The crazy world of Hololive fan games

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It's amazing when publishers give groups of passionate fans access to IP to make really cool games, such as Valve enabling the development and sale of Black Mesa, or Sega bringing on board talent from the Sonic community to make Sonic Mania, we've also seen other incredible fan games made despite the wishes of IP owners such as AM2R, Streets of Rage Remake, and more technical achievements like a total PC conversion of Mario 64 or rollback netcode for Smash Bros Melee, the power and desire of fans to support their favourite brands seems to grow more intense over time.

So i want to shine a light on the insane developers of Hololive fan games, we've talked about a couple of the most popular Hololive fan games on this forum before those being HoloCure and Idol Showdown both of which are free and available on Steam, incredible fully produced games that only exist thanks to the passion and dedication of their developers, but i was recently made aware of the Holo Indie initiative that will allow devs to sell their games officially which is super cool, so i want to talk about it.

HoloParade by roboqlo

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I hadn't heard of it before its announcement but it looks like a bright and simple 2D "tower defence" game with a nice clean art style and some minigames to break up the action, you can check out the trailer on the Steam page.

According to the developer their game is considered a test of the Holo Indie initiative and it will go on sale on December 1st for $3.99.

Now for some of the free fan games i'm more familiar with.

Smol Ame by KevinCow

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Among the first of the popular Hololive fan games as many of the talents played the game on stream, Walfie's cartoon depiction of the English members became very popular even becoming officially supported avatars for use in streams. A 2D platformer featuring the Ground Pound™ not at all inspired by Mario, the game started as a single level to bounce through but was updated over time to feature many levels themed on the talents and music created by fans.

Available to play and download on


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FLARE NUINUI QUEST is a beautiful 8bit inspired action platformer inspired by games like Megaman featuring 8bit recreations of popular Hololive songs, i haven't gotten around to playing it yet but it looks really cool.

Update: I've played through it now it's great, 5 stages with multiple bosses and a secret "true" ending with a neat gameplay twist, there's even a few achievements to go for, the soundtrack is fantastic.

The developer is looking into the Holo Indie initiative, but for now the game is available free on

CouncilRyS RPG by Kebbie

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This is a really sweet one, an Earthbound inspired RPG (i haven't played Earthbound maybe i'm wrong) following the remaining members of Council and IRyS as they seek to save the world after accidentally unleashing their evil counterparts. There are a lot of references throughout and the story is quite emotional for fans of these members, but i think it would still be a really funny and sweet story for players who aren't familiar with Hololive (hint, the password is really stupid). The soundtrack is an incredible collection of Hololive songs reworked into world and battle themes and the adventure lasts a good 3-5 hours. This one is also on

Delivering Hope by David Wu

I definitely played a flash game like this back when i was in school i remember my friends trying to beat each others distances, anyway, throw IRyS as far as you can! Use items and other members to propel IRyS to incredible speeds and deliver hope far into the horizon set to a tracklist of IRyS's original songs. This one has been updated a lot and is rich with additional features compared to its original release, possibly thanks to the extreme pressure of a certain blacksmith. Hey look it's on

There's a couple more upcoming games i'd like to highlight.

Age of Advent by Kevin Cow

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Kevin Cow is putting out a 4 pack of games for free on Steam based on the English Advent members which looks really cool, i'm definitely in the mood for a Bejeweled style game.

Chrono Gear: Warden of Time on xtwitter as ChronoGearDev

I'm not sure how far out this one is but whenever it pops up it looks really cool, a high speed action platformer with beautiful sprite work.

Those are only a few of the fan games i'm more familiar with there's a ton more, Kevin Cow has made multiple himself including a spiderman style swinging game, a fishing game and a Jump King clone that can all be found here, there's a suika game clone, Korone Box is a great little Nuclear Throne inspired blaster, i could be here all day.

The community is insane, and of course for as many games that do release there's many that do not making games is incredibly hard, which is why it's really cool that the Holo Indie program can now reward devs for their efforts, it's a great example of supporting fans for the benefit of everyone.

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Love HoloCure, late to discovering it, but its a great little game