Vinny and Dan tackling Hideo Kojima's adventure games?

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Hey just want to start a quick discussion and wondering if you'd like to see this idea for a new playthrough series.

Dan is obviously super into Metal Gear and Kojima and the games that are constantly referenced throughout the series are both SNATCHER and Policenauts, both games were made in the early days and success of Metal Gear and the beginnings of Solid and having played both of these games myself I feel like this would be a very unique series for Giant Bomb to tackle as it has all the Kojima tropes with 80's action movie/sci-fi cliches and set pieces with interesting stories of the future in a adventure game presentation which I feel would be best suited for Vinny to play and Dan to react!

Let me know what you think because honestly both of these games deserve at least 1 playthrough by Dan and I think they will both be pleasantly surprised!

P.S. If you've never played Policenauts due to it being only released in Japan there was a dedicated group of rom-hackers (one of them being the writer of Half Life: Marc Laidlaw) who translated the entire PS1 Iso that can easily be patched if you have a copy of the game.

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I have to say I'm on the fence about this. I love the Vinny/Dan dynamic but I feel like I got enough Metal Gear content with Metal Gear Scanlon. Who's the Big Boss was okay but I found myself getting tired of Metal Gear shows by that point. I'm not familiar with these games but your description makes it seem like these are closely related to the Metal Gear series. Do you find that they differentiate themselves enough to offer a unique viewing experience?

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@hack1501: Well... I'd say the best way to sum them up without getting into detail is this. Hideo Kojima shows his true nerdy side of films in these 2 games, SNATCHER is a Blade Runner meets Terminator game and Policenauts is Lethal Weapon in SPAAAACE and both feel very far away from Metal Gear except from references and blatant names from them (it makes sense when you play them don't worry)

Also because they are adventure games the fun comes from the puzzle and dialogue solving gameplay, I don't mean to sound like a fanboy but Kojimas witty fourth wall writing works really well in these games and if he didn't focus on Metal Gear he could do pretty well in a lot other genres from both of these games and PT.

The only thing you may get sick of is that Kojima LOVES psuedo-science and in Policenauts the world building starts right from the beginning with a lot of techno-babble to explain how the future works (and sometimes predicting our future). But the characters in these games are the best part, they aren't like Metal Gear charactes at all and actually have a lot of great personality. Policenauts especially has anime FMVs with really solid animation that I'm still impressed by today, also the music in both of these games is fantastic! (Don't look up the album for SNATCHER though, the track names spoil the game)

Both games have really solid plots as well, they aren't all over the show like Metal Gear because both games were clearly made without a sequel in mind and despite Kojimas over-explanation of the world they feel very solid and very well paced.

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@benbelle: Actually, this sounds pretty cool. I think this would be an interesting feature by your description. It has been a long time since Vinney has been able to get his adventure game on!

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Given that Dan straight up says adventure game suxxx & that he dislikes game stories in the ghost babel playthrough i'm watching right now, i have the feeling that this wouldn't be that good! He does think Metal gear stories sound cool on the first try, but requires multiple playthroughs until it finally makes sense to him.

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Policenauts never got an English release. Messing around with an emulator and translation hack is probably more effort than it's worth.

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Yeahhh, I can’t imagine Dan would enjoy being in a feature like this. Vinny with Alex/Abby though, that would be a different story...

...well, I’d also prefer changing the game(s) to some Lucasarts/Sierra title, so my input’s not that valuable here.

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I'd rather they didn't. I forget which one was already played on the site, but it was full of weird Kojima horniness and that's not really a thing I want to be watching right now.

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Abby is more into adventure games than Dan though.