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My Lego Ideas set was briefly mentioned on today's Jeff Gerstman's Pro Skater stream, so I thought I'd post a blog about it!

Hi I'm M. Lee Lunsford, you may know me as the person who did all those Persona 4 portraits of the GB crew, and who did the art that the current GB enamel pins are based on! I also built this Lego set of THPS's Warehouse level... https://ideas.lego.com/projects/d4426c47-e3a2-4a8f-9074-5d94ae31ef97

If it gets 10,000 votes, Lego will make it into a real set (and redesign it to be better than it currently is!)

There's certainly ways it can be improved, consider this basically a rough draft of what might exist in the future. I already have several ideas of how to make it more interesting. Even if it doesn't get all the votes it needs, or gets picked up by Lego, it was still really fun to try and make.

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Looks really nice. The only thing is that it looks a little small to play with the skateboard on it... uh for kids.

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@49th: Yeah, but it's already as big as some of Lego's biggest city sets (uses their same 36x36 baseplate). Any larger and it would be so big that hardly anyone would actually have room to display it.

Also some other people had already tried to make big play set versions and failed to get support, so I decided to just make a smaller display model.

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Looks great ! Don't know how i feel about the THPS logo on the side it feels like wasted space.

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Wouldn't it be difficult for lego to get the rights to this since Activision and Tony Hawk have stopped working together? Really cool project either way.