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Every game I buy that has difficulty options I always play on normal. Easy feels like the cowardly choice to me, and normal might give a little challenge (this differs greatly from game to game) which is always fun. But sometimes there's that one game that on normal you just get murdered and keep dying in the same place, over and over. Whatever the cause is, it infuriates you and in the end you might be tempted to step down to easy. I'm personally on the edge because of a late game shootout in Uncharted 3, and easy is calling for me like its 70-percent cocoa chocolate.

But what do you do in this situation? Do you rethink your strategies and keep trying, or does the possibility of progressing story-wise outweigh your pride?

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I always start the game in the highest difficulty possible, so i usually don't feel bad when i change to normal(Except for Brutal Legend. Fuck you and your last mission. Seriously.), but most of the time i try to rethink my strategies. When i played Catherine, i used to think so much about the damn thing that i even DREAMED with blocks.

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The worst is the Elder Scrolls games with their damn sliders for the difficultly. I'm always tempted to slide it down just a little.

This happened with Oblivion an awful lot. Combat in that game was just bad.

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Unchated 3 on Normal is to hard to even be fun sometimes, especially in the endgame. The shootout

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it could be you're just fatigued and need to put the game down and go outside for a walk or something.
I almost always used to play everything on normal.  I noticed in the last few years I was just walking thru everything and not having all that much fun.  I started playing everything on hard now and it's working out pretty well.  I don't think I got all that much better at games.  I think the games are much easier.  GoW3 on hard isn't hard.  Deus Ex on hard feels pretty much normal to me - actually maybe a little easier that what I'd call normal.  Dead Space 2 on hard feels about right.
anyway, back to your question, no.  I don't drop the difficulty.  Every time I've noticed myself having problems it was time to take a break and go do something else.

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@VictorK: Heh, where do you think I'm at? @tourgen: That's what I did and I haven't played it since friday. But my example isn't really the question here, this thread is about peoples choice in general on this matter.

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sometimes i'll drop the difficulty if it's annoys me to the point where i stop having fun. setting it to easy doesn't make me feel cowardly or anything. i know that i'm not great at video games so i just want to have a good time.  

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I was playing UC3 on normal before changing the difficulty to very easy in chapter 20. I just realized that at no point in the entire game was I having fun with the combat anyways so I just didn't care anymore. This is also coming from someone who just beat Dark Souls and thought it wasn't hard at all. I'm willing to go through a harder difficulty if the combat feels more satisfying for it but Uncharted 3's combat was unnecessarily tough and quite frankly boring if you ask me.

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I never understood the "YOU'RE A FUCKING PUSSY IF YOU LOWER THE DIFFICULTY LEVEL YA GOD DAM PUSSY!" mentality many people have. If I'm playing a game and get to a part where I keep throwing myself at the enemies again and again and do nothing but die to the point that I'm frustrated and getting tired of the game I will turn down the difficulty or turn on a cheat, remember when video games had cheats?, to get me past that point then go back to what I was at before. I'm not going to stop playing a game I was enjoying, except for that one part, out of some pointless fear that someone may find out and think badly of me for turning down the difficulty. Nor am I going to potentially never finish a game I was enjoying because I grew to despise one extremely frustrating level and could never get past it because lowering the difficulty means I'm not a man!

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I'll play everything on the default difficulty the first time.

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Most games I'll stick with my difficulty choice the whole way through, even if it gets rough, but for Uncharted 3, I had no problem bumping it down to easy about halfway in. Combat is not what I come to those games for, so fuck you if you think I'm going to play through all those boring encounters on normal if you're going to pile on that many enemies.

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I can't drop it down mid play, I've tried, but I find that incredibly difficult because I don't want to seem like I'm about to wimp out. I mean, you've already made it so far, you just need to typically take a break from it instead of exhausting it. In some games, if I've been at it awhile, I will bump it up to see how that next playthrough will be (Like with Mass Effect) and figure out what changes I need to make to not die/have-Garrus-decide-he-wants-to-lay-down-for-a-little-nap-all-the-time-WHY-IS-YOUR-ARMOR-MADE-OF-SUGAR-GLASS. I used to keep the difficulty all over the place and typically pretty low on things like Forza as well. Only recently have I turned off a ton of assists to try and improve.

...It hasn't done much for me so far.

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Uncharted 3 should probably be played on Easy, which is kind of a testament to that game's weird combat. As for the troubles people have at the end...

It's actually pretty easy (and satisfying) to fight those fire guys if you're using the Tau pistol or whatever it's called. The one with a scope. They died in two hits and there was a really cool flame effect when you shot them.
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I started Dragon Age Origins on normal and dropped it down to easy about 5 hours into the game. No shame. This was the PC version. But yeah, if a game gets to the point of being frustrating, I'm dropping it down.

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Uncharted 3 was hella frustrating on normal during quite a few shoot outs, and this coming from a person who has the uncharted 2 platinum. I honestly felt some parts of that game on normal were harder then uncharted 2 on crushing.

That said i never change the difficulty if I'm more then three hours in because i figure, if I've made it this far, i just need to try harder. However in god of war 3 i started off on hard and couldn't get passed the first boss and just ended up restarting on a lower difficulty.

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@MagikOvenMit said:

Uncharted 3 should probably be played on Easy, which is kind of a testament to that game's weird combat. As for the troubles people have at the end...

It's actually pretty easy (and satisfying) to fight those fire guys if you're using the Tau pistol or whatever it's called. The one with a scope. They died in two hits and there was a really cool flame effect when you shot them.

Or just use a grenade launcher. There's plenty of ammo for it at the end and it only takes a couple shots to kill a dude.

Also, I just tried out Uncharted 2 to see how different the aiming sensitivity is from Uncharted 3. The answer is 'not much'. I think people might be imagining things. I beat Uncharted 3 with little difficulty on Hard.

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If I'm having trouble with a game i'm usually playing on hard but as easy as it would be to just change the difficulty there. The allure of the achievement for completing the campaign on the hardest difficulty always wins out. So I start a new campaign on the easiest difficulty, I might switch back and forth a couple times to try to go forward on the harder difficulty but if I can't I'll just go back to the easy one to play through for the story.

I did this for Brutal Legend and Arkham City, I eventually beat them both on the hardest difficulty but sometimes I just want to ease through some of the combat in the game before I tackle a harder mission again.

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I play all of my games on the hardest difficulty available, but then again I have an absurd amount of experience playing FPS and the like. I just started playing Uncharted 2 on Hard and honestly it feels easier than Uncharted 1 on Normal. I also play every CoD on Veteran because it's the only way to make those games challenging. Mile High Club on Veteran was fun.

However this really is not for everyone. I don't think less of anybody for playing on a lower difficulty. If you're enjoying the game then that's all that matters.

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I only ever drop it down if I have stopped having fun. I got to the penultimate boss in Shadows of the damned and got really frustrated by it so I started over on easy. I now know how easy that boss is to beat and i wish i'd never dropped the difficulty.( I have every intention of going back and finishing it off on that difficulty.) On the other hand I got to the goths in the snow in Brutal Legend and had one of those fuck this game moments and dropped it all the way down to easy. That game isn't even fun on easy and I can't even imagine how annoying the final RTS/Boss section is on normal.

Some games I will start off in hard like Halo or Gears but for the most part I stick with normal, I never thought about dropping down Uncharted 3, but as others have said some of those encounters are kinda fucked.

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First, fuck them when they say "this game is meant to be played on [insert something that is other than Normal]". If you're telling me I should play on Hard to get the Normal experience, then Normal should have been the fucking difficulty level. Especially since this creates confusion where you may finish a game and then everyone later says "oh, yeah, you know you were supposed to play that on Hard, right?".

Anyway, if I'm on Normal (or whatever the asshole developers or marketers are telling me is the Normal for the given game - Hard or Veteran in some games) and it turns out to be too hard and frustrating, I'm more likely to quit and put the game on the shelf and never return to it than I am to just drop the difficulty. On the other hand, if I'm trying a game on a much higher difficulty and it turns out to be too hard for me to swing, I'll go ahead and lower it to Normal without any worries.

One good example of this is the courtyard before the tower at the end of Shadows of the Damned. I completed the first four acts of the game and up until that part of the fifth act in a single sitting and then those two stupid fucking guys with the things on their back (that were a boss in the previous chapter) that you have to do that bullshit quick time "don't get killed" thing with every time they touch you proved too hard for me. After about thirty attempts, I put the game down. After about ten more attempts another day, I took a long break. Then I tried another five or ten times. Then I took the game out, put it in the box, put the box on the shelf of games that I will never touch again (it goes next to the shelf of games I've finished) and moved on to something more entertaining and fun than the "OH SHIT QTE MASH RANDOMLY CHOSEN BUTTONS SUPER FAST DAWG" bullshit.

Wow, this turned into an angry Shadows of the Damned rant.

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@fetchfox: Dude Uncharted 3 was the first game I can remember in a long time that I bumpod down from Normal to Very Easy. That fucking armored dude on the boat, fuck that guy!!!

I beat Dark Souls without feeling as infuriated as I did during that one moment in Uncharted 3.

I think no less of you good sir and neither should you, games are meant to be enjoyed.

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I usually play on normal. If I get stuck I rethink my strategies.

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I usually go for Hard, but that's usually because I'm using a mouse to play games which were balanced for a pad. Also because I don't want to just sleepwalk through the game.  I appreciate it when they try and explain what they were going for with the difficulties - "Look, we both know Normal is code for Easy, so just pick Hard if you've ever played a game before, ok?" Game difficulty settings have become the male equivalent of dress sizes.
I'll usually quit before dropping the difficulty level, because fuck that. What if somebody sees?

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I always play my games on easy (very easy if applicable). I don't see any reason to tie my self esteem to some level of challenge in video games. There are other things in life that are challenging enough. When I play games I just want to be able to sit down, relax, and enjoy gameplay without much frustration.

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I'll usually pick the hardest difficulty setting to start with, then sometimes go to normal from there.

I also hate it when more difficult means only more hitpoints for the enemies. Don't like the repetition/grind of some games.

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Unless I have heard things about a setting being super easy, I usually start on Normal or Hard out of the usual 4 modes that are available from the start (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert). I am glad that Easy mode is in there for people who are new to gaming or maybe just not all that experienced. ...But with that said, I do hate how there is a creep of the Easy mode being labeled as the Normal mode nowadays.

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i have no qualms about putting the difficulty down, or sometimes even starting on easy, just because the story is more important to me.

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I only drop the difficulty when I'm analyzing the game and need to see it to completing without missing much. Higher difficulties are purely for personal enjoyment.

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i hate when difficulty jumps too much. in forza 3 i would play on medium and it was easy for me. i switched it to hard and it was too hard for me. i was like what the hell, this is easy but hard is too hard.

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@MikeFightNight: I ended up completing it on normal after not having played it for two days. Just a simple cool down, but it usually helps by ridding you of the frustration and anger. I got a little lucky on the boat by quickly killing the guy with the M32-Hammer which takes down heavies in two-three shots.

It's good to see that I'm not alone when it comes being frustrated with games and thus tempted by bumping down the difficulty. For me it's more for my pride to complete what I've started than getting some achievement.

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Taking a break always helps me. I started Dragon Age 2 on hard(or what ever its called) and I had a hard time trying to beat the demon in the middle of the game. I was so frustrated at the end so I just saved and went to bed. Get home from work the next day and beat it in one try.

Sometimes you just need a break to gather your thoughts and when you get back you kick some ass.

(Insanity was a bitch on Mass Effect 2. Damn Heavy Robots!

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@WillMcNastyTheHiFiJamSolution said:

(Insanity was a bitch on Mass Effect 2. Damn Heavy Robots!

Fuck Mass Effect 2. That's the only game I've ever completely quit playing out of frustration. I beat it on Normal for the story but was never able to get to the top of the skyscraper where you kick the guy out of the window on Insanity.

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I can't remember ever turning the difficulty down (or up) mid-game. I did start a new char in Mass effect on the easiest setting at some point because I had abandonded it a couple of times, and I wanted to finish it before Mass Effect 2 came out. The Mako sections were just too terrible.

I don't think I would ever consider it when I am nearing the end of a game, because at that point I want those juicy achievements.

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@Branthog said:

First, fuck them when they say "this game is meant to be played on [insert something that is other than Normal]". If you're telling me I should play on Hard to get the Normal experience, then Normal should have been the fucking difficulty level. Especially since this creates confusion where you may finish a game and then everyone later says "oh, yeah, you know you were supposed to play that on Hard, right?".

This happens in so few games I don't see why you need to throw a hissy about it. It only happens in AAA games that expect to sell millions of copies and you just need to decipher their code. This is how the game is meant to be played means if you play your fair share of games and want a challenge pick this option. Normal is for people who buy a game or two a year because they saw a sweet commercial. There are far more people who fall into category two for a game like Gears of War so it makes sense to make the normal difficulty suited to those people.