Turn-based strategy recommendations please

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I'm on medical leave and can't really play fast paced action arcade games as I normally do. I had a great time with Into the Breach but I've wrung about all I can out of it. Can you please recommend another similar turn-based strategy game that isn't too complex for PC? I tried FTL but didn't like that one.

Thanks in advance.

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Recently, Battletech (maybe too complicated?) or X-COM.

If you don't mind going for older games, some of the earlier Heroes of Might & Magic games (2-5) are all pretty fun and not too complicated.

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XCOM, new or old, you can't go wrong with XCOM. And for something that wouldn't normally get recommended, Field of Glory II is currently on sale at GOG and is great.

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Shadowrun (Dragonfall or Hong Kong) if you want a real great story attached to it, Battletech if you just wanna smash teams of mechs together.

Battletech hits you with a lot of daunting menus but it's pretty easy to just learn and play without worrying much about it.

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Pit People is pretty good. You can even play that game Co-Op. Its not complicated at all (whats is kinda good)

Divinity: Original Sin 1&2 are really nice games

LISA, Heroes of Might and Magic V and X-COM are the last things i can think of.

So yeah. Get well!

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I'd highly recommend They are Billions and Total War Warhammer 1 and 2. While they both have real-time elements they allow you to pause the action at any time, giving you ample freedom to play it slowly and methodically. Although as far as I understand Into the Breach is almost more of a puzzle game, isn't it ? Which might be why you didn't find FTL to scratch the same itch.

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I'd strongly recommend Steamworld Heist; it's kind of like a 2D XCOM, set in the Steamworld universe. Not too complicated, but it's tons of fun and I've put about 65 hours into it on Switch, and it's on sale for like $5 on Steam.

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Here's my list - they are all more "complex" than Into the Breach, in the sense they have more mechanics going on, but I don't think they are too hard to learn.

XCOM - both are good, but personally I liked Enemy Unknown more than 2.

Heroes of Might and MagicIII or V - III is the sainted "classic," but V is good too. Avoid the others, particularly the more recent ones, which are all very bad.

Master of Orion II - It's on GoG!

Valkyria Chronicles - It's got some ADS stuff, but it isn't particularly twitch

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@acharlie1377: SteamWorld Heist it is! I can't pass up $5, money's tight right now. Thanks again to you and to everyone else who gave recommendations.

I'm just loading it up now so if you have any tips or hints to share please feel free to as they would be appreciated.

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Aim for the hats!!

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+1 for Battletech.

It is complicated on the surface, but not terribly difficult once you understand the systems. Though I did have some experience with the tabletop version.

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@poprocksandsoda: Definitely shoot for the hats! If you shoot a hat off and then collect it, you can put it on a character later. Also, make sure to check out all the side objectives and non-combat areas; that's where you'll find the other characters you can bring on a mission (I think there are like 7 total).

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Definitely will echo the Heroes of Might and Magic series. It’s on sale on GOG right now for dirt cheap. Best ones are 2, 3, and 5.

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Jagged Alliance 2 and Slay the Spire

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1. Shadowrun: Dragonfall Returns Director’s Cut.

2. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

3. Into The Breach

Divinity: Original Sin 2 would be my real pick, but it can be overwhelming at times.

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Battle Worlds: Kronos and Ubisoft's older Battle Isle games come to mind. Like Advance Wars, they're all homages to Military Madness/Nectaris, so it's fairly simple rock/paper/scissors-ish turn-based strategy with tanks and jets and stuff, mostly on relatively small islands, so most missions can be completed pretty quickly.

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I'll throw world of final fantasy on the list

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Shadowrun Dragonfall is great!

Depending on the genre of story you’re looking for, I’d also check out Banner Saga and Invisible Inc (Austin Walker approved!)

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WarGroove is fun! Play that!