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#51 Posted by Dussck (1053 posts) -

I don't know if everyone else loves them, but at least I am being in the minority here when I say I hate waypoint icons. I can tolerate them when you created them yourself and when it makes sense to have them in the gameworld (The Division and MGS5 for instance), but often in open world games you accept a quest and it automatically creates the waypoint. It's lazy all around. Lazy design and makes the player lazy. Why even read what the quest is about? Just skip skip, accept and follow the icon. I've seen them in recent Horizon Zero Dawn footage as well and made me cringe.

Some games do give you the option to hide it, but then you are looking for a needle in a haystack since the world isn't designed around those UI elements. From Software does not use them in their games and I haven't seen them in the new Zelda either. In those games you really have to take in the world and explore and makes for a far more rewarding gameplay experience.

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#52 Edited by cikame (2764 posts) -

Street Fighter, i can only play for so long before i start to notice how shallow it is, also have no favorites among the entire roster and dislike pretty much all of the design and technical decisions they made in SF5... though i might not be alone in thinking that.
Final Fantasy, i played through all of 7 when it came out but only remember the final boss fight, so i tried to play it again when it came out on Steam and besides the funny writing i really hate the gameplay, when i got to the part where the game opens up with the world map i stopped immediately, played some of 9 as a kid but fell off, got back in with 13 and while i don't think they're great... i think the 13 series are probably the best FF games, 15 looks pretty bad.
World of Warcraft, back in the day i used to play online shooters with my friends, we were in clans, we had fun together, then WOW came out and every single friend i had turned into a mindless WOW zombie for 3-4 years. I wasn't against MMO's in fact i played most of them around WOW avoiding it on principle as i've never liked the Blizzard style of games, it got to the point that when they finally stopped playing WOW as much i had to re-meet my friends again, "hey, haven't seen you in a while", they still play WOW but only for a couple months in between long breaks, they coerced me into playing it so i did for a few weeks but stopped after i fell asleep while playing due to bordom, which has never happened in any other MMO, it only served to validate how i felt about the game originally, there are far better MMO's out there which fuels my hatred of WOW.

There are more of course but i think those are my big 3 in gaming, outside of games i'll quickly throw Pop and Rap music out there, the two laziest but most profitable forms of music, any soul left in those genres died a long time ago.

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#53 Posted by AdequatelyPrepared (2522 posts) -

@dussck: I think it's a shame when the icons exist in games that could easily exist without them by default. Some games that come to mind are Bioshock (1 and 2), Deus Ex (the new ones) and the Dishonored titles. These all have enough detail in their environments and/or map systems that playing without markers is absolutely possible.

If Prey has these things I'm switching them off.

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#54 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4403 posts) -

Stranger Things. Just don't get it.. like, at all. Oh and Inside. No love for that game like others. I liked Limbo much more, to be honest.

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#55 Edited by dudeglove (13707 posts) -

I don't think the Back to the Future films are entertaining and bore me immensely. Same with Ghostbusters.

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#56 Posted by liquiddragon (3291 posts) -

@alistercat: lol pretty dark. na dude, we all feel the same way ;)

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#57 Edited by glots (4264 posts) -
@maximus_dipplomacy said:
  • PC master race fanboy bullshit

If I'm sticking to the gaming category, this probably wins. Hate is a pretty strong word, but it definitely makes my eyes roll around several times just about every time I see this, especially when it's said outside Youtube commentary, where that type of stuff can (sadly) be expected. Obviously if you mention about it to the writer, you just can't take a joke. Fun times are good 'n all, but if it's really supposed to be a joke, maybe try changing it up a little after having repeated it for the past 5-6 years.

Obviously fanboy wars between any platforms in general are the fucking worst and I don't know how people are still keeping it up to this day. Oddly enough that was never a thing back when I was a kid and was the only guy who owned Mega Drive from my group of friends, while a good handful all had SNES. Maybe it was worse over in the US?

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#58 Posted by soulcake (2706 posts) -

Mega man / Mario. So glad this website has more Bill liambeer combat basketball then Mario 2 video's. Also max tempkin ?

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#59 Posted by BoOzak (2548 posts) -


Everybody loves you? I dont even know you!


I feel like the number of misanthropes rises exponentially every year. But sure, i'm with you.

Real videogame answer though. Nothing. I dont like MOBAs, but lots of people dont. Same with CCGs, they just arent for me.

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#60 Posted by pompouspizza (1556 posts) -

@dudeglove: I grew up loving ghostbusters and watched it recently with my fiancée and didn't think it held up particularly well.

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#61 Posted by pompouspizza (1556 posts) -

@glots: it's crazy that some people are still like that. I was on YouTube yesterday watching a Nioh review and a couple of people were bitching in the comments because someone said something like "have fun with your boring Halo RTS while I'm over here playing the best exclusives."

I don't think my eyes could have rolled back any farther. YouTube comments in general are awful.

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#62 Edited by liquiddragon (3291 posts) -

@glots: @maximus_dipplomacy: I always got the sense that it comes from newer PC converts. I guess I didn't know that many PC gamers growing up but the ones I knew were always chill and didn't discriminate that much. They were on the wealthier side or even nerdier than I was but usually they had consoles too. It wouldn't surprise me if ppl that can't stop talking PC this, PC that these days were the same folks that were yelling PC gaming was dead in the mid-late '00. PC gaming is good and can be awesome but sometimes, you have to go through all kinds of hoops or deal with janky shit. I like to play older games on PC and yeah, you'll probably be able to play them but I expect to do some leg work before hand.

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#63 Posted by TobbRobb (6576 posts) -

I like some sweet things, but in general my bar for "too sweet" is pretty low, so I tend to not like a lot of things people seem to enjoy. The thing that annoys me the most is stuff like sugar in coffee which is terrible and ruins the coffee, banana on pizza, pineapple on anything. Like cmon, you don't have to eat sweet shit every time, savory or bitter is good too. :(

I have a couple of franchises I guess I can see why people like, but I sure don't. Notably stuff like Bioshock because it plays like dogshit, Borderlands because I think the RPG and the FPS parts clash in a really unflattering way and any survival games because they are braindead timewasters. Bethesda and Bioware have shit writers and I haven't liked one of their games since New Vegas and Mass Effect 1.

Phew, being inflammatory takes so much work. I'd take a crack at music/Tv and movies as well, but to be honest I only really actively seek any of those out if I expect to like them, so I don't really see much poop anymore. SyFy in general I could probably make fun of still though.

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#64 Posted by BrunoTheThird (825 posts) -

My girlfriend hates milk. She thinks it's disgusting, haha.

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#65 Posted by ATastySlurpee (646 posts) -

Final Fantasy

Blizzard (not so much their games, but how the are viewed by 'fans')

Call of Duty

Most FPS's




Iron Man 3

Most recently Arrival


I don't hate Nintendo, but man do they annoy me

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#66 Edited by ALavaPenguin (948 posts) -

Final Fantasy 4.

FF4 may be the only of the NES/SNES FF games I actually don't like. I like 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 even to this day, but 4 is a total mess. I have been recently going through all the old FF games. I am playing it now [on the PC remake] to see if maybe I was just crazy for hating it back in the day, however this is the one I am having serious trouble even wanting to get through. The story is fine and all, but this thing is a total gameplay mess compared to these old ones [and that is even including the super weird FF2]. Just a complete mess gameplay wise [A slightly above average story is more than I need out of a game, I need it to actually play well]. I could go on for 20 minutes of all the things broken with the gameplay in this game, but I must go soon!

I mean you can find plenty of people who also think FF7 is a poor game and overrated, but I have yet to see anyone else agree with me that FF4 is a bad game, let alone the worst of the pre playstation FF games.

The best part, is at least once this is over I get to play Final Fantasy 5. A bit more of a simple story, but an actually fun game to play.

I guess this game is a perfect example of how often I don't relate to Brad on games. I love a good story and atmosphere and all that, but at the end of the day I need the gameplay to actually be half way decent [or why am I even playing a video game??] while Brad seems to be overly persuaded just by that alone it seems at times. FF4 just is a total mess in how the core gameplay of the game is.

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#67 Edited by DharmaBum (1747 posts) -

Cards Against Humanity. I've had friends bust this out during get-togethers and it is an immediate buzzkill for me. I feel like it's an excuse for people who don't have a natural sense of humor or who can't hold a conversation to resort to fill in the blank poop jokes instead.

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#68 Posted by ALavaPenguin (948 posts) -


To me this was a funny one time thing the first time I saw it on giant bomb, and then..... moved on. It had a bit of shock value that ONE time for me with watching the guys play it, and then after that 100% what you said afterwards.

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#69 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7091 posts) -

My girlfriend hates milk. She thinks it's disgusting, haha.

She's right. Milk is the worst. The taste literally makes me vomit almost immediately.

Eggs too. Fuck eggs. I don't know why, but every now and then I forget how much eggs make me sick and I'll try eating some only to be harshly reminded. I feel like there was a short period in my life where I did okay with eggs if I threw them on some sort of breakfast sandwich with a bunch of meat and cheese where I could hardly taste them, but one day out of the blue, I tried eating one of those sandwiches and after just one bite and it came right back up.

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#70 Posted by dudeglove (13707 posts) -

@dudeglove: I grew up loving ghostbusters and watched it recently with my fiancée and didn't think it held up particularly well.

I don't wish to beat a dead horse, but Ghostbusters' "success" is because it was seemingly one of those "lightning in a bottle" moments where it was a combination of "hot" SNL stars (who themselves I do not think are all that funny, animal house did way more with much less), a catchy tune, a bunch of other things to create that summer blockbuster vibe that people seem to arbitrarily fall in love with for no other reason than... because that's what it is, and... that's seemingly it? Was there nothing better on at the cinema at the time? Turns out there was plenty good out that year, but also a whole bunch of other crap that people keep bringing up like it was the second coming (like Gremlins, The Karate Kid, and India Jones and the Temple of Doom).

I feel sorry for your fiancee.

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#71 Edited by Flavbot (241 posts) -

Avocadoes. Everyone I know either likes or loves avocadoes, my mum eats them like fruit.

I can't stand the greasy texture and the taste, the mix of the them gives me this reflex that I'm eating a vegetable that's gone horribly rotten and bad and I just gag.

No Caption Provided

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#72 Posted by hermes (2597 posts) -


I really am not a fan of their "find your own fun" kind of game, and I barely stand playing more than half an hour of the broken campaign missions. Because at the time, being an "open world adventure game" meant "being a GTA knockoff", I was convinced I didn't like the genre at all.

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#73 Posted by pompouspizza (1556 posts) -

@flavbot: Avocado is horrible, tastes like soap!

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#74 Posted by KaleFactory (14 posts) -

Chipotle. Everyone I know loves their food but I just don't get it. I'll admit they're convenient, fast, and make you feel better about yourself than Taco Bell but I just find the food very bland. I only get about halfway through before I just get tired of eating it.

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#75 Posted by pompouspizza (1556 posts) -

@dudeglove: I felt bad too because my fiancée had never seen it and I was saying how great it was because I loved it when I was a kid. When it was over, she said it was "okay" and I didn't think it was any where near as good as I remembered it.

Gremlins is okay but I don't love it and I never liked Indiana Jones. I also watched the goonies as an adult and didn't think much of it either.

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#76 Posted by deactivated-5a00c029ab7c1 (1777 posts) -

Game journalist fandom.

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#77 Posted by pyromagnestir (4505 posts) -

being alive

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#78 Posted by pompouspizza (1556 posts) -
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#79 Edited by BrunoTheThird (825 posts) -

"Me reacting to..." YouTube videos. Why the hell do you think I want to look at your facial expressions while you watch the Oscar winners!? Jesus. YouTube is so creepy now.

It's not a million miles from GB talking over vids, but that makes more sense to me.

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#80 Posted by Fezrock (720 posts) -

I generally despise story campaigns that are longer than around 20 hours. There are exceptions, but for the most part any game longer than that is an over-padded grind-fest that long outstayed its welcome; dragging its plot on for too long and lacking game mechanics that make it fun enough to keep going on anyway.

And the games that are worth going longer than 20, like The Witcher 3, usually go well beyond whatever point they probably should've stopped at as well (in W3's case, probably around hour 60; that base game took me 80 hours).

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#81 Edited by LawGamer (1481 posts) -

Edward Norton movies. I know that's technically more than one thing, but everyone I know loves at least one movie he's been in.

I, on the other hand, have never been able to sit through a single movie he's been in. Not one. Not Fight Club, not American History X. Not even Kingdom of Heaven, and I didn't even know he was in that. Something about his acting rubs me such the wrong way that I can't stand it and won't watch anymore.

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#83 Edited by liquiddragon (3291 posts) -

@lawgamer: Primal Fear? That's the one he got known for. 25th Hour? People vs. Larry Flynt? Birdman? Moonrise Kingdom? Grand Budapest Hotel? You don't like any of those? I mean, I'm not the biggest Norton fan but he's been in some good ones.

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#84 Posted by Hunkulese (4225 posts) -

In light of the most recent episode of Game Tapes, an episode that heavily featured everyone's favourite handheld, the Game Boy Advance SP, I decided to dig out my brother's old SP that I used to play and take a look at why I despise this system.

Look at how cool this system is, it folds
Look at how cool this system is, it folds

I never had any problems with the original GBA but was open to the idea of a newer model. All I hear is how amazing the SP is because of the backlight and how the clamshell design was so smart because how could the screen possibly be destroyed.

Play. The. Game.
Play. The. Game.

A system that is designed to protect the screen is literally the only handheld system my family owned that ended up having a broken screen. I've owned every Game Boy at some point in time and aside from losing the battery cover on my GBA I've never had any problems with any other system.

So in order to make this interesting, let's hear about something related to video games that you hate but seemingly everyone else adores.

You forgot to put in the part that explains why you despise it, or do you despise it because you broke it?

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#85 Posted by mezmero (3729 posts) -

Pokemon. I'll say that I hate it in retrospect because at the time of the first US release of the original games I was certainly in on the hype. I didn't get into the whole Pokemon GO craze in the slightest because I could think of so many other things I would rather do with my phone and I'm just not that nostalgic for it. Maybe it's less that I hate it now and more that I'm over it. Or perhaps I never had a penchant for collecting things whether it be cards, comics, or digital monsters.

I think my Chief Beef is that I was such a fan of the anime and ultimately what those games are betrays all the things about the concept that I found rad as hell at the time. For instance the fact that you can only choose 4 moves at a time was a real drag as that series went forward and I realized it wasn't going to change in later years. Whereas in the show as long as you're a knowledgeable trainer who knew your shit you could basically whip out as many different moves as you needed to win. I also think the games are too grindy for my liking anymore. The world in the anime sure would feel dull if you're grinding levels all day instead of getting into fun shenanigans like escaping sinking cruise liners or going to the Poke-salon. Then there's the horrific reality of a world in which training pets to prize fight is presumably the most important thing in sustaining the global economy. Who knows how many underground deathmatch tournaments must exist on the fringes of this society.

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#86 Posted by LawGamer (1481 posts) -

@liquiddragon: Nope, not a one. I mean, I'm perfectly capable of recognizing that those are good movies that have good performances and that people should like them. But then Edward Norton appears on screen and I immediately tune out.

I'm just always aware that I'm watching "Edward Norton Playing a Character" as opposed to the actual character. He's sort of like Sean Penn in that respect (another actor whose movies I have trouble getting through). I think it has something to do with his voice. He's always delivering his lines in this nasally monotone that for whatever reason I find to be worse than nails on chalkboard.

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#87 Posted by liquiddragon (3291 posts) -

@lawgamer: does he come off as a bit snobby, a bit douchie to you? I can totally see that. I also see where you're coming from with the acting but I've gotten to the point where movies are movies and a performance is a performance. I can't pretend like it's not. When you look at it from that standpoint, he is very skillful at what he does.

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#88 Posted by ProfessorEss (7961 posts) -

Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I bought it day one and tried to get into it multiple times. Every single element of that game felt either dated or poorly implemented to me. I still can not wrap my head around what people liked about it.

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#89 Posted by w00master (144 posts) -

The Matrix (yes, the first one). Sure, it has pretty visuals, but besides that it's a cliche ridden disaster starring one of the worst actors ever: Keanu Reeves.

I still don't get the love of that terrible film.

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#90 Edited by hans_maulwurf (640 posts) -

All of the Elder Scrolls Games I played (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim). I liked the opening theme of Morrowind and the first 2-3 hours of running around aimlessly, breaking into all the houses and stealing all the shit. After that I was done with their formula. I never even had much trouble with those games being buggy, I'm just bored to death by how bland and soulless they are.

And Black Ops. I was only ever interested in COD singleplayer, and in that regard I never thought that Treyarch had become the a team.

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#91 Posted by Nux (2890 posts) -

The Rouge One movie. I really disliked it. I thought it was really bad.

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#92 Posted by Toadstool (31 posts) -

Most things related to Star Wars including the games, only exception being Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. For some reason I really enjoyed that game.

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#93 Posted by uhtaree (945 posts) -

Nintendo hardware.

Scripted TV and people talking about scripted TV post-Lost season 4-ish.

Craft beer. Mostly the oversaturation. Every grocery store beer section is now an impenetrable wall of rainbow-colored six packs. I'm not paying $9.99+ for an IPA that tastes like every other IPA, or wasting 10 or more bucks on some crazy style I may hate.


Social Media.

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#94 Posted by Colonel_Pockets (1315 posts) -

I freaking hated Deadpool. Deadpool is not a funny character. For games, I wouldn't say I hated this game, but it definitely wasn't as good as everyone was saying it was. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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#95 Posted by bondfish (142 posts) -

Chipotle, I'd rather have Taco Bell, Qdoba, Moe's, and dare I say it, Fajita Grill over it and of course Mexican Resturants

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#96 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

Diablo 3, even after the changes that were supposed to fix it.

It's just dull and repetitive, the post game that everyone loves is all stuff that most people would call filler or sidequest bloat if it were in the campaign.

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#97 Posted by cornfed40 (608 posts) -

Anime and cheese, in no particular order

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#98 Posted by tyn0mite (142 posts) -

@ll_exile_ll: Yeah I just seem to want to play through the main story of the Fallout/Skyrim type games and call it quits.... and even Fallout I never finished. Just something about the way those games play is extremely off-putting to me.

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#99 Posted by takayamasama (1542 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption. Anime. Anything by Naughty Dog. The Force Awakens.

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#100 Posted by Vasta_Narada (750 posts) -

@babychoochoo: As someone who *really* likes FFXV, my opinion of the story is that it's told like ass but the overall narrative is fine. What makes the story enjoyable to me is that there are a bunch of really good moments throughout and the writing between the 4 party members is really good and human. Some of my personal favorite moments in that game aren't even parts of the main story scenes.