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So... after having played this game for about ten hours, I was surprised by just how good it feels. Given the mediocre scores it's been getting I was expecting something much more contrived. Everything from the quest log, to the atmosphere, combat, investigations, cut-scenes and of course the quests themselves just seems fresh. Not necessarily new, but certainly more engaging than your average MMO grind fest. What's more, the game actually manages to be moderately challenging even during the early levels- something we hardly ever see, especially in the MMO genre, these days.

Anyway, sorry if this post is a little short, I just wanted to hear what other peoples' thoughts were on the game itself.

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Come back in another 15 hours

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@Scooper: didn't like it?

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I cancelled my subscription yesterday. I don't think it's a bad game, nice atmosphere and good voice acting, but after a while it got a bit boring for me. At some point it got too predictable, from leveling (well, sort of leveling), to questing and exploring. It lacks a bit of surprise and wonder that an MMO should have. And also, the combat didn't help the game at all.