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Poll Wanting some Backlog Moral Support (50 votes)

1-5 18%
6-10 20%
11-15 24%
16-20 4%
21-25 4%
26-30 2%
31-35 4%
36-41 0%
All 42! You really believe in me to find time or give up easily 24%

Going to start with TLDR: At 1/1/20 I had a 42 game backlog. Want to get through as many as possible by 4/3/20.

With the new year and decade, I did at least some inventory of games I have purchased, games I got free for PS+, Xbox Gold or XGP that I want to play. My list is 42 games long with some large, large games on the list. I did at least some organizing of how I want to tackle/play them (not concrete by any stretch). My goal is to cross off as many of these games as I can by 4/3/20, because Resident Evil 3 Remake launches that day (already pre-purchased digital version). I only had some passing interest in the Resident Evil franchise before 2019.

After years of people telling me how good RE4 was, I got it when it came out on 360 and enjoyed it. My wife enjoyed watching me play it as well. I wasn't obsessed with it by any stretch. Afterwards, we picked up RE5 and played through together. When RE6 came out, we played through all of that together. Both of those games were fun, but again nothing spectacular. Enjoyed RE1 Remaster on PS4 and RE7. However, when RE2 Remake came out, I became obsessed. I have completed that game at least 20 times (and got the platinum) and still watch people play it on Twitch. I am so hyped for RE3 Remake, and might even take a day off work just to binge it all day.

At this point, that gives me just under 3 months to clear as many games off my list as possible. This does not mean completing them, but also trying a game for 1-5 hours and deciding I'm not having fun/it's not for me/I got out of it what I wanted and moving on forever. So, I know some of getting through these games will be tedious, and I have two pitfall distractions right now (still playing some Madden, and also enjoying CoD: MW 2019 multiplayer). So, I'm making this thread to ask for rah rah, cheer support, because I keep growing my backlog. Additionally, RE3R is the first game of 2020 that I want. While FF7 Remake looks cool, I can't get too excited about a partial story. Additionally, I have made a poll (assuming I'm smart enough to figure it out) to create some fun guessing among other GB fans. Place your bets as to how many games I get crossed off my list by April 3. Note, I have a family and job, so I'm playing 10 hours (with maybe an occasional 20) per week. Now, here is my list (with some notes because why not).

iPhone (1)

1) That Dragon, Cancer (had this on my phone since it came to iOS, but the heavy emotions have kept me from getting to it).

PS4 (20)

1) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (already done)

2) Life is Strange Season 2 (definitely going to play all of this as I loved LiS1 and the prequel)

3) Sonic Mania (loved Sonic in the day, heard great things)

4) Days Gone (picked up for cheap, figure this is a few hours and done, but could be wrong)

5) Telltale Batman Season 2 (I'm maybe halfway through chapter 1)

6) Onimusha: Warlords (played O3 in the day, curious about this one)

7) Telltale Walking Dead: Michonne (played Season 1 & 2, plan to play whole story)

8) Telltale Walking Dead Season 3

9) Darksiders 3 (loved D1, curious about this one, didn't play D2)

10) Walking Dead Final Season

11) Yakuza 6 (LOVED Y0, YK1 & YK2)

12) Soma (curious, likely to quit after an hour or two)

13) Nioh (mostly curious how this compares to Dark Souls)

14) Detroit: Become Human (really liked Heavy Rain, thought Two Souls was ok)

15) Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Black Flag made me stop playing AC games)

16) Heavy Rain (played when it launched on PS3, wanting to play again)

17) Dying Light (I've had this since January 2015 and have not started it)

18) Final Fantasy 15 (have played all the number titles except FF14)

19) Sniper Elite 4 (free from PS+, looks like some dumb fun)

20) The Surge (curious how it compares to Dark Souls)

Xbox One (16)

1) A Plague Tale: Innocence (on chapter 8 currently)

2) Double Dragon Neon (loved DD 1-3)

3) Shenmue 1 (Dan's love of Shenmue has me curious)

4) Modern Warfare 2019 (love these campaigns as big, dumb fun)

5) Red Dead Redemption 2 (picked this up for cheap, Dan's story from GOTY 2018 scares me)

6) KOTOR (Fallen Order has me itching to play this again)

7) Crash Team Racing (loved this on PS1)

8) Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (got it free on Gold, curious)

9) Call of Cthulhu (bought at launch, haven't gotten around to it)

10) Gears of War 4 (played a little earlier in 2019 and bailed, likely to bail again)

11) LA Noire (picked up cheap, been wanting to replay

12) Gears of War 5 (if I bail on Gears 4, this will also be a bail)

13) Metal Gear Solid 5 (on PS4 I got to the point where Quiet was in a cage at my base or something, will start over on Xbox)

14) Witcher 3 (already started this two different times, the size intimidates me)

15) Grand Theft Auto 5 (freshly on XGP, wanting to replay)

16) Shenmue 2 (if I bail on S1, will bail on this)

Switch (5)

1) Pokemon Shield (1 gym in and wasted so much time in the wild area or whatever it is called, have played through every mainline pokemon game and their updated release versions like Yellow, Crystal, Platinum and their remakes)

2) Final Fantasy 8 Remastered (my favorite game of all-time, I just started what used to be Disc 3 when Pokemon came out)

3) River City Girls (this looks fun, loved River City Ransom on NES)

4) Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Trilogy (loved these on DS, wanted to play again)

5) Resident Evil 4 (my love of RE got me to pick up Revelations and this game. I bailed on Revelations halfway through, curious if I still even somewhat enjoy RE4)


1) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


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@slag Thanks and good question. I have


Walking Dead Season 3

Walking Dead Final Season

Yakuza 6

Detroit: Become Human

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Heavy Rain

Dying Light


Red Dead Redemption 2

LA Noire

Witcher 3


Pokémon Shield

Final Fantasy 8

Phoenix Wright Trilogy

Resident Evil 4

Considering I played a bit of Red Dead, came back and I didn’t have a save file, it might be gone soon.

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I have one chapter left in The Walking Dead: New Frontier. I have really enjoyed this season. It may have been Telltale's best work. Has kept me interested and been exciting the whole way. I will finish this before Friday. So, looks like the final number will be 29. Congrats to the one person who guess 26-30! I wish I could see who it was.