Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

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I would like to get a victrix Pro FS. Is it too late? How is it? It looks like a really good fight stick. I also don’t care about customizing. Thank you!

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Looks great, but 350$.. thats crazy!

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There are be cheaper fight sticks out there, you might wanna consider before you buy this one. At 350$ that's alot for a fight stick.

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Awesome a question I can answer (its time to shine) @propagandapanda I'm a collector and users of FS. I personal brought one during Final Round this year. I love the build quality and look of the stick especially when you get it custom laser etched. But if you're getting it just for a fightstick you can save a lot a money to get the same results. Also Victrix is releasing a V2 of this which has different colour Aluminum and a touchpad for the PS4. If money not a object go for it if it makes you happy I love mines.