The Last of Yuck.

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Super new gamer late to playing naughty Dog's cult-worshipped classic "The Last Of Us" as I am fan of the Uncharted series.

But with, "The Last of Us" I might as well have purchased a ticket for a tour of the 7th circle of hell. The finicky and often useless gameplay makes me THAT frustrated, enraged, and overall miserable.

I haven't enjoyed one moment. Not the story. Not the so-called "music" of largely one ominius note combined with the pitiful clicking/screaming of the infected, or the overall dour ambience. Nothing quite like a beautiful sunset to highlight the pure rot of corpses.

Even Ellie' s lighthearted youth and total naivte falls flat in giving a heartless story any heart. As if a 14-year-old teen trying to survive in a dystopic hell of infected zombies, relying on one person for their very survival, is going to possess the same spoiled "F@#% You!"entitlements & sarcastic quips as a teenager that's never known such post-apocolyptic horrors.

My disbelief has not been suspended.

At the start of the game, it's as if Ellie has never been outside as she is awed by the rain in way that conveys she's never been in the rain. But somehow, later in the game, she indignantly knows how to pop a clutch?

I guess she learned from all that driving and clutch-popping indoors in vehicles that don't run?

The game's praised dialogue is little more than adults shouting "I said shut-up!" in response to Ellie shouting "F@#$ You!"

Resources are kept at a bare minimum even when they are found. And don't expect to get any ammo off the guy that just tried to blow you away with a shotgun or pistol. Somehow their ammo just disappears. But I guess that's okay, because the guns are practically useless against enemies that get shot several times only to keep getting right back up.

So, your left with two bullets against an an army of men that takes several shots to kill & zero chance of picking up more ammo from the enemy's barely used guns for reasons that defy logic.

Unless, of course, one considers the engineers of this tortorous game were feeling exceptionally sadistic during it's creation.

Ahh, but I know. I know. I must be a "bad gamer," because I'm not using the sorry excuse for stealth appropriately. I'm supposed to remain out of sight of several enemies all headed toward me while getting up to take them down one-by-one in the full view of all with loaded guns shooting at me.

And admittedly, I am struggling with the clunky mechanics of the controls, and I'd happily shoulder the blame if I had this problem in any other gameplay.

But my biggest problem with the game is the overall misery of it. Far Cry New Dawn is a post-apocolyptic game that has redeeming qualities in the rebuilding of community.

"The Last of Us" gives no such comfort. Everyone is criminal. Everyone is kill or be killed. Somehow no-one learned to garden or farm in this post-apocolyptic world that had zero contaminating affect on the soil.

It is a cynical and joyless story, and a frustrating game.

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So basically what you're saying is you'd prefer Last of Us to be an entirely different game? You bought a survival horror game with a pessimistic attitude and you don't like it.

I mean there's not really much discussion to be had here.

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I had no issues with the gameplay, bleakness is sort of the point and I love it for what it is. I don't remember them ever marketing it as a hopeful game, nor anyone ever describing it as such. Perhaps you'd have a better time if you didn't buy games you were obviously never gonna like in the first place?