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Ever since the the site was rebuilt, I've had difficulty looking through reviews that users put up on the site. Before, there was tab you could click on in the reviews page. The "user activity" page doesn't help either because it seems to show only a couple of hours prior. Does anyone have suggestions?

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I've no idea how we can browse through the reviews of people we don't follow on the site other than through the Community Spotlight, but if you turn on your notifications in your settings, you can see the reviews of people you follow when they post them. Hope this helps!

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Yeah, there's a "User Reviews" filter in the activity feed, but that's broken. You can go to game pages to see all of the user reviews for those games, or go to a user's profile page to see all the reviews they have personally written, but as Sparky said the Community Spotlight is probably the best place to see a summary of all the new user reviews.