The Community Spotlight 2019.08.10

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week! The end of Summer is nigh! With many of you either returning to school or work after a much-needed break, life on Giant Bomb marches onward! As you will see below, there were a lot of wonderful works of art and writing put out by the Giant Bomb community. Remember, a friendly comment goes a long way in supporting artists and writers in the Giant Bomb community. If someone got you thinking or laughing, remember to thank them! Either way, we have a lot of housekeeping to review, so, let's jump into it!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Vinco's Modern Life + Dan Magazine (By: @jea_rum)

Once again, many thanks to Twitter user jea_rum for creating TWO awesome posters this week! The first, re-imagines the Giant Bomb East cast as members of Rocko's Modern Life. The second, perfectly imagines Dan as Alfred E. Neuman.

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Clips Of The Week

Bombcast Theme, But It's Way Worse (By: @finalform)

While testing out their studio gear, Giant Bomb user FinalForm ended up making a metal rendition of the Bombcast theme! Give it a listen and thank them for their hard work!

Dog Days Tactical Alert with the Giant Bomb Warframe Community (By: @rapid)

Warframe's "Dog Dags" event is live until August 12! Here's a recording of fellow Giant Bomb community duder, Pobaxi''s run of the event. Also, here's a link to the community clan if you want to join the fun.

Community Activities

Super Mario Maker 2 - Get On My Level (By: @benpack)

The community Level Code Sharing thread for Dan and Ben's "Get On My Level" video series has exceeded 300 comments! Keep up the great work and use the link above if you have a level!

Tweets Of The Week

Best Of Blogs

People really seem to enjoy the new Fire Emblem game, and bonbolapti is one of them!
People really seem to enjoy the new Fire Emblem game, and bonbolapti is one of them!

Rivals School: a Three Houses Blog (By: @bonbolapti)

bonbolapti played their fair share of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and uses their latest blog to talk about its ensemble cast of characters, and the character who stood out to them the most.

Indie Game of the Week 132: Chuchel +

Mento's Month: July (By: @mento)

Mento's latest
Mento's latest "Indie Game of the Week" is the wonderfully charming Chuchel!

As to be expected, Moderator Mento has a couple of blogs for you to enjoy this week. First, they looked at Chuchel for their latest "Indie Game of the Week" blog and you can give it a read and see if they were impressed by its magical whimsy. Second, July proved to be an "active" month for Mento and you can read all about the good and bad games they played during the month!

There's A Bloodborne Card Game And It's Somehow Harder And Meaner Than The Video Game (By: @zombiepie)

Moderator ZombiePie uses their latest blog on Giant Bomb to look at Bloodborne: The Card Game! Give their blog a read to discover why they think it is miles harder than the video game!

Card game talk on Giant Bomb Say it aint so!
Card game talk on Giant Bomb Say it aint so!

New To The Site? Here's Some Stuff To Watch(By: @matsemann08)

This week, matsemann08 began working on a "Beginner's Guide to Giant Bomb!" Help them with curating both new and old videos that properly introduce the many "eras" of Giant Bomb!

Embedded: SHENZHEN I/O and Computer Programming (By: @gamer_152)

Programming is often a mysterious and opaque task to those outside the occupation. This week, moderator Gamer_152 discusses how the puzzle game SHENZHEN I/O can teach even a layperson about the principles of coding.

Join The Discussion

So... it sounds like this situation with the ESA is not good.
So... it sounds like this situation with the ESA is not good.

Ooblets Subjected To Scores Of Hate Mail For Signing Exclusivity Deal With Epic Store (By: @sweep)

I normally shy away from these sorts of discussion threads, however, thus far, our discussion thread about Ooblets has shied away from hostile commentary and instead, shared a healthy discussion about the developer's recent woes.

A List Of 2,000+ Industry Professionals' Personal Data Was Left Online By The ESA (By: @bladeofcreation)

There's been a lot of talk about the Entertainment Software Association phone leak on the forums. Use the link below to join our discussion about its impacts and possible penalties for the trade association.

Crysis turning twelve is another reminder we are all getting older.
Crysis turning twelve is another reminder we are all getting older.

Which Media Property + Developer/Formula Seems Like A No-Brainer/Sure Bet? (By: @liquiddragon)

Here's a fun form thread! Can you think of a "dream pairing" between a video game developer and intellectual property? Some current community suggestions include A Walking Dead game by Naughty Dog and a Pokemon game helmed by Atlas!

Looking Back At Crysis Almost 12 Years Later (By: @fauxical)

Giant Bomb's PC Gaming community welcomes you to join them in looking back at the original Crysis twelve years after the fact. Does the game hold up beyond its groundbreaking graphics? Why do you think its sequels struggled to make an impression? Join our discussion using the link above!

Do the recently announced
Do the recently announced "changes" to loot boxes on the major consoles change anything?

PlayStation, Xbox, And Nintendo Will Require Loot Box Odds To Be Disclosed In 2020 (By: @finaldasa)

What is YOUR reaction to the news PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo will require loot box odds to be disclosed in 2020? Does this move go far enough to appease consumer concerns? Will it negatively impact multiplayer-only games? Join our discussion and share your two cent's worth!

Video Game Music For Studying (By: @soccerpolska)

What video game music do you listen to when you need to study or concentrate? Can you think of any calming soundtracks that can get you to think? Use the link to join our discussion!

I know there are several users who play The Elder Scrolls Online, so, what DLC do you recommend for new players?
I know there are several users who play The Elder Scrolls Online, so, what DLC do you recommend for new players?

Which DLC To Buy/Play For The Elder Scrolls Online (By: @xanadu)

Hey, Elder Scrolls Online fans! Of the game's MANY DLC expansions, which do you recommend the most? Share and discuss which ones you think are well worth the price of admission.

Adol Or Dogi? Who's "Improved" Design Do You Like Better? (By: @danthepostman)

Calling all fans of the Ys franchise! What do you make of the game's "updated" character art for Adol and Dogi? Of the two, which do you prefer? Use the link above to join our discussion!

Lovable Lists

To say Superman's video game track-record is
To say Superman's video game track-record is "mixed" would be an understatement.

Ranking Of Superheroes (By The Quality Of Their Video Games) (By: @splitterguy)

Splitterguy killed it this week with a list "ranking" comic book superheroes from best to worst by the quality of their solo and ensemble video game adaptations. Here's a hint of what to expect!

Games Where I Frequently Change The Character's Clothing To Match The Temperature/Weather (By: @mooseymcman)

Many thanks to MooseyMcMan for the best idea for a list I have seen in a while. Here's a link to their list of "Games where I frequently change the character's clothing to match the temperature/weather."

My Favorite Games (Part 1) (By: @nintendog)

Giant Bomb user NintenDog looked back at the NES, Genesis, and SNES and compiled the twenty-four games they loved the most from all three consoles.

Useful User Reviews

I hope this edition of the Community Spotlight doesn't haunt your dreams.
I hope this edition of the Community Spotlight doesn't haunt your dreams.
  • @moonlightmoth recently played Vampyrand uses their review to discuss why they found it to be one of the least impressive depictions of Vampires they have seen in a long while.
  • @selphie1999's review for Konrad the Kittenshares how the game's charm and art style can only take it so far.

Wonderful Wikis

Our wiki page provides one of the most comprehensive guides on how to
Our wiki page provides one of the most comprehensive guides on how to "navigate" Asura's Wrath's DLC.

Asura's Wrath

With a new video series starring Jason and Ben, don't forget to check out our AMAZING wiki page for Asura's Wrath! It's a great resource to use to navigate the game's over-the-top story and innumerous DLC!

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#1 Posted by bWo (121 posts) -

Thumbs up for the metal Bombcast intro.

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#2 Edited by Ryan3370 (91 posts) -

That metal bombcast theme is pretty awesome

Now we just need a metal version of the intermission music

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#3 Posted by ShaggE (9302 posts) -

I'd buy merch with that Rocko art for sure.

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#4 Posted by mostman (361 posts) -

Straight up - switch to that metal theme. It’s incredible.

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#5 Posted by TayliasTwist (21 posts) -

That Rocko art is absolutely incredible.

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#6 Posted by hassun (10029 posts) -

Some great art this week!

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#7 Posted by jearum (17 posts) -

Thanks for featuring my artwork! :D Cheers!

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#8 Posted by RPJeff (115 posts) -

@tayliastwist: Totally! It's a pretty great approximation of the style.

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#9 Edited by mrbubbles (1479 posts) -

Holy shit, I love the Rocko's Modern Life art

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#10 Posted by mezmero (3785 posts) -

Fellow citizens of Giant Bomb repeat after me: wee wee!

@jearum: Holy moly duder! Invader Zim and now this? Way to take two of my all time favorite Nick toons and make brilliant art out of them. And don't get the fat guy!

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#11 Posted by jearum (17 posts) -

@mezmero: thanks duder! Planning to do more fanarts soon. The rocko x gb mashup was a spur of the moment idea.cheers!

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#12 Posted by LyndBako (187 posts) -

The Bombcast theme is overdue for a refresh. I see a perfect opportunity

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#13 Posted by schindigg (173 posts) -

Wowzers! The metal theme is awesome and Rocko's Modern Life art is amazing! Perfect timing as the new Rocko movie just came out. Cheers to the community!!!

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#14 Posted by therealtakeshi (72 posts) -

Metal theme rocks!

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#15 Posted by zeo12 (98 posts) -

jeff bakalar should be spunky in the rocko's modern life piece.

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#16 Posted by MrSensible (114 posts) -

That Rocko art!!

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#18 Edited by FinalForm (76 posts) -

Thanks so much for featuring my silly version of the bomb cast theme!

Didn’t expect anyone to care and it’s rad seeing that people think it’s cool

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#19 Posted by mezmero (3785 posts) -

@jearum: Fingers crossed for an Angry Beavers mash-up with Alex as Dagget and Abby as Norbert.

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#20 Posted by fillmoejoe (1664 posts) -

Vinco's modern life is amazing.

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#21 Posted by dahlis (99 posts) -

There's nothing that throws you back to the 90's as much as a piece of Rocko's Modern Life fan art. Thank you for that.

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#22 Posted by Rubberchicken (210 posts) -

Dan E. Neuman is perfect. Love the Rocko one too!

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#23 Posted by Smeat (139 posts) -

The GBEast Rocko art looks amazing.

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#24 Posted by Felgraf (2 posts) -

Hehe. Bombcast Day is a very dangerous day.

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#25 Posted by SuperKMx (27 posts) -

The artwork is killer this week. Love it!!

The guests on the Bombcast Haven't turned off a Bombcast halfway through before, but I had to. "Shout out to shout out to shout out to my homegirl was mad wasted dummy thicc shout out to shout out to shout out to PLEASE BELIEVE I'M COOL AND NOT 30 shout out to shout out to."

They broke me. I'm sure they're great folks but...