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I need a good chair for my office. Anyone know what kind they are using on UPF now?

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Whatever they are don't get them. They will for some reason attract random weirdos on the internet that will complain that you did.

Seriously though I don't know but damn it's an awesome desk

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Honestly, just from watching the UPF, I have no idea... but they look similar to something like the Office Master OM5.

@unastrike said he might post a link to them somewhere but I haven't seen it.

I also agree that the new set looks rad.

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You know what would look even radder in front of those desks?


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It's probably a bit costly unless you, know you, actually host a news/show broadcast. You can enquire to purchase it here.

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'Modular News Desk', lol. What is going on with my GB? Lookin' all successful and fancy, and way too professional. :/

Oh well, by the end of UPF I didn't mind the change and it looks to streamline the shots of everyone while games are played. I'm guessing Jan's very cool w/it all.

Oh and the chairs can't be Herman Miller can they? Pricey chairs if so, but by all accounts really great.

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@jaymii: What the fuck is the deal with the scam-ass looking 3D models and compressed-to-heck pictures they have up? It's setting off some serious alarm bells in my head, like a product that looks real enough but not quite right, and then next thing you know your CC info has been jacked.

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You know what? I'm glad they made the change! I definitely think it would be nice to have a couple of chairs to put in front of the desk for guests, but definitely an okay change!

Nothing will be as good as the chair they had to fumigate surrounded by the costco Gatorade tiger... But really, what will be?Those days were just hella crazy, but they just can't do that these days as they have a little more of an operation to maintain!