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I listened to an episode of "We Hate Movies", a podcast about bad movies last night. The episode was on the movie Pixels from 2015. Peter Dinklage plays a Billy Mitchell stand in, who always bested Adam Sandler's character when they were kids. It's revealed the reason he was so good was because he cheated. This is just a big coincidence, but I find it funny.

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I kinda enjoyed that movie. The Dinklage character was hilarious.

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@legend said:

I kinda enjoyed that movie. The Dinklage character was hilarious.

Enjoy what you enjoy. Nothing wrong with that.

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Here we are in 2018 talking about Pixels being weirdly prescient. What a world we live in.

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Well the guy who directed King of Kong was a producer on Pixels, and Steve Wiebe acts in it, so maybe it's not that big of a coincidence.

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I always thought Dinklage as a pseudo Mitchell was way to spot on and clever for how not-clever the movie is.

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@fishboneink: Oh I had no idea. Makes things even more interesting.

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@barrock: In the Cartoon Network show "Regular Show" - there's a character whose got a massive, massive head and tiny body who cheats at video games called Garrett Bobby Ferguson.

Mitchell sued and lost.

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It's worth noting that while the proof of Mitchell's cheating has only been confirmed recently, he's been suspected of being at least somewhat of a fraud for quite some time now. Pixels wasn't necessarily prescient, it may have just had the involvement of people who knew what the talk of the town was.