The Community Spotlight - 12/30/2017

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Some "stuff" happened in 2017.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week! Holy crap, there's so much to talk about this week, that's I'm cutting out my ramblings about my feelings about recent events on the site so we can just jump straight into the "good stuff."

Who is awesome? You are awesome!
Who is awesome? You are awesome!

2017 GOTY User Created Content

Author's Note: I most certainly missed something. If I missed your GOTY blog and/or list I sincerely apologize, but drop a link on this edition of the Spotlight and I promise it will not happen again.

User GOTY Lists

Okay, I did not just track down dozens of user created GOTY lists only for all y'all to not read them. So, let's turn this into a "game." I have heard you like those. Anyway, you have to randomly select one of these lists,, read it, and then post a positive reply on it. There's no reward for doing this. You are doing this because it is a nice thing to do, so see if you can "do it."

GOTY Blogs And Threads

Data Dump: GOTY 2017 Staff & Guests Breakdown (By: @marino)

Want a scientific/mathematical analysis of the Giant Bomb staff's GOTY lists? Well, Giant Bomb moderator Marino has you covered in one of the best blogs of the year.

2017, The Year That Was (In Video Games I Played) (By: @dochaus)

DocHaus says "goodbye" to 2017 the only way he knows how, and that's by looking back on the video game entertainment he consumed throughout the year.

Jazz's Favorite Games Played in 2017 (By: @jazz)

Jazz crowned your typical "Game of The Year" on his year in review blog, but you should also see who won his "Favorite Musou of the Year" or "WTF is Happening in This Game?" awards

Redhotchilimist's Top 10 Games of 2017 (By: @redhotchilimist)

Redhotchilimist's MASSIVE 2017 GOTY blog is a thing of beauty you should certainly check out! Each game receives an essay worth reading.

My Game Rankings For 2017 (By: @misterbananafoam)

MisterBananaFoam exhaustively discusses his gaming highs and lows on his 2017 year in review blog. Discover his favorite and least favorite gaming experiences from the year that was 2017.

TheMist997's Top Ten Games of the Year (By: @themist997)

There were ten games that rocked TheMist997's socks off and you can read all about them on this wonderfully written GOTY blog.

elmorales94's Game of the Year 2017 (By: @elmorales94)

elmorales94 wrote about his favorite games from 2017 in blog form! Who would have thunk it? Anyway, check out which games he most enjoyed this year.

Clagnaught's Games Of The Year, 2017 Edition (By: @clagnaught)

Clagnaught's 2017 GOTY blog kind of came out of nowhere, but luckily it isn't something you'll want to pass by.

DarthOrange's Top 10 Games of 2017 (By: @darthorange)

DarthOrange has a great and varied list of games on this exhaustive 2017 GOTY list! Check it out over here.

ArbitraryWater's Favorite Games Of 2017 That Came Out In 2017 (By: @arbitrarywater)

ArbitraryWater thoroughly enjoyed the games released in 2017 and his latest blog proves it! Give it a read and discover the recipients of his "Best Sad Existential Robots" and "Most Looking Glass" awards.

Zuldim's Top 20 Games of 2017 (By: @zuldim)

Zuldim just could not limit himself to ten games, so his 2017 GOTY blog ranks his favorite twenty games from the year.

My Top 10 Games Of 2017 (By: @joe423)

2017 was a good year for video games, hence, why Joe423 struggled to crown a number one on his 2017 GOTY blog. Check out his "creative" solution.

Why Hollow Knight Is My #1 Game This Year, And Shame On You For Not Including It (By: @ciremo2)

Giant Bomb user Ciremo2 recently published an impassioned plea for everyone not to forget about Hollow Knight during GOTY deliberations.

Game of the Year 2017 (By: @thatpinguino)

Giant Bomb moderator ThatPinguino finally got around to publishing a 2017 GOTY list! Check it out over here, and find out which game I may have played a role in forcing him to play.

The List I Did Of My Top 10 Games That I Played In The Year Of 2017 (By: @xenonick)

XenoNick got around to publishing a 2017 GOTY blog, and it is well-versed in several games you may have forgotten released in 2017.

My Five Most Favorite Games Of The Year2017, And Five That Are Not (By: @kubqo)

kubqo's 2017 GOTY blog only has five games, so that's why he included hilarious special distinction awards like "Game whose flaws made me angry because of how good the rest of the game is!"

GOTY 2017 – A Good Year But Not A Great One? (By: @sessh)

Sessh shares the games that almost and didn't make his 2017 GOTY list, as well as the games that did over here.

My 2017 In Games (By: @sunjammer)

Sunjammer extrapolates his 2017 in gaming on his latest blog. Give it a read, and discover the highs and lows from the year.

Things Games I Played This Year Did That I Liked: 2017 EX Vs. + Alpha Ed. (By: @dudeglove)

dudeglove discusses his favorite trends and games from 2017 on his latest blog! Give his humorous blog a read over here.

No Words Can Describe How Good This Game Feels (By: @howardian)

Assassin's Creed Origins won Howardian's Game of the Year award and you can read why it resonated so well with him on his blog.

Humbug! "Best" Games Of 2017 That Just Didn't Do It For Me (Minor Spoilers) (By: @mrroach)

mrroach annotates the games he wanted to enjoy, but simply couldn't. Check out his list and feel free to share the games you felt the same way

Games You Will Pick Up/Revisit Based On Year-end Buzz (By: @wolfstein_3d)

Are there any games you intend to pick up and play as a result of Game of the Year buzz? Personally, I plan on giving Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator and The Mummy Demastered a try.

Clips Of The Week

Email Email (By: @nyahnyahnyah)

Here's a fun little ditty NyahNyahNya made out of Dan's email song from a while back.

Giant Bomb Galleria

A Study Of The Jeff Portrait (By: @thejhawk)

Giant Bomb user thejhawk's Christmas gift to the community is a pixel art portrait of Jeff that is bound to haunt your dreams for years.

No Caption Provided

Mr. Best Worldwide (By: @marino)

Sometimes I know exactly how Jeff is feeling in this picture. I know the feeling all too well.

No Caption Provided

Giant Bomb Yarn Doll (By: RayndScarab)

Over on Twitter, RayndScarab shared this wonderful Christmas present he got from his girlfriend.

Tweets Of The Week

Community Activities

6th Annual GB AOTY Poll: "Is Neo Yokio Anime?" Edition (By: @dochaus)

Anime is still a threat. Feel free to join the community effort to determine the "gravest" anime threat from the year.

Best Of Blogs

Here's your friendly reminder that Leblanc from FFX-2 SUCKS!
Here's your friendly reminder that Leblanc from FFX-2 SUCKS!

Surviving Final Fantasy X-2: Episode 3 - Is This The Game When Final Fantasy "Died?" (By: @zombiepie)

In what can only be described as a "Christmas present" for the Giant Bomb Community, Giant Bomb moderator ZombiePie wrote another blog on why Final Fantasy X-2 made him question his own humanity.

Quick Thoughts On Life Is Strange: Before The Storm - Episode 3: Hell Is Empty (By: @egge)

Egge welcomes you to join him in discussing the third episode of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. Did you like or hate how it progressed the story?

Admit One: An Analysis of Fallout 4: Nuka World (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 wrote about Fallout 4's Nuka-Wolrd, its faction system, how it realises its setting, and what that setting's role is in the game

Join The Discussion

Nintendo Power also was a big help for me.
Nintendo Power also was a big help for me.

How Did We Ever Find Out About Optional Content Pre-internet? (By: @sombre)

Before the advent of the internet, how did you discover optional or "hidden" content in video games? Game guides are the current front-runner, but can you think of any other gaming go-to's?

Your Favorite System That Didn't Set the World on Fire? (By: @liquiddragon)

What is your favorite video game console "flop?" Vote and defend your favorite console that didn't set the world on fire.

How Did Unfinished Games Go From "Please Stop" To "GOTY?" (By: @df)

When did games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds make unfinished games more acceptable? Why do you think attitudes towards Early Access have changed in the past year?

Is Tiny Metal the little turn-based strategy game that could?
Is Tiny Metal the little turn-based strategy game that could?

Tiny Metal Impressions & Discussion Thread (By: @rodin)

Have any of you tried out Area 34's latest strategy game, Tiny Metal? If so, join our discussion for the game over here.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3 Discussion [SPOILERS!] (By: @acidbrandon18)

What are your impressions of episode three of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm? Feel free to share them, spoilers included.

Your Best To Worst Star Wars Movies List To Date (2017) (By: @psykhophear)

Everyone seems to be in a tizzy about it, but feel free to share your Star Wars films "Power Rankings" with the rest of the Giant Bomb community.

Gorogoa just came out of nowhere. Is it worth checking out regardless?
Gorogoa just came out of nowhere. Is it worth checking out regardless?

Don't Sleep On Gorogoa (Awesome Puzzle Game) (By: @fram)

What are YOUR impressions of Gorogoa? Share your experiences with the hand-drawn action/puzzle game with others that have taken it for a spin.

Lovable Lists

10 Games I'm Looking Forward To The Most In 2018 (By: @beachthunder)

There are ten solid games BeachThunder is excited to get his hands on in 2018! Read all about them, and think of the games that would go on your own list.

My Top 8 Disappointments Of 2017 (By: @meestero)

2017 wasn't all about positive gaming experiences, and MeesterO certainly knows. On this list, MeesterO guides you through eight games that utterly disappointed.

Top 10 Games To Look Out For In 2018 (By: @darkbeatdk)

DarkbeatDK annotates the ten games he is most most excited to play in 2018 on his latest list over here.

Ranking Of Final Fantasy Games Because Polygon Did It So I Can Do It, Too (By: @ildon)

Polygon inspired Giant Bomb user ildon to rank the mainline entries in the Final Fantasy franchise from best to worst. Check out his rankings over here (P.S., Final Fantasy VIII is a good game)

Useful User Reviews

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e: that dan song is something

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Hey @dray2k, nice one getting a mention!

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#7 Posted by Dray2k (884 posts) -

@boonsong: Haha, thank you but truth be told, I wrote a PM to the Zombiepie personally because I have no idea how these weekly lists are created in the first place.

Perhaps the mods have some super special oracle software and can see every list you do? Perhaps everyone is asking the mod? Its freaking magic lemme tell ya!

No matter the powers, I'm sure Zombiepie didn't mind and if anything, it makes for a great reason to click on all the other lists, as well.

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Here's my list again, also posted it into the comments of last spotlight. Must've just been missed.

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#9 Posted by Rothbart (469 posts) -

I'm particularly fascinated by how PUBG, an unfinished jankfest of the highest magnitude, got GOTY over every other better game. I do wonder, maybe the GB crew was just waxing nostalgic to the fun they were having as a group, despite the fact that the game isn't that good? It is also interesting to see so many other people overlook all of its failings and shortcomings, when normally a game like that would be so niche it's silly.

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#12 Edited by Dray2k (884 posts) -

@rothbart: Its a "soul" thing. Something about the roughness and general brokeness reflect the beauty of video games more than anything else they have played.

Polygon covered this, too. They gave the game a "perfect" rating basically it is a messy experience.

Personally I just shrug and move on. I own the game and played like 15 hours but you know, its all a matter of opinions and taste and all that stuff :)!

I mean I should not even shrug. I had a 193 minute match of Dota 2 this year that has beaten the impactfulness of Ending E by several degrees of magnitudes (and everyone else that was in my team, what a unforgetable ride) so it should go without saying people indeed are a complex pile of secrets and sometimes I feel that a game like PUBG does convey such notions in an almost perfect manner.

Its the "What a trash garbage game - 10/10 points!" deal.

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@captubaplayer: This is the best page I've read in 5 years. I think the list is Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Wolfenstein II and Cuphead. This page would be fourth if we had four slots, but we have to get down to three at some point.

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Oh hey, thanks for tracking down my list. I'll do better next year, I promise :3

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@marino I am bit to late I apologize, but here is mine

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@marino you missed my list but then again I am not sure how you would have found it! :)

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They killed Mass Effect

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Thanks for including my tree topper?????! a merry gerstmass to all and to all a good jeff

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Hey, I basically made a GOTY list on a whim because I got too deep into sorting through movies in Letterboxd and it somehow carried through to this.

Keep in mind, that I'm not good at playing games, nor do I really care for them. Nor did I really bother to properly format or edit anything. I dunno, I was bored.

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That's a lotta content.

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Oh god, that song should... nay... NEEDS to be the new email jingle for the Bombcast.

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Spotlighting the best (Marino's post) and the worst (these comments) of the GB community, all on one page.

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Oh man, what a good list. That orchestration-composition of Dan's Email-song absolutely should be played every week, it's incredible.

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We ALL waited til the last minute to make our GOTY lists!

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@marino I'm a little late to the list game for last year but here's my list:

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This is amazing. I love these community spotlights!

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The disruptive posts trolling Abby need to end. There are plenty of threads where it would be appropriate to put respectful constructive criticism, but flooding every thread with these troll posts is not acceptable.

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That email song definitely needs to be played during the Beastcast.

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The disruptive posts trolling Abby need to end. There are plenty of threads where it would be appropriate to put respectful constructive criticism, but flooding every thread with these troll posts is not acceptable.

Agreed. I put a lot of time and effort into this. The people who wrote the blogs showcased in this Spotlight put a lot of effort into their works.

The behavior seen in this edition of the Community Spotlight is unacceptable.

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Thank you, mods, for cleaning out this dumpster fire. <3

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Thanks for including my tree topper?????! a merry gerstmass to all and to all a good jeff

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Whoa there Tex cool it on the question marks. Great tree topper though!

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great work everyone happy new year

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Thanks for featuring my block.

The whole Drew affair is insane and just beautiful.

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Hey, I drew the cast during the Gotys, if anyone is interested (click right for closeups)

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Happy New Year everybody!

I think that this is amazing.