship - drone (or maybe not). I remember I had to pick up stuff-buffs, possibly,. I know this is very little info, but if you have a list of 3D games, that entail spaceship-like stuff, help would be appreciated...

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Just one more info on this game... apparently there is a level/world called "dahlia",