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I've found myself having dark Souls dreams a lot last year. When I really get into a game I tend to dream about being in that world quite a bit. Years back it was Street Fighter and Final Fantasy. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Yup, it usually happens when I binge on a game (or a book/tv series for that matter), like I've been playing Dragon Age Inquisition a LOT recently over a relatively short space of time and have been having dreams like you where I'm kinda my character in that world. It's always a little disorienting but I'm sure it's perfectly harmless (probably) and I find these dreams are actually usually pretty darn cool.

Off the top of my head it's happened to me before with Doctor Who (tv), Red Dwarf (tv), Harry Potter (book), the Mass Effect games and the previous Dragon Age games -shrug-

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Every so often I have a weird fever-dream about Fear Effect. I can barely remember what happened in that game, but I've had dreams about it every few months for over a decade.

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Smackdown 1 on PSX. I played so much of that game on the first day I got it I kept on having dreams of me body slamming people I loved through tables. So horrifying.

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I dreamed I was Chris in Thomas was Alone.

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I dreamt that Chie and I were wrestling, wearing luchador masks.

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Sometimes it happens when I'm playing a game I'm super addicted to. I once dreamed about being the Dragonborn and it was awesome.

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The Last of Us on PS4, I'd been using 7.1 headphones and could still hear it in my head, nightmares quickly followed.

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Huniepop, but not the cool kind, the kind where I'm matching 3 in my sleep for 8 hours and there's no end in sight. Puzzle games always give me very unpleasant dreams where I solve endless puzzles with no solution. Tetris blocks falling forever. Using Talos Principle lasers to open doors, which lead to more lasers, which lead to more doors. I never feel very well rested after those nights.

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My version isn't nearly as cool. But sometimes if I binge on a game sometimes when I sleep I simply dream that I am still playing. It's pretty stupid.

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I had a dream the other night where I ran into Ryan at a grocery store, does that count?

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I don't think I had a dream about a real game since the time my hype levels were in overdrive for GTA4 and I dreamed of a photorealistic first person version of the Alderney suburbs. I might be forgetting some, though... my dream retention tends to be pretty poor.

I did have a dream last week about a nonexistent VR horror game based on the unwatchably bad movie Killjoy, however. All I remember is walking down a driveway, passing the titular clown's ice cream truck, and seeing a shadowy figure on the roof across from me preparing to leap down and give chase. All the while, I was telling the developer how impressed I was by all of this. Interestingly, my mind even filled in the world with texture redundancies and aliasing.

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I dream about ideas for video games sometimes. Sometimes when I have trouble sleeping I try and think up characters/mechanics/stories or other creative stuff to help me sleep, that usually leads into dreams related to whatever I was thinking about.

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The other night I was playing a lot of Titanfall with my buddies and later that night I had a dream that I was actually a soldier in the world but i was so inept that I tried to jump onto my titan and missed and it nearly crushed me walking by.

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I was alone in Silent Hill a couple of nights ago. That is already pretty terrifying, but my brain decided it wasn't scary enough and threw the ghost from Spelunky in there too.

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For some reason I dreamed of the Jersey Devil (monster form) from The Wolf Among Us (or something similar looking) just last night. I Played the game a few good weeks ago, so it's not because it was fresh in my mind or anything.

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I had a zombie apocalypse dream the other night. Probably spurred on by all the talk of Dying Light.

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About a year ago I dreamt that the pursuer from Dark Souls 2 delivered a pizza to my house. It seemed to be sort of an undercover assassination sort of deal because I don't think I ordered a pizza in the dream. I remember hearing the "You Died" music/chime thing but I don't remember how he killed me.

I suppose that's probably the boss I died to most in that game because I was severely underleveled and didn't have any adaptability to combat the weird hitboxes on his swings and stabs.

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I dreamt my house had a Puyo Puyo infestation last night

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Watched the hubby playing Far Cry 3 a while ago. Had a really crazy dream about me being stuck in a similar situation as the game. Wasn't a pleasant dream in all honesty.

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I dreamt of Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger having a conversation about Tetris on the original Gameboy.

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How the hell do so many of you remember dreams from months or even years ago? I swear that, no matter how crazy my dream is, I will immediately forget like 90% of it unless I specifically write it down as soon I wake up (which I rarely do).

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I have plenty of dreams where I go into some game store or thrift store and finding amazing deals on tons of older games and consoles, like, 100 games for a dollar type of stuff, but I can never get to the point in my dream where I buy anything, I just, sort of, look at them, but have trouble looking at them, like my dream mind can't comprehend what games they should be, and which ones I should get, so I'm always just panicked in my dreams like "I'm going to have to leave the store soon and without this treasure trove of games! AUHG!"
And then I wake up and am somewhat relieved but also somewhat disappointed that the store wasn't real.

As far as an actual dream about a game, I think it was way back before Dead Rising as out I was super excited for it and had a dream about playing it, and it was pretty much spot on to what the game turned out to be.

I also make up games in my dreams, a week ago I dreamed about a multplayer team based survival mode where vampire monsters had to track down and kill humans in a castle. It was pretty sweet.

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Every six or seven months I dream that I'm playing the real Duke Nukem Forever, not that shit that shipped.

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@zolroyce: Oh, my God. That first part happens to me so much. Usually it's either money or food that ends up being the object of want. I wake up around the time when I try to buy something or eat the food I'm holding. It takes a while for me to realize it isn't actually happening. Sometimes I check my pants after waking expecting twenty bucks to be in the pockets.

As for games, I've been wanting to purchase a copy of Silent Hill 2 (not on the HD Collection, thanks) for a while, so of course I dream that I find one at my local game store. I remember the feeling of happiness while playing, but not the actual gameplay.

Does this count as "in my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill"?

I should really just Amazon that shit...

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Same with me, but less so with books or tv. If I play a game for more then 15-20 hours in a week I generally will have some portion of that game seep into my dreams. But I am really bad at remebering what my dreams were after an hour or two of the day goes by unless they were extremely busy. Most recently I can remember having dreams that involved WoW, and Warframe.

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After yesterday's Persona 5 reveal, I've been thinking of nothing else so naturally, I had a dream that was influenced by Persona. I don't remember anything about it though.

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I rarely have video game dreams, but I had two about Alien.

1. I was hiding from an alien on a space station much like the Sevastopole. I was in only my underwear, probably to reduce noise. I had this dream after I saw a picture of a naked Amanda Ripley hiding from an alien on Hentai-Foundry.

2. My mother wanted to take refuge from an alien with a bunch of people. I told her they were all going to die, so we continued to wander alone. The alien began to hunt us and I was separated from her. I didn't know if she lived, but I didn't hear her scream.

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I had a dream(nightmare) a couple nights ago that Bloodborne was cancelled. I found it confusing initially because of how soon it was going to release, but eventually accepted it.

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Weird-ass dream of old friends and acquaintances from high school wearing Chie's jacket.

Don't know if this has anything to do with me actually buying one from a cosplay site, or I just like the color green for some odd reason...

...Eh. It's probably because I like green. I do admire those Razor keyboards and mice.

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It was a very short and hazy dream, but I do recall being the triangle in Super Hexagon.

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I had recently had a dream where there was a Resident Evil 7 demo on the PSN store... Playing it involved Chris & Wesker teaming up for some reason in some shanty village. The gameplay looked reminiscent of RE5 with a lot of familiar animations. Then it would start to get weird as I myself became apart of the game and would say how weird it was that both Chris & Wesker were voiced by Roger Craig Smith, to which they both laughed. I also remember me and Chris having to hoist Wesker up because he was injured and I kept apologising for bumping into things.

I can remember it ending with me then writing up a thread on GB asking people for their opinions about the demo.

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Dreamt I was playing Shadow of Mordor in the Bayonetta unverse. It was the best thing ever. For the record, I have never played a Bayonetta game in my life.

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MGS2 last week after I beat it

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Ether One. I've stopped playing it for a bit because it was getting to me in my dreams.

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@yummylee: Funny. I recently had a dream of playing RE7 too. Only it was Leon, in a foreign country, looking for the President's Son... and it was great. Pretty original, I know.

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I just had a dream that Bethesda Game Studios announced their new game and it was a weird Little Big Planet x Gary's Mod x Tomodachi Life hybrid.

I had no idea what to make of it other than a sign of them leaning hard into the mod / user created content angle. As a game it just looked confusing and not really what I wanted out of the studio that made Skyrim. So I kind of hope they don't reveal something like that IRL at E3.

Sorry to necro but it seemed neat to keep the game dreams in one place.

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It's been a long time, but I used to see Puyos whenever I closed my eyes. Some friends and I played Puyo Puyo 2 over and over and over against each other in university.