Todd Howard song "It Just Works"

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A special meme song for E3 2019, celebrating huge The Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles Bethesda announced this year… did they?

Hope you like it!

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This is easily the most lovingly-crafted Bethesda musical spoof I've seen. It's actually catchy as hell.

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"Is this ska?" - Dan, probably

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Shared this with a some friends, it's great! Catchy and funny, but not particularly mean-spirited.

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huh, this is quite well done.

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An actual Bethesda musical number would be far too embarrassing to watch and filled with people shouting from the crowd.

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"It just works, by which I mean it never works. In fact, it has never worked in the past and we lack the technical/programming/administrative skills to make it work in the future - in short we are all incompenant boobs." ~ Todd "The Coward" Howard