Video Game Character You'd Most Like To Be Like?

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Hi guys,

Am new here, thought I'd register after lurking about on this forum for the past few months.

Which video game character would you most like to be like?

Mine would be Geralt in Witcher 3. Not because he has scars or because he's old, but because he is quite cool and charismatic, and has a lot of presence in whenever he is in a situation. He lives a cool life slaying monsters and going on adventures whilst still being relatively human like (despite his witcher mutations). People know him. That and he gets to bang loads of girls. :P

What about you guys?

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I don't really admire video game characters so I have no answer to that question.

But I apparently share a lot of personality traits with Yukiko Amagi, so, take that as you will.

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Literally anyone who is both competent at their job and secure enough in knowing it that they're not suffering from imposter syndrome and also not a complete dick about it.

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Not in the violence department, but I would love to have the confidence and determination of Doomguy.

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Deckard Cain

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Why haven't I heard of any of you guys' characters :P

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After five seconds of deep introspection, I've gotta say the goat from Goat Simulator.

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Sully from the Uncharted franchise. I feel like that dude has got it figured out.

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I like being me.

Not really an answer, but I can relate to Joel from The Last of Us. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but the dude made a father’s choice, and it was the right choice.

I also thought God of War 2018’s Kratos showed real growth. He went from an irredeemable monster in the original run to a father trying to use his mistakes to guide his child on a better path.

Less from a father’s perspective, Chloe from Life is Strange reminds me of a lot of my childhood. I didn’t have a parent die or get into anything nearly that messed-up, but she feels like someone I would have been hanging out with in high school.

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I could learn a bunch from Hitman. That guy is not afraid to go into a completely unknown situation and effortlessly belong there. It requires him to be a sick drummer? He will become a sick drummer. Being able to take 10 shots to the body without any lasting damage is quite impressive too. I do think i'm a more pleasant & easygoing person though.

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Does Spiderman count as a video game character?

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I'd want to be like Adam Jensen, but I refuse to ask for it. If I can be made that way without my knowledge for a greater cause that I'm not privy to then sure. But I didn't ask for it....

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I think Wander's arduous grind through a land of colossi, willing to do absolutely anything to revive the girl bundled in his arms through rain, mud, fire and whatever the hell else it threw at him, was so inspiring to me as a youth. The similarities with Atreyu are obvious, but you didn't see that sort of hardcore, heroic selflessness very often in games, with barely a word spoken. That guy!

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Pork Bun Guy from Sleeping Dogs.

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Commander Shepard. I sit in a cubicle programming and doing boring network engineer type stuff all day. I'd like to be an intergalactic war hero instead.

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Mario from Mario Sunshine