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Online fighting games have been a thing for a long time now, but it seems like the developers of these games like to pretend that the community is somehow not a toxic cesspool of assholes with fragile egos. The matchmaking systems in most of these games are just fucking infuriating. I'm so tired of guys quitting towards the end of the match when it's apparent they are about to lose and getting off scott-free while taking your loss like you should is punished. Annoying as all hell.

Yet Capcom and some others have basically setup these punishment free systems that allow these people to get away with either unlimited disconnects or a certain number per hour. Why not just give the win to the person who didn't quit and a loss to the person who did? Simple. You might have the odd time here or there where someone is unjustly punished because of this, but given the percentages of these situations why even care? I'd be willing to bet for every legitimate disconnect there are probably 20 or 30 rage quits. It's ridiculous. The leaderboards in these games mean less than nothing as a result. Or hell, why not just ditch ranked mode entirely?

Okay...... that feels better. Just needed to vent after having 4 people rage quit on me while playing Hyper Fighting. Kind of lost it when a guy who had beat me in a few previous matches rage quit on me when I finally won one. Sorry for the rambling just needed to get it out there.

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It does suck, but you have to remember not to take the match so seriously. Your record in online fighting games rarely reflects your skill as a player. Treat a disconnect as someone pressing pause and walking off in a tournament. The fact that someone can't take a loss online tells me that they don't have the capacity to get better.

I have a friend who is really good at fighting games. There have been times when I went 0-50 against him! It is those losses that push me forward though, not the wins.

I do wish that developers would implement a paid subscription service that was aimed at serious fighting game players. Most online platforms blend casual and serious FGC players... And I personally believe that doesn't work for anyone.

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It always helps to take it like someone just flung their controller across the room and gave up in frustration, and have a good laugh at it.