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#1 Posted by Jam13 (29 posts) -

There have been more than a few games in recent years which I've enjoyed immensely before a spike in difficulty interrupted the flow and caused me to put them down indefinitely. Whether it's a dubious development choice leading to a steeper difficulty curve or my own lack of skill, it's always disappointing that games I really wanted to love end up falling by the wayside.

A few examples that spring to mind include:

  • Salt and Sanctuary - Those bloody skeletons in Hager's Cavern put me right off
  • Shogun 2 - How was I to know everyone was going to turn on me in the end?
  • Darkest Dungeon - I know it's kind of the whole ethos of the game, but I can't take the grind of raising my characters to the top level and then having them wiped out against one giant pig boss thing

Curious to know which games others have had similar issues with and if they have any methods of returning to them. Did you have issues with the games I mentioned above or am I just a wimp?

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#2 Posted by BBAlpert (2539 posts) -

I can't think of any specific examples at the moment, but that has DEFINITELY happened to me a bunch of times.

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#3 Posted by Zevvion (5217 posts) -

It usualy causes me to be more interested in the combat system actually, since I want to learn to best it. I actually create artificial difficulty spikes myself by upping the difficulty mid-way through a game if I am having too easy of a time. Most games nowadays allow that. Which is great. It's a realization moment that the game allowed you to get away with poor play. I won't lie though, in some cases I prefer not to engage with the game's combat to the level it was designed for. DOOM, for instance, is a game I quickly stopped playing on Nightmare because the difficulty that comes from that is one I have absolutely no fun with whatsoever for that particular game.

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#4 Posted by AndyC80 (13 posts) -

Metal gear revengence, a boss battle that required the parrying, which I couldn't for the life of me figure out. Played it like 20 times and came close to beating him once.

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#5 Posted by Turambar (7996 posts) -

@jam13 said:
  • Shogun 2 - How was I to know everyone was going to turn on me in the end?

I hated Shogun 2 so much because of this.

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#6 Posted by Sinusoidal (3327 posts) -

Difficulty doesn't make me quit, mediocrity makes me quit.

The angriest I've ever gotten than I can remember though is the Monaco Circuit Dash Race in 3D Dot Game Heroes. Two hours I beat my head against that shit mini-game before I got a time under 60s. There's a little bit of leeway with mistakes, so you're never quite sure if you've made it or not until you're done. So many times just over 60s. Ugh...

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#7 Posted by Jam13 (29 posts) -

@zevvion: That's a good point too. There have been occasions when I've neglected to up the difficulty when I really should have, and my experience suffered as a result. I remember a few years ago I was playing the first of the new Tomb Raiders on PC whilst a friend of mine was playing on PS3. I was just breezing through it on normal before my mate recommended I up the difficulty. It suddenly became a tenser, more rewarding experience, particularly in the combat. Unfortunately I had maybe an hour or two of story left and I wished I'd done it sooner.

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#8 Edited by rethla (3438 posts) -

I usually enjoy difficultyspakes and rarely ragequit anything because its to hard. Heroes of Might and magic however often times had me banging against a wall of "throngs" which made me quit...

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#9 Posted by Jam13 (29 posts) -

@turambar: It was such a shame for me as I'd been trying to get into Total War for ages but it had never really clicked. Finally got to grips with it in Shogun 2 and suddenly there's this race to the finish section I hadn't expected that took the wind right out of my sails.

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#10 Posted by hermes (2254 posts) -

I had an issue with difficulty spikes and upgrade systems. Like, when a boss requires a certain path of your upgrade system to be beatable. That is particularly egregious in games that motivate you to explore a wide range of character customization but only a handful allow you to complete the main quest (Fallout 4, Deus Ex, Alpha Protocol), but also on games that force you down a path when one skill becomes mandatory, so I hope you spent the entire game up to that point working toward it (Arkham Knight).

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#11 Posted by Redhotchilimist (1539 posts) -

Fire Leo put a hard stop to my Viewtiful Joe playthrough.

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#12 Posted by paulmako (1685 posts) -

@hermes: I know what you mean but I can't remember which part in Fallout 4 does that. Is it having to level up one of the combat skills because of how the main story has some combat bottlenecks? Bethesda games generally are pretty easy because you can just pause and heal and save whenever.

For me I would say Undertale. I didn't rage quit but I found the controls in the boss fights to be really sloppy. The rest of that game and the 'combat in the world' is very breezy. The boss fights had sections where it seemed impossible to not take damage.

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#13 Posted by Bane (707 posts) -

The only game that comes to mind at the moment is Spec Ops: The Line. There's a section where you have to make your way down a hallway while a helicopter is shooting at you. I'm not sure how many times I tried to get down that hallway, but eventually I quit playing and never went back.

It turns out I was being an idiot. I watched a Let's Play of the game recently, and there's a door in that hallway that I kept running right passed. There's an objective marker on it and everything.

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#14 Posted by hermes (2254 posts) -

@paulmako: For me it was forcing me to have high enough intelligence and science to visit the Institute. I am sure there has to be an alternate path if you want it, but that kind of points to my original point. If one built only has to push a button to continue the main quest, while other has to have the right alignment and do a hours long quest to get the right companion (in case you haven't lost it already), then the builds are not equivalent.

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#15 Posted by matmaelstrom11 (24 posts) -

The Warden fights in Halo 5 on solo heroic made me just give up and play on a lower difficulty for those missions.

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#16 Edited by OurSin_360 (4450 posts) -

Didn't rage quit but hand and wrist cramps forced me to quit devil may cry 3, never got around to the easier one they released. Loved that game though but could not play it.

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#17 Posted by liquiddragon (1699 posts) -

Whenever I get stuck, I bash my head against it until I get past it. It's a terrible thing but I get real stubborn and can't accept that I can't get through a fucking game.

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#18 Edited by flagranterror (24 posts) -

Once I "got" how to play Bloodborne I didn't have TOO much trouble with it (except for the Blood-Starved Beast) until I met up with Rom the Vacuous Spider. For whatever reason, I just could not fucking beat that boss. I put the game down for a couple of months and actually finished him off on the 2nd try on the morning of my wedding.

I also tried to beat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos and noped the fuck outta there. Never went back for that one. I finished Gerhman and The Moon Presence on the second try though. Damn you, Rom.

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#19 Posted by Wlleiotl (247 posts) -

Bound By Flame final boss

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#20 Posted by BBAlpert (2539 posts) -

@rethla said:

I usually enjoy difficultyspakes and rarely ragequit anything because its to hard. Heroes of Might and magic however often times had me banging against a wall of "throngs" which made me quit...

This is a big one. I adore HoMM games, but they're not always the most balanced games in the world.

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#21 Edited by CoinMatze (546 posts) -

I "rage quit" REVII on hardsauce mode a few days ago. Couldn't beat the first boss in the attic. I read somewhere that of the 27 bullets you get for that fight you would have to land 24 headshots to make it. I tried kiting and axing after running out of bullets but it's just such a grind and no fun at all. Put an hour into it and then uninstalled the game. Which is a fucking shame because I loved my first play through the game and would love to do a second on hard.

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#22 Posted by OurSin_360 (4450 posts) -

You know what, i didn't rage quite but a boss in dark souls 3 ended up making me quit. The plan was to go back but never actually did lol.

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#23 Posted by simmant (55 posts) -

I may be misremember the details of this, but at some point near the end of the first Dishonered there is a part where the enemies suddenly can respawn. It completely broke the way I played the game and after 1 or 2 frustrating play sessions with almost no progress made, I never finished that game.

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#24 Posted by Glots (2864 posts) -

I can't remember if it was actually hard, but stealing the military jet in San Andreas sure stopped me from continuing that game. The other example that actually wasn't hard but seemed so at the time, was from the first Dead Space where you have to blast some meteors with a turret. Stopped me from playing that game 'till Dead Space 2 came out and I read up on some tips.

I'm fairly sure that there has been games which made me rage quit completely (likely some games I played on Mega Drive at least) but I can't remember any at the moment.

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#25 Edited by betterley (201 posts) -

Its funny you posted this topic now. I just had an extremely frustrating experience with Brutal Legend. Those RTS segments in the second half of the game are completely outrageous. I got to the last boss and realized there was yet ANOTHER RTS segment... By that point I couldn't take it anymore. Which is a shame because the writing and humor in that game is on point. Not the mention the GlORIOUS METAL!

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#26 Posted by disgustoid (32 posts) -

The final boss in Quantum Break. I knew exactly what to do to beat him but I just couldn't execute it. The fact that they changed the rules that were established earlier in the game totally pissed me off.

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#27 Posted by WheresDerrick (164 posts) -


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#28 Posted by Fezrock (204 posts) -

I'm with you OP on Salt and Sanctuary, though I was a bit further along. The Witch of the Lake was just impossible for me to beat, no matter what setup I tried. And because her movement and action is random in a way no other boss is, there's a limit to how much input the player has; a lot of it is just luck.

More broadly, though this wasn't an issue in Salt and Sanctuary, any game that all of a sudden requires me to parry to beat a boss, when that wasn't a mechanic I needed to know before that point, is going to piss me off and probably cause me to quit. I never get parrying right in games; I'm much more comfortable with dodging, or tanking through the damage. This is why I never beat the final boss of Dark Souls.

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#29 Edited by Bfinstad86 (33 posts) -

The Boss battles in Witcher 2. The game goes from being a tactical rpg beat'em up to dark souls and then switches back again. It's a weird tonal shift and made me put down a game that I was really enjoying.

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#30 Posted by squiDc00kiE (453 posts) -

Not the worst example but one that happened last night. Friend begged me to play Undertale. Finished pacifist run and doing Genocide now, I have died fighting Undyne like 40 times now.

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#31 Edited by stryker1121 (2101 posts) -

This is timely as I was getting super salty last night on the last Riddler race from Arkham Knight. To add nut-kicking insult to injury, the race (and subsequent puzzle solving with Catwoman right after), doesn't even lead to you collaring Riddler. Instead, you have to collect EVERY GODDAMN RIDDLER TROPHY to be able to face Riddler in a final fight. Seeing as I have like 50 trophies of 243 collected, this is never going to happen.

Rocksteady is a fine developer and I enjoy their Batman games, but after last night I'm ready to finish up the main story and move on to a new game.

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#32 Posted by LtGrimdark (39 posts) -

Shadowrun Returns. That game actually had two huge spikes in difficulty. The first came in the cemetary fight, the second in what I at least presume is the final mission where you're constantly rushed by way too many cultists and insects. Tried it about a dozen times with various approaches and then just quit.

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#33 Edited by Glots (2864 posts) -

Oh, I somehow forgot about the racing mission from the first Mafia game. I eventually got past it by downloading a save from the interwebs a while after, but before that happened, that thing both made me quit and leave me with a desire to strangle the person who came up with that mission.

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#34 Posted by burncoat (188 posts) -

Capra Demon destroyed me when I first played Dark Souls. I beat Demon's and had only a bit of difficulty with that, so I was shocked that I couldn't do anything about Capra. I was so mad and devastated I put the game away. Only seeing a speedrun of the game and knowing you can avoid him entirely brought me back (I think this is also a reason I really love speedruns). Now I can destroy him easily on a new run, but I think there were a couple of things that made him into what seemed like an insurmountable wall, such as not putting the right points into the right stats.\

Psychonauts has a crazy spike in difficulty at the last level. I can't believe it was never toned down because it feels so different from the rest of the game.

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#35 Edited by BoOzak (1717 posts) -

There was a game called Knights Contract that had fairly lengthy levels and after every boss it had ridiculous QTE sequences that if you failed you had to start the level over.

I usually dont mind QTEs but not when they're that punishing.

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#36 Posted by BrunoTheThird (170 posts) -

Ikaruga, chapter 3. It goes from heart-racing to anus-trembling within a minute. My eyes were doing so much work it felt like waking REM cycles, and my hands said, "fuck this noise," even sooner. One day...

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#37 Edited by DeepSpace9MM (195 posts) -
@burncoat said:

Psychonauts has a crazy spike in difficulty at the last level. I can't believe it was never toned down because it feels so different from the rest of the game.

I was about to say that I've never rage quit a game, but then I remembered the last level of Psychonauts.....fuck.

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#38 Posted by ajamafalous (13397 posts) -

I'm sure I have plenty of other examples, but the first thing that came to mind was a mission towards the end of Prototype where there are helicopters chasing you and shooting missiles at you. I tried it three or four times and then just uninstalled the game; I generally stop playing a game if I'm not having fun with it.

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#39 Posted by Jam13 (29 posts) -

@glots: Oh yeah, that meteor shooting section was absolute trash. I think I had to read a guide to get through it.

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#40 Posted by Jam13 (29 posts) -

It goes from heart-racing to anus-trembling within a minute.

But NOT in a good way?

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#41 Posted by FacelessVixen (1761 posts) -

Diddy Knog Racing back in 99. Fuckin' Wizpig. And bricks were shat when learning about Future Fun Land over ten years later.

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#42 Posted by Tatsuyarr (139 posts) -

Ni no Kuni, start of what I think was the last dungeon.

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#43 Posted by BrunoTheThird (170 posts) -

@jam13: Haha, of course, it's Ikaruga! Pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin, but it's not so good on your brain. I was getting Stockholm Syndrome.

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#44 Posted by ratamero (346 posts) -

Persona 3. Sleeping Table. Never went back to it.

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#45 Posted by Jam13 (29 posts) -

@brunothethird: I've never played it. It's only £7 on Steam though...I'm feeling masochistic so may well give it a go!

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#46 Posted by Jam13 (29 posts) -

@facelessvixen: Despite its cutesy exterior that game was hard as nails. I think my brother and I tag-teamed it to get all the way through

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#47 Edited by PeezMachine (350 posts) -

Darkest Dungeon for sure. The titular raid straight-up ruins that game for me.

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#48 Posted by Zaichik (5 posts) -

Guacamelee. Towards the end, where you have to scale up a big tree (? or building) by constantly switching between the two dimensions, jumping off sides, while also having to use your uppercut to go up inbetween each flip. It was just too damn hard for me.

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#49 Posted by Dixavd (2494 posts) -

Pokemon Red/Blue have significant increase in levels for the Elite Four which I got through because I was a kid with patience and free time. Later when I played Fire Red, lacking that level of patience, I gave up due to the difficulty spike. It wasn't so much a rage quit, as much as boredom over levelling my team up for it - and a disinterest in doing the Sevii Islands they had added in to fill the difficulty spike.

Vanquish, though - I thought that final area/boss had an insane increase in difficulty which I actually did rage quit on.

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#50 Posted by Evilsbane (5561 posts) -

@jam13 said:

@facelessvixen: Despite its cutesy exterior that game was hard as nails. I think my brother and I tag-teamed it to get all the way through

Last year I started blasting through early DKR having no problems crushing the races, got to that first Wizpig race and noped out hard, I forgot what a complete joke that race was holy shit.