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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host this week. We did it everyone! We basically survived the first month of 2018! Just eleven more where that came from! Pointless fretting aside, the Giant Bomb community was up to its usual creative antics. This week, we have art and videos galore! But before we enjoy either, let's spotlight two Giant Bomb users who are this week's community MVPs for their random, but awesome forum posts!

Clips Of The Week

Best of Giant Bomb’s Shenmue Endurance Run—03 (By: @clagnaught)

Vinny fights a monster man, Dan sings Thunder Road, and Alex loves how much the travel agency lady sucks (Parts 13 through 18). What a time to be alive!

Every Time They Make Michael Jackson Make That Michael Jackson Noise in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (By: @jeremym)

Here's every time Jeff, Dan, and Brad make Michael Jackson make his Michael Jackson noise while playing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (arcade edition). It's good stuff.

TOO BAD!: Where The Sun Don't Shine (By: @mepsipax)

Giant Bomb East died 38 times while trying to get the shinesprite in the red coin challenge of "The Hillside Cave Secret," in Super Mario Sunshine. Giant Bomb user Mepsipax compiled each death in this video.

DBZ FighterZ - Ben From Giant Bomb Powers Up (By: JDPoZ)

Over on Youtube, JDPoZ "powered-up" Ben in the style of a Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z.

Giant Bomb FGC SFV Tournament 1/20 (By: @cattyg)

The Giant Bomb FGC Discord has been having a blast with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and here's the archive of their most recent tournament.

Giant Bomb Galleria

Giant Bayeux Dot Com (Yt's A Webbesyte Abovt Vydeogymes) (By: @sweep)

The Giant Bomb community effort to convert staff quotes into a Bayeux Tapestry generator continues to be hilarious! Check out these hilarious examples, and think about creating your own works of "art."

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

I Made This Random Giant Bomb Roundel Logo (By: @bulby33)

Many thanks to bulby33 for creating this AMAZING Giant Bomb roundel logo! It magnificently merges old and new sensibilities.

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Tweets Of The Week

Community Activities

Sea Of Thieves Closed Beta Hook-up Thread (By: @shaggydude)

Are any of you going to be playing with the Sea of Thieves closed beta? If so, drop your Gamertag over here, and hopefully, you can enjoy the swashbuckler with other Giant Bomb users.

Want to have some pirating fun with the Giant Bomb community?
Want to have some pirating fun with the Giant Bomb community?

Best Of Blogs

Turns out, Pac-Man on the NES is a weird thing.
Turns out, Pac-Man on the NES is a weird thing.

NamCompendium 4: Pac-Man, Pt. 2 (By: @jeffrud)

jeffrud breaks down the long and complicated history of porting Pac-Man to early consoles. Trying to parse out the many NES/Famicom ports of Pac-Man took him literal days.

The 2018 Playlist: Episode 1: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4) (@boodoug187)

BooDoug187's effort to make a dent in their backlog is off to a bang with Sleeping Dogs! Read all about their impressions over here.

Thoughts On The Overwatch League (By: @aiomon)

aiomon loves eSports and consumed a good amount of the Overwatch League. Read why watching Overwatch doesn't draw him like Dota 2 or StarCraft.

Night Watch: An Analysis of Late Shift (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152's take on the FMV crime thriller, Late Shift, is that it was designed and written by someone in a five-year coma.

J-pop needs to get as far away from the Final Fantasy franchise as possible.
J-pop needs to get as far away from the Final Fantasy franchise as possible.

Darwin Project: the Next Big Battle Royale Game? (By: @themist997)

TheMist997 muses if the Darwin Project has a shot at becoming the next big battle royal game to set the world on fire on his latest blog.

Surviving Final Fantasy X-2: Episode 4 - If J-Pop Is The Highlight Of Your Game, You've Got "PROBLEMS!" (By: @zombiepie)

It is 2018, but Giant Bomb moderator ZombiePie is STILL playing Final Fantasy X-2. This time, read why he thinks its inclusion of J-Pop is the best/worst thing in the game.

Saturday Summaries 2018-01-27: Sour Grapes Edition (By: @mento)

If you like a lot of words to read, Mento's got you covered. Up for discussion this week are Operation Logic Bomb, Persona 5, Escape Goat 2, the second season of The Good Place, Chrono Trigger, Kubo and the Two Strings, and dealing with being "that guy on the internet who doesn't like a thing".

Join The Discussion

Ah, Burnout Paradise, what a great game!
Ah, Burnout Paradise, what a great game!

Jeff On Burnout Paradise's 10th Anniversary. Also Almost 10 Years Since The Founding Of This Website (By: @halidyusein)

Many Giant Bomb community members used the 10th anniversary of Burnout Paradise to discuss the evolution of Giant Bomb and open-world racing games. Join this highly nostalgic activity if you haven't already.

If There Was To Be A Live Action Wolfenstein Film, Who Do You Think Would Be The Best Fit To Play BJ? (By: @sgtsphynx)

It's a question that captivated the Giant Bomb community last week: If there was to be a live action Wolfenstein film, who do you think would be the best fit to play BJ?

Oh Man The Metro Games Are Really Great! How About the Books? (By: @sethmode)

Personally, I genuinely want to know if I should give the Metro books a shot after enjoying Last Light. What say you?
Personally, I genuinely want to know if I should give the Metro books a shot after enjoying Last Light. What say you?

Should fans of the Metro video game series give the books a try? That is the crux of this community discussion thread. If you have read the books, join in on the fun.

Yo, They Are Billions Is Hard... Like Really Hard(By: @moderp)

What's YOUR take on the difficulty for They Are Billions? What tips and tricks do you have for anyone who thinks it is too hard?

Are You Purchasing MHW For Xbox One, PS4, Or PC? (By: @teigen)

Calling all Monster Hunter fans! What is your platform preference for Monster Hunter: World? Do you plan on getting it for consoles, or will you wait for the PC version?

Iconoclasts Impressions And Thoughts (By: @chebbles)

What are YOUR impressions of Iconoclasts? Join our community discussion about the Metroidvania action-adventure game over here!

Has Anyone Else Played Celeste Yet? (By: @samuelrgreen)

Celeste's difficulty seems to be dividing people. Where do you stand?
Celeste's difficulty seems to be dividing people. Where do you stand?

Have you played the challenging platformer, Celeste? Feel free to share your impressions over here, and join our discussion debating its difficulty.

Elusive Targets Reactivation Thread (By: @thechris)

We have an official Elusive Targets Reactivation community thread over here! Discuss the previous target, and the strategies you used to take them down.

Is Anyone Else Playing The Red Strings Club? (By: @astrophyle)

Have any of you played the cyberpunk experience, The Red Strings Club, lately? If so, share your impressions of it over here.

Useful User Reviews

Detention is good stuff.
Detention is good stuff.
  • @riostarwind's review of Detention assesses how its use of simple puzzles drew him into a captivating and horrifying world.
  • @big_denim uses his review of Pyre to discuss how he found it compelling despite not normally enjoying sports in games.
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Thank you for featuring my video, I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it that my dumb videos are consistently a part of the spotlight whenever I upload one!

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#2 Posted by Ozzie (555 posts) -

Not sure where I was but didn't realize that @clagnaught made a new "Best of Endurance Run". Got some catching up to do.

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That is an awesome Giant Bomb logo. Nicely done, @bulby33

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That logo needs to be a shirt!

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oh crap there's a new ZP FF post i gotta get on that

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@bwo: Thanks! Also thanks @marino for featuring my logo!

Lots of great stuff in this Spotlight—well done everyone!

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#8 Posted by aiomon (115 posts) -

Loved the @jeffrud blog! I always find the weirdness that is early game history super interesting. Well put together post!

On a sidenote, this community consistently impresses me by how good their output is, and the support and willingness to read others stuff is! <3

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