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we talk a lot about "the classics" and games that get everything right, but that's a kind of small percentage of how many games are out there. so i wanted to talk about games that maybe missed the mark, or are outright broken, but had something that captured your imagination despite that.

i'm interested in both the games, at the reason why they appealed to you despite turning off everyone else. and if we could try not to diss people for liking something we don't, that'd be grand.

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I still maintain that The Evil Within was the best game of the year it came out (2014). That is not an opinion shared by many, as far as I know.

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Rush hour 2

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and if we could try not to diss people for liking something we don't, that'd be grand.

I still maintain that The Evil Within was the best game of the year it came out (2014). That is not an opinion shared by many, as far as I know.

Well, I'll try...

I should have at least a few examples for this, but it's starting to get hard to remember all the games I've played after having done so for at least 20 years. Can't think of any from recent-ish years, though. Maybe I'll try again later.

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Dark Void on Xbox 360. I'll agree that game was awful and broken, but I always thought the jetpack stuff was super cool.

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I finished FEAR 3.

Three times.

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@adequatelyprepared: that game's bizarre aspect ratio and remix of resident evil 4 horror stuff interests me a lot. plus you can save at a cat??

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@justin258: oh i can definitely see that. it's not really a good game but it is also a great co-op game. beat it immediately with my brother then have done at least two other long co-op sessions with friends.

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I finished both Homefront Revolution and Battlefield Hardline this year. And enjoyed them. It's very obvious that those games have problems, both technically and with story and game design. But solid shooting and an interesting premise can still go a long way, especially if a game isn't too hard/frustrating to play.

Another one is Alekhine's gun, which obviously doesn't hold a candle to Hitman. But it does have an interesting setting, and since there aren't exactly a lot of Hitman-like games out there, I found it interesting enough to play through the whole thing regardless of its quality. It should also be noted that the hard difficulty in that game did from the start what Hitman only introduced with the recent update: basing whether you can use disguises or not on how (un)bloody you killed someone.

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@adequatelyprepared: I was going to say this. Apparently I found the one person that likes the game even more than I did.

Dude, I don't know what's unpopular or "bad" or w/e anymore 'cause I live in the GB bubble. I'm kinda going by the vibes the staff and ppl on these forums give off. I really liked Lightning Returns and had a great time with the loop of that game. Tomb Raider (2013)? Does that even count? I doubt it. Ton of fun and really liked the Japanese mythical stuff. Closure? Probably not unpopular, just didn't find a big audience. Good moody puzzle game. The Unfinished Swan? Does that count? Love that game. Hitman Absolution? Sure, the linearity is a problem but enjoyable game I thought.

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Dragon Age 2 I guess. That game got so much hate I skipped over playing it completely until shortly before DA3 came out, but when I finally ended up playing it I enjoyed it quite a lot. More than DA1 and 3 in more than a couple ways.

I can understand to a certain degree why old-school CRPG fans who loved everything about DA1 were turned off by the changes, but I couldn't really stand much about the combat in DA1 and only stomached it for the sake of the characters, so I ended up having a lot more fun actually playing DA2, even if it technically didn't have the depth of DA1. But as with most Bioware games it was the characters that made it memorable, and I liked my lady Hawke and Varric a whole lot by the end of that game.

Since then I have stopped paying much attention to what Bioware fans think.

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Bioshock Infinite.

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The ones that tend to come to mind, that I actually have quite a bit of love for aaaaaare. Mafia 2, the 08 Prince of Persia and the original Witcher game. Maybe those are more divisive and less unpopular or bad, but I definitely see enough dislike for those games thrown around to feel like a minority.

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@whatshisface: You mean the game that has a 94% on Metacritic and was #1 on GB's community GOTY list?

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My roommate, some of our friends and I absolutely love Capcom's Soccer Shootout for the SNES. It's a fantastic arcade soccer game with a crazy fu soundtrack.

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I love the multiplayer castlevania game, got about 100 hours between both platforms.


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I finished Bullet Witch 3 times. No regrets.

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The only game that comes to mind is The Witcher 1, but that's not even close to unpopular just got a whole bunch of negative opinions from people mostly playing it after hearing about or playing The Witcher 3. It is an incredibly janky game that I find hard to recommend to people, but I absolutely adore it.

I still maintain that The Evil Within was the best game of the year it came out (2014). That is not an opinion shared by many, as far as I know.

I wouldn't say it was the best in the year, but it would've been in my top 5. 2014 was a terrible year for games. Difference is I played it only last year without all the launch issues (bad framerate, letterboxing etc) but I enjoyed it a lot.

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@whatshisface: You mean the game that has a 94% on Metacritic and was #1 on GB's community GOTY list?

People liked that game for about 2 weeks after release and then suddenly everyone turned on it real hard. I don't know what the fuck happened but I still love that game.

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Dragon Age 2: The game absolutely had issues and felt very rushed, but I love that it's an rpg about a person trying to make a life in, and defend, their new home and that it is told over the course of years, rather than the usual globetrotting save the world stuff.

Breakdown: Played like shit, but had a cool sci-fi story and committed to the first person perspective like nothing I'd ever seen before or probably since. That game had the balls to permanently remove your HUD about 2/3 of the way in for plot reasons.

.hack: Again, didn't play great and having to buy it four times was kind of a ripoff but it got its hooks in me. Having each game come with an anime episode that told the story of what was happening outside of the "MMO" while the game took place inside was neat.

Psi-Ops: Dunno if this counts. It wasn't popular enough to get a sequel and I hadn't ever really heard people talk about it until recently, but it sounds like a fair number of people liked it a lot. Couldn't tell you a thing about the story and the last level or two were trash, but damn that game was fun to play.

Probably a lot more that I'm just not thinking of, too.

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Resident Evil 6, Dragon Age 2, The Evil Within.

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Bionic Commando by Grin. It is, and I'm being completely serious, one of the very best games ever created. 10/10

You don't have that ultra-satisfying swinging mechanic anywhere else!

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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom took hundreds of hours from me. hundreds.

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Alpha Protocol. I won't even attempt to defend the shooting and other "action" elements of the gameplay. But damnit if the dialogue and branching decision system isn't one of the best ever. I wish someone would take another crack at the contemporary espionage RPG, Deus Ex is closest but now those are being shuffled off the board for Marvel stuff.

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@adequatelyprepared: I loved Evil Within. Didn't get a fair shake on account of the aspect ratio/frame rate lock (which never bothered me anyway).

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Duke Nukem Forever.

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@warlordpayne: I'm right there with you on Psi-Ops. Definitely not a bad game. I think people just didn't know about it, even though some game magazine did like a whole guide on it IIRC.

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@beachthunder said:

@whatshisface: You mean the game that has a 94% on Metacritic and was #1 on GB's community GOTY list?

People liked that game for about 2 weeks after release and then suddenly everyone turned on it real hard. I don't know what the fuck happened but I still love that game.

Was that everyone or a vocal minority? Also seemed to happen more here than anywhere else. I remember one of GameSpot's first double reviews was that **** or a dude giving it a secondary score of a 4 because 'it wasn't how he would have made it' and I remember most of the comments reflecting what a bullshit review it was perceived to be.

I love BioShock Infinite. It's one of my favorite games of all time.

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I am firmly of the opinion that Space Harrier II is a classic, though I will acknowledge that the first game (the arcade version anyway) is superior, I still prefer the second.

Sexy Parodius is the greatest side-scrolling shooter of all time. The sound track is mind-blowing. The synth-sax in this track is awesome!

Loading Video...

I used to get drunk and MAME the shit out of the arcade version in university in the late 90s. MAME never quite emulated it correctly (still didn't as of a year ago or so - the last time I played) but did a decent job. I 1cced it eventually.

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Teenage mutant ninja turtles for the NES, maybe i won't like it so much now but i loved it as a kid.

Anarchy Reigns, seemed the popular opinion was this game was bad but i thought it was one of the best multiplayer games i have played

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7th Legion. That's an RTS with broken pathfinding and issues with basic mouse input (that has gotten worse with the years since a command menu that's supposed to pop up after you hold down the left button now pops up instantly, probably because it's tited to CPU cycles or something), but I absolutely love the music and general atmosphere in that thing.

Loading Video...

And I don't know, people keep talking shit about C64 and Amiga games in general, but give me a choice between a NES and an Amiga 500 I'd take the Amiga any day (unless that NES includes a copy of Mr Gimmick which I could then sell for way more than it'd cost me to buy both a C64 and Amiga).

I also have a bit of a soft spot for Daikatana.

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Recently I liked mafia 3, I thought the world and the combat was pretty satisfying ^_^ other than that, I liked KOTOR 2 an awful lot, I thought they did some pretty interesting things with the star wars universe. One of the most underrated games to ever come out on the ps2 was downhill domination. The sense of speed in that game was great 😄 I-Ninja was also pretty good to!

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Chromehounds. That shit was awesome and WAY ahead of its time.

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I bought The Order 1886 for $20 and thought it was pretty damn cool. Looking forward to the sequel. Might even pay full price if they've put together a better value proposition.

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Any game with a good story/bad gameplay mix I find to be highly entertaining to watch someone else play; like the Pulitzer Prize winning Ride to Hell for instance.

@oursin_360 Anarchy Reigns is pretty well regarded.

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Volition's The Punisher is the peak of video game comic book adaptations. No other game does as good a job of making you feel like the comic book protagonist it's based on.

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@spoonman671: I'm shocked to hear they're making an Order sequel.

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@adequatelyprepared: Hmm. There aren't many games that have been as divisive in recent years as The Evil Within. If I'm looking for some spooks to play this October, should I pick it up for cheap? It'll likely be $10 or so by this fall, I'd imagine.

@berniesbc: They're....they're what?!

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@adequatelyprepared: I loved Evil Within. Didn't get a fair shake on account of the aspect ratio/frame rate lock (which never bothered me anyway).

That game was a technical mess but it really went for it which I appreciated. I think the game gets shit on around here more than most places. It isnt anywhere near "outright bad".

Duke Nukem Forever, Devil's Third, Ride to Hell: Retribution, NeverDead now these are some shit games. (that I enjoyed..)

I also like Metroid Other M, which I dont think is bad but it's most definitely hated.

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I've put way too much time into Civilization Revolution 1 & 2, which is heretical to say as a mainline Civ fan. Still, a version of Civ I can play without spending 8 hours per game? Count me in.

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Two Worlds. The voice acting and script were the perfect kind of comically bad.

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I really enjoyed Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Generally I think most folks regard Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 with highest regards, and others still might mention the NeverSoft PS1 games and Ultimate Spider-Man (which are also great games, especially USM), but I really fuckin loved the combat and traversal stuff in Web of Shadows. Story-wise it was kinda cool too, if not the most original. Symbiote stuff, but you get to do fun things like fight a symbiote Wolverine and all that. Really dug it, and still sometimes load it up to swing around the city.

Dragon Age II is a game that I remember more and more fondly the more I think about it and the years go by. That's probably just distance from the bad stuff (repetitive locales chiefest among them, even though it makes story sense some variety would be nice). People bring up the spawning enemies but I couldn't care less about that in particular. Spawning enemies in a video game, my god. Sure the first one didn't necessarily have that, but it's not a big deal. Really love what they did with the story though.

It's just such an odd thing to do. Basically tell three stories across three different times in your characters life, building up characters and the world around you until the stuff that's been simmering on the outskirts from the start (and from Origins) boils over spectacularly. Meredith invoking the Right of Annulment still stands as a great video game moment for me. And yes, even Anders' somewhat compromised part in that was great. Your party felt like actual characters with influence and intent, rather than dolls for you to command in combat and dress up (and bang). The combat's definitely less engaging than Origins though, I'll not deny. If I were to go back to play any Dragon Age game it'd still probably be Origins, but I really enjoyed Dragon Age II, and still look back on it fondly.

Remember Me is more a game with middling reception that I really loved, as opposed to something more hated. I suppose Web of Shadows was in a similar boat in terms of reception, as opposed to being quite reviled like DAII, but I enjoyed Remember Me significantly more than WoS. The combat's simple, yeah, but it boils down to being more puzzle-like than dextrous. Do the right combo on the right enemy type, balancing the enemy groupings they throw at you. Certainly at some point Arkham style combat boils down to that, but I found it far more front and center with Remember Me. The story was also really interesting, with the few memory alteration sequences being a highlight. There's not really any player choice to consider (they're another bit of straight-forward puzzling really), but narratively changing someone's memories of a past event to immediately turn them into an ally is a hell of a thing conceptually.

I also really liked Mass Effect 3, which is a weird one in terms of reception. Suffice to say I thought the original ending perfectly acceptable and the DLC incredibly frustrating after-the-fact. Javik I thankfully got with the game for my playthrough (and I really only play BioWare games the once, so most DLC ain't content I've ever engaged with), but that DLC that completely sets up the ending reveals is exactly the sort of thing that you'd think obvious to include in the final act of your trilogy. Sure, it's a bit of an exposition dump, but after all that set up and grandstanding about the big bads that sort of thing is almost a necessity. I say almost because like I said, I managed just fine without it, but goddamn if seeing GB play through that on GotY stuff didn't annoy me that moments key to the overarching narrative were relegated to a piece of optional post-release DLC. And the same goes for Javik, which was day one DLC. Ugh, I sure don't miss those days of digital passes and shit. So maybe some reservations with Mass Effect 3 lol, but still, I enjoyed it.

Assassin's Creed 1 is still probably my favourite proper Assassin's Creed. I suppose it's cheating a bit to consider Black Flag different enough to stand apart from the rest of the mainstays, the former of which I'd say is definitely one of my favourite games period, but whatever, call AC1 my second favourite then if that bothers you. Assassin's Creed one actually delivered on the open world, hide in crowds, parkour or die sort of stealth. To the point where it stood out as it's own subgenre, among Hitman and stuff like Chaos Theory. It's the only AC game where I planned my approach and my escape and could then execute it without interruption (most of the time) by the game. After that the whole series became much more reigned in in terms of mission design.

I also really, really enjoyed the story and its twists and turns. It's kinda funny that it's kinda the only AC game where their upfront disclaimer about multiple faiths or whatever felt understandable was the very first game, and then they kinda just put it in every game after. In any case, the world they built in AC1 felt far less comic-booky than it's immediate follow-up in terms of the Templar/Assassin conflict. Assassin and Templar felt more like blurry ideological lines than stringent orders, which is a portrayal I've yet to see them make good on (though I'm currently playing Unity, and it's seeming like they might try to go there here; also AC3 tried that a bit but then gave up at the end). So yeah, tense open world stuff and a great story about hypocrisy and idealism. Altaire was also great. Yep, he was totally as asshole in the beginning, and that's kinda the point. Exceptional young and brash Assassin gets taken down a few pegs to learn humility, and through the ensuing investigation finally takes to the tenets of the Assassin's creed. Simple but just as well effective. It's also a story that came at me at a particularly relevant time in my life, and seeing some of those ideas I was elsewise engaged with reflected in this video game was especially intriguing.

Those seem like the big ones. I suppose there's also Battletoads & Double Dragon, which is fuckin rad. And I definitely don't consider any of those games bad. :P

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@spoonman671: I'm shocked to hear they're making an Order sequel.

This is news to me as well, only found some speculations with a quick googling.

I guess I could mention The Order 1886, now that it got mentioned. Although I'd say I liked it, more than enjoyed it. It was still a disappointment by being too short, having one too many of those "playable cutscenes" and some lame stealth sections, plus doing that terrible boss recycling. I guess a sequel would be ideal in this case, because there's only room for an improvement.

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For me, it's No Man's Sky. The criticism for this one was savage, loud and all-encompassing - but it became one of those simple games I ended up loving because they let me just forget about everything else. I suppose had I followed its marketing closer, I might have ended up on the side of the critics, I suppose I ended up liking it for the very same reasons many disliked it.

Journey is another game that fills the same role for me, however it is critically and universally acclaimed.

And then pretty much any game containing the words Earth Defense Force. They are the most "video game" things in existence, and the budget is nonexistent. All you do is run around and shoot giant ants. It's like something meant to parody a game, taken right out of an episode of ReBoot but playing it co-op is the most fun I ever had on my PS3.

I have a few games sitting sort of in the middle, not really well liked or hated, like Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. That one is surprising because as a huge Tolkien fan, and fan of the films, the forced LOTR plot tie-ins make me cringe so much, but the gameplay made me keep playing. I don't have high hopes for the new one, though.

And then Mass Effect 3. Now, putting it out there, I didn't like the ending. It wasn't that it was a bad ending, it's that it was a video game ending. The video game industry is really bad at sticking the landing when it comes to endings. They always feel tacked on, and I think that just tripled when people were expecting something crazy after three full games. I suppose this is why The Lord of the Rings has about half a novel worth of words tying up loose threads at the end of it all. Surprisingly, what kept me playing the game? Multiplayer. I expected a tacked-on waste of time (which many devs including EA kept doing back then) but I spent more time playing it than I did the single player story.

Reading everyone elses takes on different games from bad to middling, and especially the controversial ones - I kinda feel like this thread is an argument to revive game demos. Because a review gives you someone elses opinion, instead of giving you a taste and letting you form your own. It seems like a lot of us tend to break from the mold set by aggregated reviews and criticism from time to time.

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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

A game that that totally broke from series tradition, is unreasonably difficult, and created the fucked up save system that we know and love from Dead Rising. I love it to bits.

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I thought Arkham Knight was a fantastic game top to bottom. I guess it had pretty shitty technical issues at launch, but I played on PC after it's been patched and it was fine for me - in fact I'd go to say it looked and ran great considering the scale and detail of what it is rendering.

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Dragon Age 2. The Order 1886 was OK. No Man's Sky.

Akrham Knight and Arkham Origins are great, though Knight is much better than Origins.

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@adequatelyprepared: I mean I think it's way better than people say it is, and it presented a lot of really unique artistic flourishes and gameplay concepts.. but BEST game of that entire year? Ehhh.