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I'm a premium member and have always tried to watch pretty much all the videos that go up and listen to both the major podcasts, but this week has been kind of crazy on the content front.
I quickly added it up, in the last 7 days (everything after last week's UPF) there has been 19 hours 38 minutes of video and 7 and a half hours of podcasts, that's roughly 27 hours!! That's more than most part time jobs!!
I don't watch Breakfast 'N' Ben or listen to the Bombcast aftershow and All Systems Goku, but that's still a hell of a lot, i still have about 12 hours of stuff to get through over the weekend which i fortunately have off work this week, but i have to decide whether i'm going to watch it all on fast forward or start cutting stuff out.

I haven't totted up previous weeks but it feels like content production is growing more and more recently, how is everyone else managing? Do you skip most of the videos? One or both of the podcasts?
I don't want to have to start ignoring content :(.

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If it makes you feel any better I haven't had time to watch even 1 minute of GB stuff in at least a month. Just pick it up later, you don't need to watch and listen to everything the instant it comes out.

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I started not watching every Giant Bomb thing awhile ago.

Especially when the wrestling content started to be more common and I always disliked it, as well as just not having the time to watch every QL. Also just like...enjoying doing other things like watching a film, listening to/making/practicing music, just going out/hanging out with people or even some reading. A lot of game websites sort of fall flat for me and in general being in "the know" as hardcore as possible for video games just does not appeal to me anymore (I'm no longer 18-24 as of last year hah, when this feeling started to become strong.) That being said there's usually a handful of games that still interest me enough to check out or even buy, play, and finish. GB still manages to be enough for me to be pretty faithful and premium at least.

I always try to catch both podcasts (though rarely the bombcast aftershow), both friday shows, and stuff like Breaking Bad.

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I love Mass Alex, but I missed one week a while ago and ever since, I haven't had it in me to catch up. I'm hoping I'll get inspired soon during a Dragon Quest 11 session and watch a whole bunch.

Point is, this shit happens. It's only natural. I decided a while ago that I would need to curate what I watch on here, or I'll never watch anything else, ever. If it interests me, I'll watch it. If you think 95% of GB content is interesting in that way, then cool. Just... don't kill yourself doing it; or kick yourself for falling slightly behind.

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I've never watched/listened to everything GB produces, even in slower weeks. I could, as in there are literally enough hours for me to do so, I just chose not to. There are other things I want to do with my free time. As a result, I'm very selective with what content I watch/listen to. Only spending my time with what interests me the most.

You shouldn't feel obliged to consume all of the content GB produces or, even feel bad for skipping some features.

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I just watch what I'm interested in and then don't what I'm not. Like, when I asked in the comment sections for Gotta God Hand to get the episodes more often, that's because I think that specific 15-hour game would benefit from getting done in a month instead of three months. It's hard to stay hyped for the audience or remembering the combat for the players from July to November. It's not because I'm starved for content, 'cause GB delivers a lot of hours of videos per week.

I get in both of the podcasts each week, it's easy to just listen to those while doing something else you know. I have started skipping around when repeat subjects come up though. I only have so many hours of talk about local restaurants or whatever in me, I don't mind missing out on those discussions. Same for an hour of talk about the newest Call of Duty. I think you gotta moderate yourself to have the time to watch/listen to the stuff you do want to see. Nobody's got enough time to see everything.

I don't ever skip around in All Systems Goku, that's a podcast of pure gold.

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I don’t have the time. I’m premium, and I’ve watched some series. I saw most of Metal Gear Scanlon (skipped 5), Shenmue (fast forwarded through a lot), some of Beasts in the East (just getting started, skipping around).

I can’t fathom they make all this content thinking that many people will watch it all.

I’d LOVE to see best of versions of these super long series that boil the thing down to 2 hours of key/funny content.

As for ranking of fighters, quick looks, etc. I watch what I can. I’ve seen a bit of unprofessional fridays and less still of mailbag, but some here and there.

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Since Fist of The North Star QL, I have 11 videos I haven't watched yet. I think I'll watch most of those, though besides UPF and Playdate, I might mostly have them play in the background. I think I've given up on God Hand though, game just seems boring to me and I have two episodes unwatched.

Too much videos or not, I'm still excited for Dan's new Goldeneye series.

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I pretty much watch everything, even if I can't get to it right away. I'm a few episodes behind on the Aftermath podcast, and I might not consume everything in the Giant Bomb Presents podcast feed, but I will watch most video content on the site.

I have some stuff to get caught up on this week because, as OP mentioned, there was a ton of stuff this week, and it happened to be the busiest time at work at the same time, so I'd be doing (minimum) 9-9 shifts and not have a lot of free time after work to watch stuff, maybe like an hour or so.

I'd definitely say I'm in the minority of people who watch everything, but half the time I'm just interested in the banter more than the game itself, and there's usually something funny enough to make the vids worth watching (to me anyways).

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I think Jeff gerstmanns pro skater is the best series since Kerbal, but I hate mass alex, skipping mass alex had kept things mostly manageable. Nothing wrong with saving a series for later either.

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This has been a rough couple of months for me, but even so I usually only regularly catch the bombcast, UPF, and to a lesser extent Ranking of Fighters. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, though: it's plenty.

Videos seem sadly bereft of Rorie lately, though! Guessing he's busy with other stuff or maybe on vacay, or I just am missing something.

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I'm way behind on Alex's Mass Effect series. It sounds like you already skip over some stuff you're not interested in. It sounds like you're starting to see this as a chore. Take a step back. Nothing wrong with that.

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I think I've seen every Giant Bomb video from launch through 2015. After that, not nearly as much time to keep up, which I'm thankful for. I have a life now!!!

I still consume a good 70‰ of the premium content.

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I wouldn't sweat it. Around 2016 I became unable to keep up with GB content, and came to terms with not consuming everything. Before then I had been watching and listening to literally every single piece of content from 2008-2015. I don't even have premium anymore. I still enjoy the site.

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Gonna chime in with others that while I used to watch everything religiously I barely watch half of what the crew puts out these days. I don’t watch the aftershow, Breakfast with Ben and I fell off Ranking of Fighters after a while. I used to watch UPF but these days it’s so low energy that I generally skim through the archive during breakfast on Saturday. I stick to both podcasts l, but I enjoy the Beastcast a lot more since it reminds me of the old school Bombcast - and I’ll watch parts of Quick Looks but rarely the whole thing.

Part of it is that I no longer have a job that allows me to sit there and watch GB in my downtime all day, which I have almost none of these days. Part of it is that GB went through some changes that I’m not crazy about. I know it can feel weird to suddenly not watch EVERYthing but with time it will start to feel normal - only downside is that you won’t be in on every single little in-joke that results from all the various content being put out.

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I will watch a good bit of GB. It's really nice to skip something on wrestling, and still be offered other content. It has helped that I have acquired quite a taste for Gotta God Hand. Last weeks was a little weak, but some of them have been quite hilarious (sneaking in a little plug...).

I suppose what I am trying to say is that it's nice to actually have a choice of content. I hope they don't get a little exhausted, but shot gunning is not an unintelligent way to proceed.

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I can't remember the last GB video I watched..... damn YouTube lol

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I haven't watched everything that Giant Bomb puts out since early in its history. If your leisure time starts to feel like a job, it's probably time to cut back.

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My approach to Giant Bomb stuff is now basically my approach to video games: I don't gotta consume it all. I like supporting them cause they were a huge part of my life for a good long stretch there, and if I see something that catches my eye here I'll check it out. Not gonna beat myself up over not being up to date on podcasts or features.

Just watch whatever you want! Have a good time.

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I just pick and choose what I want to watch. Right now I'll always watch UPF (live if I can), Ranking of Fighters, Gotta God Hand, JGPS, and any around-the-office stuff. I'll watch Quick Looks/Playdates/Breakfast N Ben if the game looks interesting to me. Apart from that, I figure I'll eventually catch the good stuff on Best Of or GBi. It definitely helps that I work from home and can put videos up on a second monitor while I work.

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When I was unemployed I tried to keep up with everything. Minus the "Play through a whole game" series. I just don't enjoy that kind of content and there seems to be more and more these days. Now that I'm working full time I really have to pick and choose what I want to watch, but I always listen to every podcast every week.

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Bookmarking this for when the "why is there no content lately" threads pop up in a few months.

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I'm sure the content will slow down, they're just getting too used to the new office.

... Wait.

But yeah, I gave up on trying to watch all of the things years ago. I even dropped the podcasts a couple of years back. Nothing against them, just that the Bombcast is too long to fit into my time anymore, and I weirdly don't actually like gaming podcasts in general save for a couple of niche ones. Now I pick and choose as desired, and other than missing some occasional new in-jokes, I appreciate the content more in general.

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Instead of watching anything to completion anymore, I usually just check stuff out for a few minutes at a time and occasionally longer if something really interests me. Just don't have the time to invest fully into everything here, which is a shame, but that's life. I've also been keeping the podcasts to the what-they're-playing and news sections.

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I don't think they expect people to watch everything.

I must have missed it, but what was all the references to the library and Dan about on the Beastcast?

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I've been lucky enough to have a commute and work that have enabled me to at least keep GB videos rolling in the background, so I watched everything GB produced from the beginning until a couple weeks ago.

Now there's just too much content to watch everything. I'm not complaining at all, it's awesome that GB has grown and has the people to make so much quality content, but I suddenly realized I started to actually stress out about making time for it all. So, after some thinking I started to cut down my screen time to regain some focus on other things, and widened my podcast net to include Waypoint and later possibly some others to get more diverse points of view. From now on for at least a while it'll be just Bombcast, Beastcast and the best of-series for me.

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@barrock said:

I don't think they expect people to watch everything.

I must have missed it, but what was all the references to the library and Dan about on the Beastcast?

It was referencing Dan's scheme of looking at porn at the school or public library so as to stock up reserves at the "spank bank" for later. I have to say, it takes a kind of boldness to openly say something like that.

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So during a busy time of year like this I often end up missing out on content. But that is helpful during the slow summer months when not a lot of new games are coming out. With fewer quick looks and live streams of current stuff to watch, I get to catch up on older content I missed. I also "watch" a lot of their long form stuff while also playing a game on my phone or 3DS. I find it makes for good background noise. Some series I give my full attention to. For example, Mass Alex is something I rarely watch as a second screen. Meanwhile something like Shenmue or Yakuza were perfect for that type of experience since 80% of the time they are wandering around the same handful of areas so I only really need to pay attention for the 20% of the time the game is actually progressing. But I neve watched all of their content. Some stuff just doesn't interest me, and other things are just too long. Some of those long things I do watch over time, while some I just don't.

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It's been years since I kept you with all GB content, and for the last two years I've basically watched 10% of video content. Other than some select series that grab me like xcom or the Sims, I consume 100% of lodcst content (so I listen to the crew a lot) and always watch best of videos.

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The secret is that not all content is worth watching. There are a few things I'll watch every single week, there are a few things I'll skip every week and then I'll watch anything else I'm interested in.

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Watching/listening at 1.5x or 2x speed helps me out.

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Take a step back, take a deep breath, and detach yourself from GB as some kind of obligation. It'll be here whenever.

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I have never watched most of the content that GB produces - I just pick and choose what interests me. The huge range of choice is what appeals to me.

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I work roughly 50 hours a week and still manage to watch all the videos and listen to all the podcasts. If I don't like a video I skip it. Same with podcasts. You should look at it more like they make enough that you don't have to watch everything. Watch what you're interested in and skip the rest. Like the majority of TV.

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4 hour Bombcast celebration why not.

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@dodongo said:

Watching/listening at 1.5x or 2x speed helps me out.


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@cikame said:

4 hour Bombcast celebration why not.

Now, I'm just a dog so my understanding might be a little limited but there is no issue here.

It's like someone having an issue with usually getting 7 scoops of ice cream per week - but this week they got 11 - and they don't seem to know that they don't have to consume them all at the same time.
Cherish the ice cream bombs and save them for a rainy, sad day when there is none.

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There's really no need to treat content on a website as though it's something that's gonna spoil in the back of your fridge.

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I've never in my life felt compelled to watch everything the guys put out. I just stick to shows and videos for games I like and ignore everything else. I'm also at a point now where I think I'm just not going to watch Quick Looks anymore too. And that's fine. GB still puts out a lot and I honestly have a hard time keeping current with the stuff I do like.

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#41 Posted by Ben_H (4195 posts) -

I haven't kept up with absolutely every video since probably 2010 in the Sausalito office. There's just too much these days. I tend to watch GB stuff in batches. Like I'll save up a couple Mass Alex's and watch them while I do something else. For Quick Looks, back in the day I watched them all but as they got longer, it became a bit too much to keep up with every single one, so now I just watch stuff selectively. I try to keep up with all UPFs and GBeast live streams but some weeks I miss them if I'm busy. I also skip parts of the podcasts if it is a topic I don't care for (like anything related to Destiny or No Man's Sky).

Just watch what you want. There's no need to feel obligated to watch and/or listen to everything.

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#42 Posted by Kingpk (1430 posts) -

@cmblasko: It really is hilarious how they just can't win when it comes to this stuff. Internet gonna internet, I guess.

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For a long time, I used to feel this obligation to be caught up with everything, so I detached myself for about 2 months from all GB content. It was such a good decision. I have plenty of time for podcasts so I listen to Bombcast, After show, Beastcast, and still have time for more podcasts. As far as video content though, I usually just stick to Best of Giantbomb, UPF, and then I watch a mix of a bunch of other things when I have the time. Take a step back and realize you don't need to be take in every single thing exactly when it comes out.

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#44 Posted by oldenglishc (1547 posts) -

They don't take things down after a week. Watch whatever you want when you have time to do it. The stuff you've never seen before can come in real handy during a lazy/sick day.

I don't ever skip around in All Systems Goku, that's a podcast of pure gold.

And also this. There's always enough time in the week for this. Even though they hate anime.

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I try to watch every Quick Look and it has been really difficult to keep up lately. I am going through Metal Gear Scanlon as well at the same time and listen to whatever Giant Bomb content via podcasts that I can during the day. I'm a father of three, it's hard.

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Mostly the same story with me, only watch/listen to what interests me. I always listen to the Bombcast/Beastcast but I pick and choose select features. There seems to be an uptick in content over the last year and a half or so probably around when Ben and Abby joined. I'm usually caught up on content now that I cut out a lot of other podcasts, mostly wrestling ones. It's easier for me to stay up on the content since my job is mostly sitting at a desk. Also, I'm happy that the site is getting the re-design, its really annoying to look through old shows.

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Remember when people yelled there wasn't enough premium content :D.

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I understand how you feel. I used to be in the same boat, I’m paying for premium and look at all the content I’m not watching! I mean it’s great at how much stuff is coming out everyday, I a m not complaining one bit. It’s much better to have a surplus than sitting there trying to think of old videos to watch cause nothing new is out.

That being said, when they really started cranking things out I just told myself that I am going to watch what I want, it’s okay if I miss stuff because at the end of the day I pay money to support the guys cause I think their content is awesome, whether I watch it or not. I enjoy the podcasts every week, and I watch the content that strikes me as interesting.

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#49 Posted by reap3r160 (265 posts) -

Yeah I don't watch it all, or at least watch it all when it's released. But this is the primary reason I have NEVER looked back on my premium subscription. The variety/amount of content is arguably comparable to television networks, and I actually enjoy all of it to some extent just because of how likeable the entire crew is.

$50 a YEAR for arguably the same amount, if not more, of quality content as a $40 a MONTH cable subscription is a no brainer.