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Today is Valentines Day, so what does that mean for us gamers?

Let's start with the word Love. Noun; an intense feeling of deep affection. Verb; feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone). Someone? Why not something? Today is a great day for gamers of all shapes and sizes. Single or in a relationship. What's that little Timmy? You're short, fat and single? Here's a videogame and some chocolates! When I was a little kid my Dad would get me a videogame instead of chocolates like my Mom on valentines day. What an awesome thing. A videogame to show someone you love them. Sounds great to me. I love videogames. Wait a minute I thought we said I couldn't love something only someone? A videogame is a thing right?

I'm sure we all have seen the movie or read the book (yes there was a book) Fight Club! But do you remember In Fight Club the character Tyler Durden talking about how the things we own, end up owning us? It's true isn't it? We take care of the things we own and care about them like they are controlling us. Like videogames. We keep our favorite games protected. Not letting a friend borrow it, not knowing if he will leave fingerprints or scratches. (unless you own it on steam, then its pretty safe. But for dramatic effect lets say all games are discs for now.) We play this game over and over and tell all our friends about it. We get hurt if they say something bad about it. Even tho we have nothing to do with the game or its development. There is that deep affection. We care about that game soo much. We love it.

Last year with a full-time job, living with my girlfriend (she plays videogames, score!) and other adult priorities, I became distant to my games. I found less time for them. That love faded. I got older. (have some grey hair to prove it) Every gamer ever, has this attachment to videogames. That love. It's not like loving someone, It's truly something different. I have had many talks over the years among both my male and female friend gamers about would you rather give up videogames or sex. Now most of us would say sex, can't live without games. And I agree. Now im not saying I would give up a girl for games. I much rather be in a relationship with a girl then a videogame. But I could live without sex. What about you?

I love videogames. I love them a lot. Today is about love (and people selling you stuff to make tons of money) We all have our favorite game. That one close to our hearts. Grab it right now (after you finish reading this) and play it. Remember why you love to play games, why you started, your favorite moment, your first time. (creepy winky face) I know I will be playing one of the games I love today. (I will not tell you) And then later I will go out on a date with a beautiful woman. (the previously mentioned girlfriend did not work out. sadface) I will give her flowers, chocolates and a nice time out. Only I and well all you reading this, will know that I love something else.

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Excuse me while I go smother HK-47 with a bunch of dialogue, as per your suggestion. :)

Maybe I'll walk away with a bit of meatbag tonight... you never know.