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According to an article on Fox Business, Tiger Woods and EA are going separate ways. No specific reason was given for the split. The last Tiger Woods PGA Tour game was released in March of this year, with a Metacritic score (Xbox 360) of 77.

Apparently the games still sell quite well, so I wonder what the reasons could be. Possibly, Tiger's name no longer carries as much clout as it once does, though his temporary lull in his golfing abilities has seemed to turn around. I guess this announcement means we'll never see Cyber Tiger 2 at this point, huh?

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They've got the Masters name now instead, right? If they still have PGA naming rights, then they're still golden... aside from the fact that they can't make a good golf game since 2004.

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Tiger just doesn't matter anymore.

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All they have to say is EA GOLF GAME and that's about it. I bet there are more teenagers who play Madden then know who John Madden is.

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His agent said they're looking for other avenues. I would love to see a 2K Golf game. Or maybe go straight to Sony or some shit. Their MLB game rocks pretty hard. Either way, Tour Play was played out. They're taking a year off, so let's hope for better results next gen. On the PC side, I expect another exploration into online mode by EA.

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@iamjohn: he's still the #1 golfer in the world and the most exciting to watch. It's just a business move, presumably to save money and just use the name PGA Tour 15