UPF Giveaway - 3/22/19

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Hey, leave a comment for a chance to win!

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hey it's some stuff and these are small but i'm too lazy to change it

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I want the broken troll

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That troll is awesome.

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In it to win it!

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Hi, if i win give it to the person below me. unless it's that hot magazine ad.

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Definitely not broken?

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I want that statue

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Ok sure.

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I'd like to participate in the GB office cleanout

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I'm leaving a comment.

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Give me the broken troll.

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Oh sure why not, I could use more trolls around the place.

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I enjoyed this game!

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Sure, why not. I've always wanted my own troll. I hear they're very powerful these days.

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It's a very prismere troll

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Look out for them trolls

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I love notebooks

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#22 Posted by BestyHammar (96 posts) -

If I win, I personally will Greenlight Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol 2. : ) Thanks duders!

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Ya gotta pay the troll toll!

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I just want to be included

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@rorie: comment troll love that game.

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Troll me baby!

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That troll statue is exactly what I need for my statue collection! Gimme gimme gimme PLEASE!!!

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This is a comment for a chance to win!

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trollin trollin trollin

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#30 Posted by OddParticle (69 posts) -

I'd like to take that troll for a stroll to see Lance Stroll drive around a knoll to meet a gnoll.

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#31 Posted by nishantarr (2 posts) -

Hi, I'd like to help clean up the GB West office. Book over bogre.

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#32 Posted by Salo (1 posts) -

Why not.

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#33 Posted by borstalshark (7 posts) -

I just happen to need a new notebook!

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I rented Kingdoms of Amalur from Gamefly a long time ago.

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troll me bro!

please and thank you. (Canadian eh)

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#37 Posted by TiaoSasuke (35 posts) -

I would like the statue!

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Shoot! I didn't realize Kingdoms of Amalur got a swanky figure, I loved that game! Epic troll!

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#40 Posted by Datajack (160 posts) -

Tossing in my ticket.

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#41 Posted by Pudge (1265 posts) -

NO Trolls Aloud

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dreamed gb west got shut down and jeff and dan were jumping up and down legit actually extremely excited to work in the same office together again

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Looks neat!

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Love the weekly giveaways. :-P

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Hello, I'm leaving a comment.

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As long as this is officially approved by Rich!

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Do I have to pay the troll toll?

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