Video game I used to play

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Ok, everyone, you are going to have to bear with me.

I used to play this game when I was in the 3rd grade and I was 9 or 8 years old. I think the console must have been decently old at that point but I truly can not remember. The only thing I remember about the game was that I had to use a code to load the save file of the game and every time I saved it gave me a new code to type in to load my game. At one point in the game, there are three creatures, possibly talking birds, that talk in accents that sound like the Beatles. I also remember a sound effect that sounded like water dropping and a game that had to do with matching colored beetles.

Please help me. This is driving me mad. I even asked my teacher that let me play the game and the old lady doesn't remember anything. Nostalgia kills. Any ideas what my game is?

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Someone might be able to help you out over here:

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Without knowing what year is was when you were 8-9 or what console it was makes it tough. However, there were Beatles style birds in and some puzzle aspects to the Jungle Book game that came out on almost every console system and PC around '94 - that is the closest thing that I can think of that matches your description. It might be worth looking at some screen shots/videos if there's a version on the system you were on to see if its that one. It's a long shot but they are the only Beatle styled birds I can think of.