the introduce yourself thread and make new friends thread

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#1 Posted by mybigpose (178 posts) -

all i see is threads asking people if theyre from OT off GS.
its time to meet new people u guys!!
lets start fresh! i know i am since ive been lurking through GS for a long time without signing up at all.
so yeah.

i guess this could be our first ROLL CALL of giant bomb i guess.

im new to this forum stuff.
so please do excuse me if this threads REALLY bombs. (lol get it?) yes im that lame.

so yeah.
what exactly do u say in roll calls anyway?
well, HI, im isaac?
nice to meet you?
good enough i guess.

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#2 Posted by Yunvon (127 posts) -

Well hello there.....How are you ;)

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#3 Posted by Rianor (111 posts) -

Hi Isaac, I'm Rianor or my real name is Michael.

I live in Texas and I have a Playstation 3.

 I have been following Giant Bomb since the never beginning and i'm very very estatic that it's finally gone live!!

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#4 Posted by mybigpose (178 posts) -

my good man, im doing fine thank you.
GOSH, yeah, this is an akward thread. i feel so out of place.

is anyone else allready missing the religion threads?

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#5 Posted by mathewballard (420 posts) -

Names Mathew, been known as bizsumpark182 during my times as GS. Used to be a Sony fanboy a long time ago and then got smart and realized that being a fanboy was stupid. Currently I do most of my gaming on my 360 and PSP.

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#6 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

What up, name is Booboo:)

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#7 Posted by elektrixx (409 posts) -

Good day to you all!

I'm elektrixxx, I'm from Australia and I as well have been following the making of Giant Bomb since the beginning. I've already made some contributions and I promise to make many more. Furthermore I hope to post around here as much as  non-annoyingly possible.

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#8 Posted by Colino (178 posts) -

hehe, Nico here. Also a former Gamespotter (left after the whole "Gerstmann Gate" story).

I've been looking for a good game site to lurk on, could this be the one?

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#9 Posted by XxDeath_MetalistxX (10 posts) -
Im The Death Metalist and i just play for the dead ,  when im chilling i just sit and play video games. The Names Mohammed. Please To Meet you Isaac.
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#10 Posted by Soopy (49 posts) -

I am Aaron. was a former gamespotter also until the Gerstmann issues. this site looks great and i will be around for the long haul.

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#11 Posted by mybigpose (178 posts) -
elektrixxx said:
"Good day to you all!

I'm elektrixxx, I'm from Australia and I as well have been following the making of Giant Bomb since the beginning. I've already made some contributions and I promise to make many more. Furthermore I hope to post around here as much as  non-annoyingly possible.

aussie?? nice. im heading down there this august for the summer!
hows the weather there? HOT? or really HOT?

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#12 Posted by MasterSplinter (656 posts) -

Hey guys, I'm Chris Cruz. I was a frequent poster on the blog site (C. Cruz). I hope to see some familiar faces in this thread. Friend request me if you like!

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#13 Posted by Nude_Dude (1088 posts) -

Eh....I'm Nude_Dude from GS?

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#14 Posted by SarazinRuin (161 posts) -

Im Alucard a Internet Tough Guy.

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#15 Posted by thebeast (1920 posts) -

Hey all - I'm Tom, a web/graphics developer from Wales, UK.
Looking forward to getting involved in The Bomb's community!

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#16 Posted by delsaber (216 posts) -

Hey there. I'm the shadowy, mysterious Delsaber. You might (but probably don't) know me from about a dozen other boards where I go by the same name. Or maybe from Phantasy Star Online's Ruins area where Delsabers have been known to lurk. I put about a hundred hours into that game and all I got was this lousy username.

When I'm not bugging people on forums, I do a little blogging and (very occasional) podcasting via my own site, caffeine-fueled.

I'm a dude and I like the ladies. Rowr.
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#17 Posted by Wark (58 posts) -

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm Wark.

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#18 Posted by Adonymous (2 posts) -

Adonymous is the name...own all 3 next-gen consoles + PC.
pretty big games.

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#19 Posted by War (19 posts) -

Hey.  Prepare for WAAARR!

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#20 Posted by Absurd (2932 posts) -

I am Absurd, and... I feel like I'm at an AA meeting D:

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#21 Posted by mybigpose (178 posts) -

oh BTW, anyone here big in art or music?
im an aspiring clothes designer and i would love to meet art designers or maybe clothes designers themselves on thier thoughts and advices. :)

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#22 Posted by MichaelScott (199 posts) -

Hey guys.

MichaelScott here. Feel free to add me on friends. I play mostly PC games and Wii. (just because I don't own a 360. I want one though.) Feel free to add me too friends. >:O

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#23 Posted by Flexiable (105 posts) -

Hi to everyone, I'm Matt, live in London and got an iPhone last week! I hope to get into the community here; I miss GS how it was.

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#24 Posted by Jax (516 posts) -

Hi Bombers,

My name is Chris, I'm a website developer and a small time thug (I work for the Joker). I don't have an iphone, or a wii, or a PS3. I love Xbox and PC. Add me if you'd like! I need some cool friends. Haha.

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#25 Posted by Jesus (1190 posts) -

I am looking for God

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#26 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

well... i am Uri, from israel, proud owner of an xbox 360 and a good pc, specs are geforce 9600, intel core 2 duo 3.00ghz (e8400), 2gb ram, and vista, made it myself (well sorta)

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#27 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Hello there,

I am Joshua, nickname Termite and I live in Osaka Japan. If anyone wants a good friend, especially if they're a PC gamer, I'm you're guy

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#28 Posted by Munkyman587 (8 posts) -

Hey guys!
I usually roamed the GS hardware forums, so you may know me from there.  I am a college student and build computers for the hell of it and some side cash.
I typically play on my 360 or PC, my wii collects dust with my psp.

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#29 Posted by yates (509 posts) -

Hi. I like games, anyone else like games? If so, we should totally hang.

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#30 Edited by Xeros606 (577 posts) -
MichaelScott said:
"Hey guys.

MichaelScott here. Feel free to add me on friends. I play mostly PC games and Wii. (just because I don't own a 360. I want one though.) Feel free to add me too friends. >:O

im gonna add you since your apparently a pink floyd fan. :)

oh and before i forget...
*clears throat*
"hi, my name is xerox, and im a recovering alcoholic."
[monotone] "hello xerox."

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#31 Posted by Jordan (14 posts) -

Hey guys, I'm Jordan and im from Hawaii. I usually don't visit forums regularly but I figure since the site just launched and we're all new now would be a good time to start.

Feel free to send me a friend request.

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#32 Posted by Glitch321 (5 posts) -

I'm just some dude.

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#33 Posted by navigata (24 posts) -

Wasup. Im navigata aka nav, big fan of the ps3 and all..Jus a regular gamer...If you got ps3, or any gaming titles add me!

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#34 Posted by LouChou (491 posts) -

yeaaaah booyeeee.

it's cool to be around for the start of something like this. so many video game sites have been established for so long that this kinda opportunity hasn't come along for years.

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#35 Edited by delsaber (216 posts) -

Yeah. I always found Gamespot's twenty billion user roster to be a pretty big barrier-to-entry as well.

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#36 Posted by Atlas (2739 posts) -

You Giant Bomb peeps!

The name's Stefan but you can call me Atlas. Chose the name because I'm a huge fan of BioShock. Really happy to be a part of the Giant Bomb community; I've loved the podcast and the site since day one and I'm super pumped to see that it's launched. Anyway, I live in the UK, probably play games for about 2 or 3 hours a day on average. Favourite games are Oblivion, BioShock and Half-Life 2. That's pretty much all you need to know.

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#37 Posted by Mads (9 posts) -

Hi there!
I am Mads, I'm mainly into racing games, but i do other games i think looks cool. I play both 360 (iMads) and PS3 (iMads15) as well as PSP and DS. ( And then sometimes on my brothers wii, but that ain't really often)

So ya, have fun, and lets make this page GIANT:P

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#38 Posted by Haklin (20 posts) -

Hey all...coming from GS as well.  Aussie 24 YO gamer :)

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#39 Posted by britgamer (7 posts) -

Hey dudes.

Im Nathan, I <3 video games and I am from England!

How do you guys feel today? I have a splitting headache from going to an awesome gig last night!

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#40 Posted by lettuceman44 (129 posts) -

Hi, I'm lettuceman (random name). Been on Gamespot for a few years, came here just out of curiosity. Like the site, though I'm not gonna leave Gamespot, but I'll be at both.
Real name is Steve. PC gamer.

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#41 Posted by MattyFTM (14891 posts) -

I was on GS for ages. I was mattyftm on there (I kept the same username so people would recognize me) and I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into some giant bomb editing once the site is working at a decent speed.

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#42 Posted by Enorm (9 posts) -

Heya guys,
My name is Axel and I'm also from Gamespot (Gamespot OT mostly) my username on that website is Enormousaxie. (not really a well known user : P )
Umm yeah I like games but don't play them that often because most of my time I'm on the computer I'm coding or designing.. Oh and I also play Rugby D :

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#43 Posted by Josh9989 (34 posts) -

Hi, Im Josh D, I like games and write about them and make videos and podcasts and stuff on my blog (check my profile if you wanna know about it). Inspired by the guys at giant bomb and really want to get into the community aspect of the site!

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#44 Posted by kiopl (21 posts) -

hello gamers

my name is brandon and  im looking to party come join in

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#45 Posted by Raspberry (71 posts) -

Hi there! =D

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#46 Posted by Schizoid (1121 posts) -

Hey I'm Michael, I haven't really come from any website in particular. I'm from the United Kingdom, I like fighting games, first person shooters and driving games. Pow.

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#47 Posted by drewm135 (262 posts) -

Hey I'm Drew. Just came from the gamespot forums. I live in Puyallup, WA. Please Add

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#48 Posted by Dalai (7869 posts) -

Dude, this is definitely an introduction thread... sweet.

I'm Dalai, aka TDLlama from Gamespot.  Call me, we'll totally hang out and stuff.

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#49 Posted by MaddCribbage (9 posts) -

What up? I'm Anton, just saying hi, if you wanna know more about me, just hit up my page or PM me. (Damn, I am

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#50 Posted by dagas (3667 posts) -

I'm a mystery...