Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

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I would like to get a victrix Pro FS. Is it too late? How is it? It looks like a really good fight stick. I also don’t care about customizing. Thank you!

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Looks great, but 350$.. thats crazy!

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There are be cheaper fight sticks out there, you might wanna consider before you buy this one. At 350$ that's alot for a fight stick.

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Awesome a question I can answer (its time to shine) @propagandapanda I'm a collector and users of FS. I personal brought one during Final Round this year. I love the build quality and look of the stick especially when you get it custom laser etched. But if you're getting it just for a fightstick you can save a lot a money to get the same results. Also Victrix is releasing a V2 of this which has different colour Aluminum and a touchpad for the PS4. If money not a object go for it if it makes you happy I love mines.

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Are you an arcade stick enthusiast and just wants to add one to your collection? Then sure, go for it. If this is your first arcade stick or you're coming back to fighting games after a long break there are cheaper alternatives that are just as good at almost half the price. I'm currently using the Hori Fighting Edge. It has a sleek brushed aluminum body, touch panel, proprietary Hayabusa buttons which either will or won't be to your liking. It goes for around $200 or less. I've heard good things about the Qanba Obsidian as well and I believe that is a similar price range.