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Half life 1 is still my favorite valve game. 2 was great, and so were the portal games though.

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im gonna say half-life 2. i still havent played episode 2. but wouldnt half-life 2 and all its episodes count as one game?

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Portal 2? Nah son, don't be crazy.

Day of Defeat clearly takes it.

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@Clonedzero: I would say the quality differential, non free nature, and release date differences would make them different choices

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I would say Portal with Half-Life 2 coming in at a close second.

I bought Portal without knowing almost anything about the game and was just blown away by it. While Portal 2 might be a better game, the impact the first one had on me was amazing.

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Half life 2 episode 2, for sure. Best mix of story and gameplay they have done

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Best game? Half Life 2. Personal favourite? L4D 1 & 2.

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I take the Half life 2 games as a whole, so its pretty easy decision. Personally I think playing Portal 2 is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had and is probably the first game I will recommend anyone who talks shit about video games, but find it hard to qualify it as one of the greatest games ever (I found both protal games incredibly easy). I think Half Life 2 is a way better game. Half life 1 is very close to Half life 2, but I think the face animation and story of the second + gameplay and the cool stuff you do in Episode 2 makes it better than the original.

Also Dota 2 is fantastic, its like Dota but with modern UI and Valve's charm (the little humor with the character speeches and animations are fantastic)

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Where's Ricochet?

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Episode 2, no question. I'm not saying that Half-Life didn't have a deeper impact on me because it had a seemingly astounding scope for its time, and Half-Life 2 was an equally amazing step forward, but Episode 2 is a culmination of the evolving game design philosophy at Valve. It's a showcase for what they've learned, and an example of their best work.

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had to go with portal here. it was just so odd and original when it came around, and had such a strong impact

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Where the fuck is Ricochet?

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I hit TF2 when I meant Potal 2. I love me some Half Life but Portal 2 had some of the best story telling ever in a video game. it blew me away.

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Team Fortress 2 followed by L4D 1/2 as a close second.

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I choose the Orange Box, then Portal 2, then Half-Life.

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Depends, most popular? Counter Strike/Team Fortress 2. Most highly praised, Half Life/Half Life 2. Revolutionary, Half Life. Take your pick, they've made their share of amazing video games.

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im probably alone in thinking TF2 isn't that great. like its not a bad game, it just feels dumb. ya know? i've loved everything else valve has done. i could never play a match or two of TF2 before thinking "meh, this is dumb, im going to do something else". i just find people who play it for hours and obsess over the hats and stuff to be crazyyy

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You cant put all the Half Life Episodes as separate choices.

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@Flacracker said:

You cant put all the Half Life Episodes as separate choices.

I think he totally did.