Video Game Revelations

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I’m curious; what was everyone’s first video game revelation? I had this thought when I recently recalled a random memory about the N64 version of Star Wars: Podracer. I had noticed how the wall and ground textures seemed blurred and slanted in such a way as to make it look like the world was moving forward even when you weren’t moving. It made me wonder if the textures were designed to make the game seem faster than it really was, if that makes sense.

So, for me, I think the first time I had that sort of revelation was when I realized that most of the games on the Colecovision weren’t designed to end but repeat endlessly. I now know that this was because they were arcade ports and arcade games back then were designed to be score based only. I realized this when I beat the first quest in Pitfall 2, also on the Colecovision, and realized it had an ending and that the other games I played didn’t.

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I started playing before I could account for my revelations, so I’ll spit out a few early thoughts:

Warlords and Yars’ Revenge are appreciated, but criminally under-rated

There’s something to that GI Joe game with the giant snake that’s mesmerizing

The Empire Strikes Back was simple, yet dope as fuck

Combat, Spiderman 2600 and Haunted House are great by any standard

ET is barely a game

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My relationship with games isn't necessarily tied to my early experiences with an Atari 5600 and NES (early elementary - high school). I like the few games I played, but nothing "revelatory." Got back (or just?) into gaming in my mid thirties and learned...

video games can tell stories that make me feel complicated emotions/tell stories/cry - To the Moon

even cheesy dialog in video games can make me feel like I am young/a teenager again- Life is Strange

I can feel totally connected to a life nothing like mine - Yakuza series

To the Moon is the first of those, so probably answers the question best. But all are firsts. I'm sure there are a bunch of others, but those games/feelings of OMG are the first that come to mind...