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Does anyone feel like revisiting the Mario Party Party days? I would understand if you don't, but if you do, here's a video that has some of the best moments from the two times Mario Party 9 has been played on this website. At first I tried to make another one of those videos that compares the crews reactions to playing the same game (which probably shows) but ended up putting some other terrific moments in there as well.

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This is awesome.

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Jeff's "Shit. Guys, we're fucked." and yell always get me. Great video, I like that idea.

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Great video!

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This was great!

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Well, time to watch this then.

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awesome vid, great work!

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Alexis the party god.

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Many thanks for putting that together, Thursday Night Throwdown was fun times.

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Never really watched these but do they like Mario Party or pretend to not like it?

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Never really watched these but do they like Mario Party or pretend to not like it?

Dan likes some of them, but he's said that even for him, 50 rounds are too much.

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Ryan had the correct Waluigi opinion.

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Dan likes some of them, but he's said that even for him, 50 rounds are too much.

I've watched the first MPP a couple times and it always seemed so weird when he starts talking about how, "I love these games but 50 turns is way too long." I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the series - I'm definitely less actively enthusiastic than Dan is - but I've never even contemplated not playing 50 turns.

Of the probably 8 or 9 games of Mario Party I've played, probably 3 of them were solo 50 turn games and the rest were ones we played in our uni house while drinking (also 50 turns). That said, I am also the guy who wouldn't play Civ on anything faster than the second-longest setting at minimum, so... If you're gonna do it, do it right. It's not even that long, it's like four hours. I've spent four hours in far worse ways than playing a terrible game with some friends.

(To be clear, I love their exasperation in the MPP videos - I'm just speaking to Dan the self-diagnosed "enthusiast" saying that 50 turns is too crazy.)

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You are a great human being.

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I'm not entirely sure why, but Ryan being Mario and now Jeff being Mario just feels right somehow.

Ryan throwing shade on Waluigi "while" Dan hams it up in that suit is just perfect too. I really should watch that TNT at some point.

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Well done.

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2:24 to 2:35 is golden. It was really weird seeing MP9 and remembering that old tnt. Seeing brad as wario going down that pipe gave me some serious deja vu at the time.

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"Nobody wins" going back 4 years is very very good.

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Can you find this TNT anywhere online? I'd love to watch some old TNT.

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