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This is a thread for everybody to post their gaming and Giant Bomb related text message alerts. Ringtones belong elsewhere.

It is intended to be used for a long time. Hopefully it turns out great! If we can pool resources and make larger, more complete collections, that would be super rad.

Here's my contributions to get things rolling. A lot of these are from raw SFX packs I dug through and curated by hand, separating out the sounds that could potentially be useful.

Specific Games - Let's make more!

General Packs - I'd definitely like to expand these!

  • Arcade - Currently a bit of Street Fighter, Galaga, and a bit of DK. Maybe in the future break it into eras?
  • General Gaming - Mega Man, Super Metroid, Fez, Zelda, MGS (of course...)
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This is a great idea for a thread I'm surprise hasn't been made yet. I don't have anything to contribute because I have no idea how to take a sound I hear and make it into a text tone, though.

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Awesome idea for a thread! Afraid I don't have any to share myself but I imagine I'll be coming back to this thread fairly often.

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For the last few days I have been using the voice from Superhot

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@negativecero: Any sound file that would make an appropriate tone is fine! Mine are all just .mp3 or .wav files.

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@darkshaper: I love you for posting this. I just can't get enough of that super hot voice.

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I don't have any game-related ringtones but this is awesome, I look forward to more submissions!

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