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Owning both the PS3 and 360 does have its advantages. for one, you get the exclusives. however, when it comes to Multiplatform games, there is a large problem that occurs (atleast for me) whcih version do you buy? Now,if we asked this question about a year ago, chances are the popular vote would be 360, however this isnt necessarily the case anymore. Now the main factor is, if its multipalyer online, which service do you perfer? but lets forget about that for a sec adn just focus on the game itself. Should I be getting my Multiplats on 360 or PS3? I want to pick the version that runs the best and looks the best. Shopuld you still go with th e360 version if you have a choice? My main concerns are Fallout 3, RE 5, and Starwars: the force unleashd.

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If you want online, get the xbox version, live is still superior to psn, although the latter is improving.
Different games run differently, so it would depend on the individual game and how well it is optimised for each system before judging what version to buy tbh.

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Some multiplat games will run best on 360 others on PS3. Just do your homework before buying a Multiplat and you should be just fine. There are other factors however, If you want to play online games with your friends you may want to buy the Slightly "Inferior" version simply to play with your friends.

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I honestly dont play online enough to care about which service is better. Im mainly talking from a Cosmetic perspective.

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Whatever one you feel is best.

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But people normally only do comparissons on launch day, and your unable to find out which runs better on or a little after launch day, which is bad if you use Gamefly like me where the game will get Checkedout on launch and you have to put down the game you want two days in advance or something.

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To me it depends on the controller. I love the 360 controller and would rather play all multi-platform games on my 360 because of it. I've tried both PS3 controllers and they just don't feel right to me.

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Well if online isn't important to you, it would be down to the individual game.
Some multiplats are developed with 360 as the lead platform, others are PS3 leaded.
You'd have to decided on each individual game, there isn't a universal 'rule' on a game being better just as it is on a certain platform.

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I don't have that problem, since I only have a PC :P

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Like i said, you have to choose your game and latform for that game a day before launch to gurantee a copy for yourself, however comparissons can only be done on or after launch day.

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If I had a choice of buying a game on PS3 or 3360 i'd get the 360 version. Live is better than PSN even though PSN is improving and you get Points!

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im kinda interested in trophys more. hopefully all games coming up will have them.

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I really enjoy my 360 since they don't break down anymore. It's hard to choose both since they cost so much. The whole Points factor is a very minor one because it really depends if you like earning points while you play a game.  From what I've heard (Giant bombcast)
the trophy system isn't that good because it is hard to gauge, which is true when you think about it. I would go 360 because there are more games you can play that are worth playing.

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I already own a 360, so that dosent apply to me that it has more better games.

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Between the 360 and PS3 I read multiple reviews of a given multiplatform game to decide each of it's strengths and weaknesses. Most of the time it's in 360's favor but there are few cases like DiRT and Oblivion that seemed to be stronger on PS3.

As for online, if you're already paying the money for a gold account you might as well be buying it on 360 to get the most out of that $50 a year. And although PSN is improving XBL overall still seems to be an overall better experience. I'd only go with PSN if you absolutely have no intention of paying for online.

Also bare in mind some versions of games have exclusive downloadable content.

Always do research before throwing down money on a game.

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Due to the fact that I do not want to get a new HDD and re download absolutely everything, I have been going with 360 over PS3.  Those mandatory installs are killing my 60GB HDD.  Thats one thing I truly dislike about the system, the replaceable HDD is going from "hella cool option" to "hella cool requirement".  I'm in the process right now of weighing my options, get a new HDD this next few days, and re-download everything pre 9 GB download of Siren, or weeks later.  That'll be the one that would be a pain as I'm on DSL.  I'm leaning towards getting a 120GB HDD as of right now.  When that happens, I may start getting more games on the PS3.

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Just get which ever one you want, if you think a game will control better on one console compared to another, get that one, its a superficial choice if anything.

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I have more friends on Live, so the multiplatform boils down to that


When my XBOX shits itself and dies, it pisses me off having a bunch of games I COULD be playing (online or offline) just sitting on the shelf while my meager amount of PS3 titles are all I have to keep me company.

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For me, achievements and Xbox Live seriously sway the balance in favor of the 360. The PS3 version would have to be noticeably better in important ways to make me get it for the PS3.

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Multiplat games can be a real bitch to decide on which to pick from, especially when it boils down to PS3 and 360. I guess the 360 versions have the advantage of achievements but PS3 games are starting to use trophys so I don't know. Online is probably more popular on 360 but like you said online isn't a key factor for your decision. Just go for controller preference or look deeply into reviews first. When Resident Evil 5 comes out I'll probably go for PS3 since I grew up with most Resident Evil games on Playstation. With GTA4, I looked at both versions for a long time so I flipped a coin to decide which version to go for and it came out with PS3. In the long run though, It's all a matter of preference but it can depend on how well game developers focus on the consoles, and even PC versions in some cases.

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Ive been having this dumb mentality as of late that teh 360s tech is very dated adn that puts me off to buying Multipalt gmaes on it. Like, I always think, well what if the Dated Tech dosent make the game look as good as teh PS3 version? I know its stupid, but tis soemthing im trying to break.

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If your planning on playing online a ton 360, still, not much difference in graphics usually, so why not go with the one that has better online?

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But what about games that dont have ONline? like Starwrs and Fallout 3?

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I buy games based on what platform my friends are playing each game on but if is a pure singleplayer game then I will go with impressions and reviews to help my decision.

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Im honestly jsut considering jsut buying all my multiplats on 360, that way im sure to get the as good if not better version. Except for games that are like SC 4 where I would rather have vader over yoda.

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What makes you think all future games will be better on 360? Multiplat games now have no real graphic difference, so its just about who you have friends on.

But I would buy them all on the PS3, since you should be playing PS3 mroe then your 360 very soon (LBP!R2!KZ2!MS2!etc).