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There's been a lot of discussion about lack of reviews for certain titles but let's flip the script here and list a QL or Review that caused you to run (!walk) to purchase a game.
I can think of a few occassions but one game that was totally not on my radar was Picross 3D. I hadn't heard anything about this game and probably wouldn't have bothered with the QL if it wasn't for bored and a slow night at work. I gotta say that Jeff's enthusiasm for the game peeked my interest. Complimented with the solid review and I was pretty much sold at that point.
Before that it was Pixel Junk Shooter (bare in mind these are titles that I hadn't heard anything about and probably would have missed if it wasn't for GB).

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The Mount and Blade QL and the DA:Origins review both led to purchases.
So basically, whatever Dave likes :)

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The Endurance Run made me a huge fan of Shin Megami Tensei games, I bought Persona 3:FES, Persona 4 and Digital Devil Saga

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I had no interest in Alan Wake really until I saw the QL and thought it looked awesome

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Afterburner Climax QL made me buy it. Awesome game that I simply assumed was a shitty cash in when it came out.