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It's weird, but not being able to fully control the camera when in a vehicle makes it hard for me to go back and play Vice City. So when I feel like going back I almost always go back to San Andreas.

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No GTA III love? :(

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San Andreas was half assed. Vice City though was solid.

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Man alive, I love Vice City a lot more than San Andreas.

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Enjoyed San Andreas more, it was all about keeping it real, a theme I can relate to.

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GTA III. Vice City had blinding sunsets and some terribly handling vehicles. It might have had more to do, and a great soundtrack, but the terrible cars made tooling around way less fun. San Andreas had too many RPG elements, I got seriously wrapped around the axle maxing all that out before I progressed the story. So I gave up before it got going. Also 3 had a bad-ass opera station.

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Vice City's map is just too boring to be fun. You know what I want? Long, flat straightaways. Yup. Then you have San Andreas, where there's winding mountain trails, the hills of San Fierro and the desert rock formations of Bone County. Also, San Andreas had a more diverse soundtrack, even though I know the 90's were exactly that, for the music industry.

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San Andreas was too big, and too Sims-like for its own good. Vice City, though, was just perfect. And that soundtrack...

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San Andreas is easily the better game, but my personal preference of tone and setting would be Vice City (but the Vice city characters, specifically Tommy Vercetti, were kinda dumb).

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No contest Grand Theft Auto: Vice City automatically win easily! it's my favorite one in the franchise, i'm a really big GTA fan ever since GTA 2 on PC,PS1 i really didn't like San Andreas it was the worst one for me it was just boring i know i'm probably the only one who didn't like San Andreas at all and i'm a bit sad that GTA V is going back to San Andreas = (

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Vice City had a much better story, setting and style.  The whole 80's thing really worked for me.
The scale of San Andreas was ridiculously impressive, especially for its time.  I just don't think it was as good a game.

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Vice City by a wide margin. Better setting, style and characters. Better music as well.

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I enjoyed Vice City a lot more. I found the story a lot more interesting.

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@WinterSnowblind said:

Vice City had a much better story, setting and style. The whole 80's thing really worked for me.The scale of San Andreas was ridiculously impressive, especially for its time. I just don't think it was as good a game.

better story? it was the GTA 3 story with a protagonist that had a voice :/

San Andreas is clearly the better game, not because of the scale or whatever, but it had much better characters (Toreno, Truth, Smoke, Woozie, CJ), a way better story with better antagonists (Tenpenny has some of the best voice acting I've ever heard), and a jetpack

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Bully was great too.

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I love San Andreas, probably cause i grew up in LA and live in SF now. But it was soo expansive and had everything that i love about the GTA series.

But recently i went back and listened to some of the Vice City soundtrack. The Fever 105 station is by far the best radio station GTA has created and one of the best collection of songs. Period

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Vice City only lives because of its soundtrack and I get the that vibe is awesome but take that soundtrack out of that game and it has nothing , also San Andreas is a way better game story and gameplay wise.

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Vice City - only GTA game I ever liked enough to bother putting up with the shitty gameplay and terribly generic storytelling.

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I love both, but I hold Vice City closer to my heart. San Andreas made many necessary upgrades, to the point where it made Vice City almost completely obsolete, but if it wasn't for Vice City, perhaps I never would have even played San Andreas. There are a few minor things I'm not crazy about in San Andreas, but it truly was one heck of a game. For me, Vice City is an all-time top 5 favorite video game. San Andreas is possibly also in the top 10.

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III is the genesis.
Vice City has the best licensed music.
San Andreas has the crazy.
Bully has the best original soundtrack.
IV is the best game.

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I loved loved loved Vice City. Then when it came time to play San Andreas I quickly found I just couldn't be bothered. Maybe it was Open Word Fatigue™ or just that there was something different about the whole experience that my subconscious mind was picking up on. Regardless, I just found the idea of being faced with everything San Andreas was offering to be exhausting.

I always feel a bit guilty for not giving it more of a chance, especially when I hear people talk about it in such glowing terms. But I'm pretty sure I can never go back and give it another shot.

Also, Vice City had a C64-style loading screen.

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I loved Vice City, despite the fact I have some trouble with it's themes. I really did not want to do the mission of killing some rich guy's wife. But I related to the main character, and especially the art, times and music(not that one in- game band, though the boobytrapped car mission was absolutely lol..

I know what it says about me, but the gangsta bit put me off in San Andreas, and what I didn't like about Vice city was 10 times worse in GTAS.A. I gave up after they reached San fransisco. Peter fonda is a fucking sell-out.

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Remember in Vice City when you could stand on top of a speeding car and shoot people and the police, pretty much was a free ride away :D

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I going to decide the poll once and for all by showing you this:

Loading Video...

Man, those were the days... good times ...

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I didn't play Vice City but I had a blast playing San Andreas