The Community Spotlight - 10/10/2014

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Special Thanks to @sanj for This Work of Art!
Special Thanks to @sanj for This Work of Art!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight, I am your host as always! As you may all be aware of our very dedicated site engineer and friend of the site, Alexis, will be leaving us to pursue a new career elsewhere starting two weeks from now. If you have not done so already please join the rest of the Giant Bomb community in wishing him the best over here. For those that are concerned about the status of the Extra Life 2014 feature rest assured that Alexis will be present during the site stream for the event on the 25th! Which reminds me, EXTRA LIFE 2014 IS JUST TWO WEEKS AWAY! Click that link to show your support or get involved with the effort this year. With that let's get on with the latest edition of the Community Spotlight!

Awesome Art

This week we have great works of Metal Gear Scanlon art from @sanj and @twolines. We also have some great stats related to Drew's deaths during the Metal Gear Scanlon feature, and a (potentially) new t-shirt design from @fobwashed

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8

Clip of the Week

Special thanks to @pepsiman for posting a a Japanese translation for Giant Bomb's roller-coaster video and also releasing that translation on NicoNico in attempt to spread the Giant Bomb hilarity even more. Another special thanks go to @thefakepsychic for posting video footage of the Giant Bomb Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Community Tournament to YouTube!

Community Activities

  • Extra Life 2014 Giant Bomb Team -Set for Oct. 25th - Join the Effort to Raise Money for Charity Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Racing League - Sign-up for Season 4 Over Here!
  • Driveclub Community Club Creation Thread - Form Your Own Clubs of Six Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Shadow of Mordor and Alien: Isolation are the big games of the week, and luckily both have impressive wiki pages to boot! Vib-Ribbon has been re-released and if you still have no idea what the game is about check out our page for it.Finally our Drop Target concept page reminds you that Giant Bomb approves of pinball on our database.

Best of Blogs

Metal Gear Scanlon might be done, but that does not mean that the fanart for the series has come to a screeching halt! Just check out Sanj's great works of art featuring Jeff, Dan and Drew; as well as TwoLine's great Drewden/Raidrew artwork! Dantey had the pleasure of witnessing a Hearthstone tournament for the first time and shares why he enjoyed the experience; similarly a certain communist panda attended Eurogamer Expo 2014 and talks about what he saw and experienced there. thatpinguino had two blogs as always this week with one discussing the strategies of deck building in Magic, whereas the second uses the first Mass Effect as a case study of the limitations on the portrayals of relationships in games. Mento has been consistent with his Octurbo blog series with a blog featuring a new TurboGrafx-CD game everyday. If you wish to see previous entries click the link to his directory. Speaking of October themed blogs TheManWithNoPlan played Outlast as part his "Shocktober." MooseyMcMan explains why his interest in Destiny is tapering off and what his thoughts on Shadow of Mordor are. Ford_Dent blogs on why the orcs and the Nemesis system are what are drawing him into Shadows of Mordor, similarly VincentAvatar decided to go back to Lord of the Rings: War in the North given the recent release of Shadow of Mordor and discusses if it is worth going back to. The user run podcast from shinboy630, The Scotchcast, gives you the skinny on the plans for Giant Bomb's Extra Life 2014 event and explains how you can help. Meanwhile MeatsOfEvil shares his week #4 update to his Persona 3 marathon run. Fobwashed has a Vib-Ribbon x Giant Bomb themed t-shirt design that he's thinking on using for PAX East 2015. bobafettjm has a new Wiki Update about all of his awesome wiki related activities, and MajorMitch summarizes his gaming activities for the month of September.

Fantastic Forums

As already mentioned please take the time to Alexis the best in his future endeavors if you have not done so already. Do you have any awesome card designs in Forza Horizon 2, first impressions of Alien: Isolation, or neat finds in Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system? Feel free to join one of those disccsuion threads, or share who you are maining in Smash Bros. for the 3DS!

Lovable Lists

Eder has taken the time to annotate his favorite consoles this week whereas JeanLucAwesome has created a list ranking the eight main games from the Mega Man X franchise as a die hard fan of the franchise.

Useful User Reviews

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Thanks for the mention =] One thing tho, that post is just plain old forums and not a blog~ have a nice weekend!

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I should actually change my username to CommunistPanda just to confuse everyone.

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Thanks, as always ZP. :D

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Props againto @zombiepie for pullin' all this stuff together

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Great stuff this week. Props to @pepsiman for the translations; it's cool to see the community working so hard to spread the content to more and more people.

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That Japanese translated video of the roller coaster really cracks me up for some reason. It's really awesome.

As always, thanks again for these. Time to catch up on what I missed on GB last week.

EDIT: That Vib-Ribbon / Giant Bomb art @fobwashed did is incredible. That on a black t-shirt would be an instant buy from me.

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I finally bothered to write something! If it seems like it was written by a hyperactive lunatic, blame the caffeine.

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@arbitrarywater: You should be covered!

@pimblycharles: @supermike6: @meatsofevil: @mooseymcman: Thank you all for the kind words, and please do keep me updated if you noticed that I have missed something.

@mattyftm: I mean I could have called you "ball face," if I wanted to, but I have too much class for that sort of British humor.

@fobwashed: Hey thanks for the t-shirt design, it looks great! I just wished I could attend PAX (in any form), but that is not happening anytime soon.

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Oh and one more thing before I forget, let's get the end of the week notifications! Alright so I have down for the next edition of the Community Spotlight:


Great work everyone! You are going to have something on the latest edition of the Community Spotlight! Just leave me a reply if you have any objections to appearing on the next Spotlight, or are okay with it.

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@zombiepie: That'd be awesome, but I don't see my name in the post, what are you using of me?

Edit: Nvm, I assume it's my review. I've never been featured before and I'd be honored :D

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I am honored as always for the mention. Thanks Zombiepie =)

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Hey @mento you really need to tell me which of your Octurbo blogs you most want me to showcase. Otherwise I am just going to pick the most recent one and then link to your directory. Should I have sent this via Steam or private chat? Probably.

@zombiepie: Dunno if its too late for the roundup but I wrote a pretty lengthy impressions post on Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus.

It is not too late...but I will chime in and say Senran Kagura is not good anime.

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The latest edition of the Community Spotlight can be found over here.

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@zombiepie: Well, good thing its about the game and not the anime then. :D