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Like so many other surveys, that I indiscriminately turn down (but not Giant Bomb's), I'm eventually forced to leave untruthful answers in order to proceed due to its insufficient amount of options. They acknowledge quite a few ways one can play video games, but not them all. So when it gets to the "Percentage Questions", you're forced to be inaccurate if you play video games in these other ways (i.e., home arcade cabinets, emulators, etc.). I was forced to abandon all the time I had put into the survey, or answer untruthfully. I tried to "contact us" through the link at the bottom of the page, but unfortunately it brings up my broken Outlook to contact them, so composing the email was an additional waste of time. I only use Outlook.com on PC, and mostly use my iPad for emails. Anyways, I would've loved to give Giant Bomb some feedback, but unfortunately the people who wrote the survey have made the same mistake all the surveys seem to make: force you to answer their way. Every question should have an "other" option.

I've said my peace. Thank you.