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I have been thinking about this off an on, and debating if i should spend 200 dollars (CDN) on a 3DS. There is finally some games i would play like pokemon and fire emblem to kill time when im bored.

I play all my games on PC, and the odd one on PS3.

Is it worth the money? sell me people!! haha

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Hell yes it is.
Hell yes it is.

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Yes. Play Virtue's Last Reward.

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Pokémon Yes.

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Since I got my 3ds this summer, it's basically all I play. I thought it would be a distraction, turns out that it's the perfect rpg machine for me,since I can play on the go! I recommend the XL - the bigger screens are worth it. If you like s-rpgs I also recommend Devil Survivor Overclocked. Shin Megami Tensei IV is also on the system, and it's currently my GOTY. You won't regret it!

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Yep. I mostly play PC games these days and I don't regret my 3DS purchase at all. There's a ton of great games you can't get anywhere else so I think its totally worth getting. Shin Megami Tensei 4 is great and the new Pokemon is super fun, plus the eShop is actually kind of amazing.

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I also play most of my games on the PC, but I don't regret my XL purchase at all. Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei 4, Pushmo, Crashmo, tons of great games... all in the palm of your hand.

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Fantastic system. I use it mostly on my train ride to work (which is an hour long) and it's perfect for that. I also recommend Super Mario 3D Land, probably the best mario game outside the Galaxy games in the last 10 years. Fire Emblem is incredible.

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How can you be asking that? What is this, 2011?

Yes, you should. Go buy one right now.

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If this was 2 years ago, I would say no, but it's worth it now. Go get one.

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Pokemon X/Y, Fire Emblem, Super Mario 3D Land, Ace Attorney 5 (out next week), Luigi's Mansion, etc.

It really is a fantastic little system.

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Yes it is very much worth it. Especially for the games you are interested in.

Not sure how to sell you on it. There are a tonne of worthwhile games on the platform. More than you likely have time for. Get it.

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I bought a 3DS a few months ago as the first handheld system I've ever owned. I can honestly say it's been a great investment. With new games only at $40 in the U.S. I don't hesitate as much to buy the games I want. It's a fantastic system and has more than enough great games to justify it. I highly recommend getting a 32 gig SD card if you plan on buying any of your games digitally though.

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Hell yeah, Phoenix wright comes out soon.

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Yes I would recommend it. Honestly at this point it's hard for anyone to say the 3DS isn't worth the money. So many great games and some more coming out soon.

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ended up getting it. damn. right now in the preview it shows the picture as upside down? i guess ill see once i post it

thanks for the help and bit of a push! lol

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I bought a used 3DS XL for $140, it's in great shape, the guy I bought it from didn't even unpack the AR cards. But I love the system. I got my pokemon fix and there's a huge library of 3ds and DS games for you to pick from.