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Apparently Soulja Boy is going to crank it with a new handheld device and gaming console featuring:

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I don't even know what some of those acronyms stand for! The listing for the SouljaGame console is even more bizarre as I guess they're using Tomb Raider to advertise it.

This is all extremely bizarre but I'm assuming someone over there is just rebranding Chinese crapware, which is probably fine insofar as that goes, but it's the inclusion of games that other people own that's going to get him in trouble, I suspect. I'd have to assume this is some business manager of his trying to make a quick buck, but it's weird nonetheless!

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This has to be bullcrap. It lists PS Vita, Switch and 3DS. It doesn't even have sticks or a second screen.

I'm tempted to buy one and report back...

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@the_greg: They sell for half the price on ALiexpress

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This looks sketchy as fuck.

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Ace Reporter Patrick "Scoops" Klepek has already gotten on the case.

But yeah, this has to be some sort of illegal, right? Also, the emulation on these things probably isn't that good, right? Weird. So weird.

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Perfect and Fluent

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Hahahaha. I fucking love this shit. There should be a video series on GB that is dedicated to testing/reviewing this trash.

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but will it play braid

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Crank Dat Lawsuit!

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That D-Pad looks pretty good for throwing Hadoukens.

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I hope Nintendo Sega and all the other companies with ™©®trademarks and copyright infringed go after Soulja Boy with a vengeance. Not because this was stupid, but because he was charging 60% above the costs on Wish or AliExpress, he is cheating customers with a product who legality in the US is pretty much ca t& dry infringing. Cheating customers though, that should make people mad not laugh.

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These is a clone console from china and the only reason China can get away with this us because of the laws there. I've actually seen the handheld one before, as weird ass bootlegs are something I am always am amused by. Selling this console in the U.S. is a bag of worms that can and will likely end in million of dollars in lawsuits from major corporations.