The Community Spotlight - 05/02/2015

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Thanks for the Nipples This Week UncleJohn0525
Thanks for the Nipples This Week UncleJohn0525

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight, and I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host this week. Well it appears that we have all survived the glorious return of the Big Live Live Show Live! If you have any thoughts about the event that you still want to share head on over to our official discussion thread for the event here. A special thanks goes out to all of the users that watched the stream and maintained civil and appropriate conduct throughout the event. Also check out the heartwarming video that one Giant Bomb user made for their girlfriend while attending the BLLSL after-party. In terms of the state of the site the engineers are working on fixing issues with attaching threads to wiki specific pages. Finally Mr. @rorie wants any users that have been getting bum expiration dates for premium subscriptions on PayPal to drop a comment over here.

Clips of the Week

We have a record breaking FOUR videos this week! The first is a teaser trailer from @wallofbricks for Metal Gear Scanlon 4. Next we have a Metal Gear Scanlon 2 "super-cut," from @viper. After that we have the latest episode of @turboman's "Best of Giant Bomb" video series, and this episode is all about the best moments from Metal Gear Scanlon 3. Finally we have a video from FallingDesk that animates Jeff's hilarious "I play every game to the max" Bombcast moment.

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Context is Everything....

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  • Project CARS - Project CARS is the big next generation car simulation coming out this week, and you can rest assured that our wiki page details everything that you can find in the game.

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#1 Posted by ripelivejam (13227 posts) -

How did i not see that art before? ._.

Great round up this week, thank you!

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#2 Posted by VipeR (197 posts) -

Man, those BLLSL drawings are amazing! Top shit @cosmicbacon!

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#3 Edited by Monkeyman04 (2802 posts) -

So much great art this week. I'm so jealous of people that draw that well.

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#4 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -
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#5 Posted by hassun (10032 posts) -

@cosmicbacon: I hope you don't regret making a thread for your art.

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#6 Posted by Nightriff (7200 posts) -

Thank you as always for the spotlight

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#7 Posted by Nadril (648 posts) -

I for one will not stand for Dan's crab hate! Equal rights for crabs!

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#8 Edited by csl316 (15009 posts) -

Man, that Hush video is one of the best-edited highlight things I've seen on here.

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#9 Posted by CosmicBacon (44 posts) -

@hassun It was hella fun, i'd do it again in a heartbeat

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#10 Posted by AMyggen (7738 posts) -

Not enough dong in this fan art. Need to make it accurate!

But seriously, another great Community Spotlight!

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#11 Posted by FLStyle (6705 posts) -

Thank you for featuring my Combo Breaker preview! My compliments to the 4 people who's videos are in clip of the week, loved them all!

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#12 Posted by ATD88 (19 posts) -

The point wasn't really to compile statistics on MK characters game appearances, but a visual representation of how lazy Midway/Netherrealm got post MK3 in their character design. That and my disjointed theories on why some characters succeed while others fail.

Regardless, glad it made it up there.

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#13 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1672 posts) -


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#14 Posted by Naoiko (1677 posts) -

Some things can not be unseen.

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#15 Posted by Nightriff (7200 posts) -

Question: Why doesn't this show up in the forum? Articles written by the crew do but this doesn't seem to exist there.

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#16 Posted by Marino (7555 posts) -

@nightriff: That's my fault. I didn't realize there was a separate button I had to press to link articles to the forums. It should show up now.

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#17 Posted by Nightriff (7200 posts) -

@marino: all good, I was just confused why the community spotlight of the forum never showed up in the forum since it was moved to get more views and attention.

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#18 Edited by kewlsnake (197 posts) -
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#19 Posted by Sk4mikaze (57 posts) -

Love that thousand yard stare on luchadeer

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#20 Posted by mrsmiley (1597 posts) -

My god... the title image is... beautiful. I love these spotlights!

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#21 Posted by Y2Ken (2976 posts) -

Thanks as ever for putting these together, it's really helpful to find any great content that I might have otherwise missed (which is easy to do when there's so much of it being added every week by users).

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#22 Posted by GrantHeaslip (1869 posts) -

It looks Dan is missing a nipple, I can't unsee that T_T

Love your fatality, @fobwashed!

That "Hey Jennifer" video is fantastic =)

This was an interesting article to read:

Why I Feel as a Source Engine Modder Allowing Monetization of Mods is a Good Idea (By:@wazanator)

And this one:

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Gives Me What I Need (By: @grantheaslip) Love the idea of getting what you need instead of what you want out of a game. Cool article with Persona 4 reference?

Thanks! The “gives me what I need” part was ripped out of the opening lyrics – don’t read into it too much! I’m bad at coming up with titles :).

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#23 Posted by Chillicothe (1134 posts) -

Giant Bomb: Thanks for the Nipples.

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#24 Posted by slimepuppy (120 posts) -

This was a super good summary, thanks duder.

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#25 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2999 posts) -

Part of me wants to see that Mount Your Friends image on a shirt...
but another part of me feels like I'd never wear it, since I know I'd get some weird stares from people if I did.

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#26 Posted by unclejohn0525 (411 posts) -

Glad I could provide a good source of nipple-based nightmares for everybody!

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#27 Posted by rmanthorp (4636 posts) -

Damn ya'll killin' it this week!

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#28 Posted by sjack (100 posts) -

Oh man that's great!

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#29 Posted by riostarwind (1363 posts) -

I'm not sure why but I haven't watched any MGS yet. Those videos really tell me I should be watching them. Great job putting all this together every week Zombiepie.

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#30 Posted by Panelhopper (504 posts) -

Great stuff this week. I get a real Asterix & Oberlix vibe from the mount your friend artwork.

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#31 Posted by R3DT1D3 (299 posts) -

Games of Video in the Year 1992 CE

Least necessary use of CE goes to...

Anyway loved the clips. It amazes me how talented people are at editing something a day or two after it comes out.

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#32 Posted by FinalDasa (3233 posts) -
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#33 Posted by afields101 (103 posts) -

holy crap that was fantastic work everyone

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#34 Posted by theacidskull (1095 posts) -

Thanks for the mention, man!

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#35 Posted by hurtfulmadmax (110 posts) -

What a picture!

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#36 Posted by bigrob029 (14 posts) -

Dat Art tho, wow. *standing ovation for the banner*

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#37 Posted by MooseheadChris (57 posts) -

Good stuff!

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#38 Posted by porjos (286 posts) -

Those nips are spectacular, great work.

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#39 Edited by Toggery (69 posts) -

@csl316 said:

Man, that Hush video is one of the best-edited highlight things I've seen on here.


Edit: found the song he used because he put it in the video information.

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#40 Edited by AlphaMurphy (10 posts) -

Great stuff guys. That teaser for Metal Gear Scanlon 4 was awesome!

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#41 Posted by Residentrevil2 (532 posts) -

To the extreme.

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#43 Posted by VipeR (197 posts) -

@toggery: If you like the song I can recommend their album "Welcome". It's really good!

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