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Are there any genres of games, that were born for lateral and vertical 2D gameplay mechanics; as the arcades of platforms, shoot em 'up, beat em' up, run-and-gun, and 1 Vs 1 fight?.

Instead, all genres of video games arcades, can pass from mechanical or development of 2D, to other mechanical 3D game, if their programmers and designers know that things must change, to fit 2D mechanical other 3D.?

Do mechanical 2D, lateral and vertical, video games are less playable than mechanical 3D; to be seen lateral and vertical, more limited; and that this type of fixed screens do not allow much spectacular?

Do 3D game mechanics, can emulate, in the future, the playability of the 2D mechanics of arcade video games; by designing in the future, only games in 1st and 3rd person, and isometric perspective; and by not designing, from then on, new side-scroller and vertical 2D video games?.

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The answer is within your own heart.

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...Are you asking if 2D video games are more easily playable than 3D ones?

Probably. The ability to navigate in a 3D space is something that a whole lot of us take for granted, but put a first person shooter or a 3D platformer in front of someone who's never tried something like that before and you will watch them fumble the hell out of it. 2D is a lot easier to understand, there's no Z-axis for your brain to process.

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In a question and answer page, a user commented on the issue, "the problem is that they believe that one is the replacement of the other, which is not true, the 2D and 3D can coexist without any problem ..." And another user adds, that "if in the future the 2d disappear again, I doubt it will be soon, it will be a matter of time to come back cyclically."

Do you think that this may be true, and that one is the replacement of the other?

This time in a different place, another person commented that "What people do not seem to understand is that 2D gameplay and 3D gameplay are totally different. It's great to take that 3D games, but not at the expense of forgetting the 2D genre. 3D not 2D but better. 3D is different, and unfortunately in a while it seems that the only company that realizes this is Nintendo. "

In some ways, such as: http://www.infoconsolas.com/general/pasado-presente-y-futuro-de-los-videojuegos, http://www.pixfans.com/herederos-de-otra-dimension/ , http://illbethejudgeofthat.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/2d-vs-3d-a-gaming-evolution/. They seem not to see it.

This also seems to address film and integrated personal communications in the future, as we have websites such as:

http://www.lashorasperdidas.com/index.p ... evolution /

, In movies, and communications, and,. The ultimate fusion between reality and virtual reality artificial

http://www.futurist.com/articles-archiv ... d-virtual /


Finally, in contrast to all previous arguments, some see it, the side-scrolling video games and vertical coexist with video games 3D game mechanics, but probably will as niches. Or you can do like Shenmue, DOTT or Beyond Good and Evil, which has classic games in virtual reality, as complete minigames. In this line, recently, Sega, has shown the first images of Taiko Drum Master in the game Sega, Yakuza 5.

Finally, can finish the thing, all in virtual reality?