VinnyVania: Bloodstained next episode ??

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Sorry if i missed this somewhere but I have searched and cannot find any information about why episode 5 hasn't been posted yet. In the end of 4 Vinny mentions that they will tackle the two dogs in the next episode, but that is what 16 days ago now - and they have posted other stuff in between.

Does anybody know if the beast crew has mentioned this anywhere?


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Burgle My Bananas took RE4’s usual wednesday slot, so instead of playing Bloodstained on that friday, they finished RE4. Last friday there was no GBeast show because of PAX.

Pretty sure there’ll be a live show this friday.

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@glots: Wauv, you are really up to date on the time schedules. Thanks for the reply. That is the reason I am sure. I wish I had the same time to stay on top of everything. I don't watch burgle my bananas or RE4, so that could be why this timing shift had passed me by.