The MCU (Myst Cinematic Universe) is finally here

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That's according to AVClub via Deadline:

Paging Mia Farrow: Deadline reports that Myst, the iconic 1993 PC game you probably quit after being stumped by the first puzzle, will be expanded into a “multi-platform universe including film, scripted, and unscripted television content.” Yes, we’re as curious as you are regarding the “unscripted” aspect, though we wouldn’t not love a high-stakes quiz show delving into the game’s labyrinthian mythology. Or, you know, a podcast.

Hulu previously gave a Myst TV series from Legendary a “script-to-series commitment”—one we posited might look a lot like Lost—but that project appears to have stalled. Village Roadshow Entertainment Group has now acquired the rights, and it sounds as if they’ll try and unpack the breadth of the Myst saga, which, through books and games, unfolds across 10,000 years of history. Adapting it will be a puzzle unto itself.

That's, uh, weird. I have vaguely fond memories of Myst from when it first came out, but I'm also almost 40, and I can't imagine that it, as a brand, has much resonance for anyone younger than me. This seems like a big investment for something that it's unclear that anyone wants, I guess? I certainly don't remember anything of the storyline.

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They could have used Cyan's newest work, Obduction, if they wanted to make a show. That had a story that I could actually see adapted to TV; a large cast of characters, a bizarre mystery to unravel...

But Myst? What a strange choice.

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Oh hell yeah! I mean why not that'll either be great or hilariously stupid (or so weak and generic you'll forget it exists within a week).

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Oh I am down for this! There are some fantastic Lets plays on youtube that show the full story of myst and that universe, and i would love to see that expanded on

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Maybe this show will answer how to solve the frog trap puzzle from Riven that stumped me as a child.

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A true multimedia experience.

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The Myst lore is insanely complicated in a way that is shocking. I picked up a few of the novels at a book sale and they are Dune-length. I could see them making a show without too much trouble. They better put Rand in it though. Make him a bartender or something.

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I could actually see this working. The Myst games have a pretty deep mythology. The idea that writers can be so skilled that they are able to create - or discover - worlds that match their vision is fascinating to me and gives plenty of room for creativity. Of course, it might also be terrible. Really, it's an open enough premise that it can go almost anywhere story-wise.

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I can see how this would work. I've read two of the books in the expanded lore and they were surprisingly good to read. Lots of room for some really creative settings.

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Myst has 3 very lengthy novels that are written by the two brothers who created the studio Cyan Worlds, and Myst. They're written as journals from different perspectives over time, and as someone who's read them all, they're a) very good and b) infinitely more comprehensible and interesting than anything in the games (which I love). They'll probably use those to flesh out the story and world. Also like the above post mentioned, they need to figure out a way to put the brothers Rand in the show somehow.