The End

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Had a feeling. Good luck Patrick, I hope you do something great.

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Keep that fro spicy please.

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I'm definitely not working for Dave Lang.

That is exactly what someone who IS going to work for Dave Lang would say.

Ultra Windjammers 2: Championship Edition confirmed.

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You'll be missed, Patrick. Best wishes for whatever you're off to do next.

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Wait, what the fuck, for reals? No way, worst news since Ryan passed :( Long live Scoops!

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I'll miss you, Patrick. Good luck with everything you do in the future, and thanks for everything you've done here at Giant Bomb.

Hope to see you continuing to do good work somewhere soon.

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I was one of those disbelievers at the beginning thinking 'WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY' little did i know, i was gaining a internet personality I truly enjoyed. I will miss your presence on the site Patrick, all the best.

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Thank you and good luck, duder!


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i thought this would happen in way Patrick was doing alot of different types of work and some of it worked well within giant bomb and some of it felt bit out of place. though Patrick has had positive influence on giant bomb the dump truck being one in many.

good luck Patrick

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Mondays and Fridays will not be nearly as special without Scoops in the morning. You're still awesome though!

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Sad to hear you're going Patrick. You've been a really good addition to the Bombsquad that added something a little different to the site, a different (and slightly younger) perspective which I greatly appreciated. And while with the internet you'll never be far away, it'll be a shame not to see you on the annual Game of the Year videos next year. So I guess you'll need to make sure you drop round to the Giant Bomb set at E3 this year, gatecrash if you have to!

Good luck and I'm sure I'll keep an eye on your work wherever it is that you land. And hey, at least you went out on a high because holy shit that duet you and Jeff did of Click Click Boom is one for the ages!

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Best of luck! Always enjoyed your work! Happy you are staying in editorial!

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Shit! =[

(I bet he's going to work for/with Max Temkin, somehow.)

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I logged on to catch the last day of nuttiness and saw this. Bittersweet.

Be well Patrick. Shame GB got shitted up on the last day of the year...

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So sad to see you go, but looking forward to seeing what's next.

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Here's to a new tide of adventures Mr. Klepek. It's been a fun ride with you at the news helm.

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You brought a great perspective and a desire to broaden the conversation on this site which was sorely needed. Giantbomb will always be a fun place, but it'll be a lesser place without you. Thank you for all your fine work over the last few years, and best of luck in all your future endeavors. I look forward to seeing what you do next :)


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I hope Bombin in the AM will survive in some capacity.

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Your one of the best Patrick. Hope i still get to see you knockin' heads out there wherever you end up next.

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Sad to see yo go Patrick, but I have no doubt you will be fine in your future endeavours. Best of luck, and hope you wont be a stranger!

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Wont lie, i teared up a bit.

<> see you around duder.

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Best of luck in your future endeavors Patrick. I had a wonderful time talking to you at your TED talk and Spookin with Scoops is the only way I can handle scary games (me with all the lights on watching you with all the lights off). You'll be missed here but I can't wait to see what you do next. <>

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Klepek: you've been frustrating me since the exXy days at 1up.

I look forward to finding where you land next so the frustration can continue.

Be well.

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I dislike the term "people of color", isn't white also a colour?

Either way, cya Scoops/

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<> thanks for your reports

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This is a bummer but thanks for all you've done for this site (on and off it) Patrick! I'm excited for what you'll be doing next.

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Hottest Mess of 2014: My emotions right now.

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Thank you Patrick you truly have been a great part of Giant Bomb and I will miss you a lot

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So long and thanks for the pizza recommendations in Chicago. Pequods was great!

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Sad to see you go. Really enjoyed all you brought to the site and can't wait to see what you're up to next!

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You will truly be missed Patrick.

Good luck! and be sure to follow Spookin with Spooks goddam!

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This calls for a Spelunkin' with Scoops marathon before classes start again. Best of luck, man. You'll be missed.

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I wish you the best of luck in whatever you pursue! LOVE YOU PAT!! XOXO

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Take care, Scoopsy. You've been great since day one and I really appreciate the work you put into the site. Best wishes and good luck, duder.

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I just signed up for Premium, and I gotta say, your presence on the site was a big driving factor for that decision. Although I'm sure the rest of the staff had your back, you were always the one posting the kinds of pieces that need to posted in the wake of all of the hate that the community suffered through in 2014.

I wasn't a Giant Bomb fan until after you had joined, and you've always been a key part of the experience for me. You'll be missed, bud. Good luck.


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Sorry to see you go and good luck in all your future endeavors!

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Thanks for everything Scoops!! Wish you the best and good luck in the future.

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Oh man, did not expect this. Also did not expect to burst into tears today but if anyone mentions Ryan, I will burst into tears. Thanks for everything duder.

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Seriously bummed by this but will support anything you end up doing duder. Best of luck.

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Damn, sad to see you go, Patrick. Excited to see what you do next, but still, sad to see you go. Good luck.

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Good luck sir!