The Evil Within 2 or Wolfenstein 2 - If you like both, which one do you recommend more?

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I've played The Evil Within + the DLCs and Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood. I like both of the series but I can only pick up one of the new games.

A bit on my opinions about the games:

TEW I mainly like for the gameplay so, though they did a much better job with the storytelling in The Assignment and The Consequence, I was kind of let down by the well received DLCs because they essentially avoided the combat. Still, they had some good tension like some parts of the main game and overall, I enjoyed them. TEW proper though, is what I remember more. I like the hodge podge horror ride 'cause I don't know that much about the genre but again, the gameplay is what I like the most about TEW. I like fucking with the enemies, making my resources count, and getting familiar with all the weapons. Generally quite satisfying.

Wolfenstein: TNO is a spectacular game. I enjoy the shooting, I didn't have problems with the difficulty (I heard ppl complain about how hard W2 is, is it much more punishing than W1?) but what I was most impressed with were the character work, the writing, and the beautifully directed cinematic moments. The Old Blood however, left a bad taste in my mouth. It's not that it was terrible but when you follow something as special as TNO with something as excruciatingly average as TOB, it's plainly obvious. TOB gave me little tastes of what TNO provided along the way when it should've served me a small portion of it.


I'm a piece of shit and bought both. $25 each, physical won't really get much cheaper than that so decided not to wait. Thanks all for the input. If Wolf 2 is anything like the combat in Wolf 1, it took me a bit but I kinda figured out how they want me to play and I enjoy it so I'm not too worried.

I went full black out on coverage of the games so I think I'm gonna see a lot of good shit.

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I think you're better off picking up Wolfenstein 2, the parts you liked about the first one are way better in W2, and having played on the PC, the difficulty didn't bother me so much.

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I haven't even played Wolf 2 and I'll say get Wolf 2.

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Why not try yourself? Wolfenstein 2 has a demo on Steam/PS4/XB1.

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It seems funny to say, but if you liked the first The Evil Within and Wolfenstein, the safer bet is Wolfenstein 2. The Evil Within 2 is a very good game in my mind, but it’s very different from the first game in several important ways and it’s gameplay kind of ended up as a hybrid of the first game and the DLC (which you said you didn’t like as much).

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Wolf 2

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Beat Evil Within 2 and I'm just about to beat Wolfenstein 2. It's Wolfenstein hands down.

Much like the first Evil Within, imo, the 2nd one gets worse and worse the further along it goes. I ended up skipping much of the ending cutscenes because I was ready for it to be over. I thought it started out rather strong so it was unfortunate that I ended up not liking it as much in the end. And the gameplay is rather tedious at times. Many times it just throws tons of enemies at you even though it acts like it wants you to play as a stealth game. I had to bump the difficulty down to casual due to one instance where it sent 10 zombies at me and the harder difficulty makes the enemies bullet sponges.

Wolfenstein 2, on the other hand, has moment after moment that is really fun. And I disagree with the staff... many times they seem to say the gameplay is just okay and they play it for the story. I'm finding the gameplay to be very fun. Play it like Doom, basically. I rarely use iron sights... just run and gun and it's quite fun (I'm playing on the default difficulty).

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I've beaten both and think Evil Within 2 is the more enjoyable experience. Wolf 2 has a lot of neat moments, but the gameplay is a chore.

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I was a huge Evil Within apologist, and LOVED Evil Within 2. Wolfenstein the New Order was pretty good, but didn't really grab me. But something happened between then and now, because my number 1 GOTY is Zelda, number 2 is Wolfenstein 2. The people that are down on the gameplay are just unwilling to practice, play on the default or higher and take it slow and steady and you'll have a blast. Some of the very best writing in gaming, amazing graphics, tons of content and its very culturally relevant. Go with wolfenstein, but dont forget about evil within 2 when you choose your next game, as it is also phenominal.

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Replay The New Order and watch Wolfenstein 2's cutscenes online.

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I'ma be the lone voice here recommending EW2 over Wolf2. True EW2 kinda dragged on towards the end, but all in all I had a good time with it. There were some questionable design choices and annoying sections, but nowhere near as many as in Wolf2. While Wolf2's story is great, the game play just feels dated. Large portions of the game design feel like something from the year 2000 and not in a nostalgic fun way. The enemy AI is pretty dumb, the level design is boring, the fact that u have to constantly jam on the "pick up item" key over and over to collect ammo and armor is questionable at best, and the shooting, while having some nice impact, feels flat compared to something like Doom. Not to mention that you can get through most sections of the game by just running past everyone to the next checkpoint. One of the few games in recent memory that I had to force myself to finish, just to see the narrative through. Both are worth playing through, I just enjoyed my time with EW2 a lot more.

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I am playing through Wolf2 now and I would not recommend it. As Spoonman671 suggested, I would just watch the cut-scenes YouTube. The game play really holds it back and I do not think the story makes up for it. I am of the mind that games need to be fun to play first and foremost. A good story is a nice bonus.

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I'm a piece of shit and bought both. $25 each, physical won't really get much cheaper than that so decided not to wait. Thanks all for the input. If Wolf 2 is anything like the combat in Wolf 1, it took me a bit but I kinda figured out how they want me to play and I enjoy it so I'm not too worried.

I went full black out on coverage of the games so I think I'm gonna see a lot of good shit.

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I liked both. The Evil Within 2 became one of my most anticipated games of the year after I replayed the first game and actually really liked it a lot when I had originally not. I also played the DLC which made me even more excited for it. That said, it has issues. I wasn't into the more open sections as I had hoped I would be, and that's almost the entire first half of the game. When the game becomes more linear focused and pushes you more rapidly into the story I thought it was great. I thought the end seven or so hours was awesome. That said, the juxtaposition of Japanese and American acting felt off, be it the way characters moved or the dialogue. It just seemed like it was a Japanese developer trying to create The Last of Us if you will, and it comes off as kind of awkward. It has good closure, though it makes me wonder where they could even go next. As for Wolfenstein, I liked it a lot, and probably more than The Evil Within 2 overall. The story had excellent moments and the gameplay was great.

There are a handful of different locations you go to in the game, but it could have been a little better, and I think once you get to the point where you can do the side missions through the enigma codes and it potentially gets away from the story, it felt like a grind. Both games are lengthy, Wolfenstein II is more up to the player since you're not required to complete the side tasks; they're mainly there so you can upgrade. Also, yes I noticed you bought them already. I just thought I'd give my take on them. I went through The Evil Within 2 once on easy, then halfway through on hard before moving onto something new, and I only played Wolfenstein II on easy, which is really freaking easy, but kept it on my PS4 because I'll probably get into hard at some point. The stealth in Wolfenstein II might be hard/not great but I'm not entirely sure. I just know there are flying bots that can spot you easily which might prove a pain on hard.

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The Evil Within 2 and I even hated the first game. Wolfenstein 2 is highly overrated imo, the story is ok with 2 pretty good moments but the gameplay is bordering on terrible. I thought the first Wolfenstein played WAY better with better level design.

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evil within 2 is more fun, because its different and can be played stealthily, and there aren't enough decent horror type games out there

wolfenstien is just yet another FPS

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Wolf 2 was more of the same but slightly better whereas TEW 2 tried to be a bit more ambitious and in my opinion failed in the process. I still prefer it over TNO though as I like that style of game more. They're both good but flawed games.

(I know the OP bought both, just thought i'd add my thoughts in case someone else had the same question)

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