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Played a good bit of Titanfall since launch and I can count on one hand people who have had a headset on AND used it to communicate. People don't even trash talk anymore, which I'm thankful for, but people don't talk at all now. I played a lot of Modern Warfare 1-3 and I remember there being a lot of talking. My question is, is it just Titanfall? Or are people playing COD: Ghosts silent, too?

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Titanfall is a pretty silent game. It moves too fast to really try to coordinate any strategy.

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I think it's all multiplayer games now. I think microsoft had it right originally when they weren't going to include a headset in their box. I occasionally use it, but it's mostly for party chat with a friend.

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Titanfall is a pretty silent game. It moves too fast to really try to coordinate any strategy.

Have to disagree with this because of game modes like Hardpoint that rely on coordination. It's almost impossible for me to play that without friends because people don't communicate. When I play with a team of people or friends that actually use their mics, we strategize vocally and almost always win. I have seen others speak on the lack of communicating so far this gen. Both X1 and PS4 owners.

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Attrition and Pilot Hunter don't require a lot of co-ordination apart from maybe asking someone to shoot a pilot off your titan or warning others of a group of players.

Capture the flag and (as previously mentioned) hard point benefit more by wrangling your team.

I'm not sure how things are on the console space anymore but for most PC games I don't hear a lot of voice chat on games that don't have dedicated servers. Often times communities will form around a server (or vice-versa) and people get to know each other and talk more. Sometimes it turns the server into a chat room with guns or everyone is on point, depends on the game and the community.

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@drpeatore: Pretty much this. The only games I use a mic in are Counter Strike (in ranked games and on a single community server I frequent) and DOTA 2. Outside of that I have no reason to use a mic, especially on console games.

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They only time I even plug in the mic is if I am in a party, and it's never about game, just random stuff and catching up. Personally, I rather not talk to people I don't know while playing.

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It seems that how it became after Party Chat was introduced. You hardly hear anybody talking anymore.

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In my very first match of Titanfall I turned the voice chat volume off completely and will never turn it back on.

I don't talk to people when I play online. My friends and I will do a Skype call or Steam call, but the last thing I want to do is hear some shit nuggets who won't shut up while I'm trying to have a good time.

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I'm happy with this, I think voice chat is dumb. There's a reason most people text on their phone rather than call. Text is where it's at, and where it's always been at when it comes to games.

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What would you say? Everyone who talks just says "Fuck you! Oh man that was so shit" or some nonsense. Oh and the goddamn mouth breathers!

You could co-ordinate with people ... like dropping Titans together and mixing up your load outs. BUT the game only lets you randomly spawn and has no squad based play. Plus there's no real classes that need to work together either. In Battlefield 3 I'd spawn on allies and we'd work together (often silently actually). Titanfall I'm often better on my own... the game doesn't encourage team play in anyway.

Sometimes, espcially in online games, silence is golden.

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All I'm saying is that, regardless of the content, people don't talk in Titanfall. I'm just curious as to why. I usually voice chat myself, I never really have. But everyone else used to, it seems. So do we think it's the game itself or people in general? I don't play enough online games to have a pool to draw from.

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@fisk0 said:

I'm happy with this, I think voice chat is dumb. There's a reason most people text on their phone rather than call. Text is where it's at, and where it's always been at when it comes to games.

this is absolutely not true, even slightly.

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@galacticgravy: Outside of noticing I think the game is just OK at best I also have noticed that not many people use mics. Then again, I am used to this as most people don't use them and if they do they are either yelling at their kids or blaring their shitty rap music.

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Titanfall is a good game because (in my experience) most of your team works as a team without even realizing it. I rarely hear voice chat and it really isn't needed.

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I noticed that too, even on the 360. I'm one of the people who will likely mute you and everyone else in the room as soon as your mic lights up, and that doesn't happen often at all in Titanfall. It's certainly an oddity.

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@animathias: That's how I noticed it myself. I have an itchy trigger finger for muting people, but found that I barely ever have to.

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Yeah, I've noticed Titanfall is somehow a bit quieter than other games. I only ever talk with people I've met in person anymore and pretty much mute everyone else, but I've actually had to mute less people recently. Really, I've only had one bad run-in with someone really harassing me, and it was kinda funny and quaint rather than terrible like it can be on the 360.

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Can't talk to other places but here in the uk i hear people talking nearly every game. The bigger problem is that we share servers with the rest of europe, meaning most people are talking in french/german. Making communication impossible.

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The one time someone on my team had their mic on he was a dick who constantly screamed obscenities and kept saying "I just got back from Afghanistan" for some reason. If that is indicative of the level of conversation that would occur, I will gladly take the radio silence.