Watching Premium Content on my TV

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I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but can I use my PS4 browser to watch premium videos on my TV. The boyfriend likes to watch GB with me, but we'd rather cuddle on the couch than in front of my desk.

If I can't do that via my PS4, what are some other options?

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I managed to do it on the PS4 browser but it's unwieldy and slower than usual. It's about impossible to scrub through video that way, but you can manage to watch a regular video from start to finish anyway.

If you have an XBOX One there's a fan app (sorry to the creator which is on here, I don't know his or her nickname) that is pretty great and connect easily with your premium account. It's a tad weird in stop (like using the "y" to pause/resume) but it works perfectly.

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The GB video player supports Chromecast, and that works fine for most premium videos. Streams are still a problem last time I checked: livestreams don't start streaming from where the stream is live, but from the very start.

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I've tried using the PS4 as a general media browser, but unfortunately it's not very good at that.

As Gaff suggested, a chrome cast is pretty useful and easy to use. Also fun that a bunch of friends can just send stupid youtubes directly to the TV.

The cheapest solution is probably to get a raspberry pi and turn this into a media box with OpenElec. There's a GiantBomb plugin which runs great in that, and you can also use it for other media.

For me, I wanted my media box to properly support surround sound and 4K, so as an experiment I got a cheap android media box from China. So far that works surprisingly great!

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@gnoltac: Raspberry Pi was a hit or miss for me. Sometimes worked flawlessly, sometimes did not work at all.

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There’s an unofficial GB player on the Google Play Store that works great on my Sony TV. It’s a pretty new TV, no idea if that app is available on all Android TVs. Android is often an abject mystery to me.

The app is awesome though, so well done to whomever built it.

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Android has a native function that allows it to mirror your phone's screen and audio to anything that will support it. Most smart TVs have a function to accept casting from Android devices as long as they are on the same WiFi network. If you don't have a smart TV, devices that can attach to your TV like a Roku or Chromecast will also allow you to cast anything that is currently displayed on your phone to your TV, including audio.

If you have a smart TV or one of those devices, you can cast from Android's notification panel. Or if you see this icon in any Android app:

No Caption Provided

Just tap that, choose a device that's on the same WiFi network, and it will automatically start broadcasting. In some apps, it will transfer the audio and video to your TV, and turn the current app display on your phone into a remote with pause, play, next, favorite, etc. Some apps like the YouTube app will also display a scrub bar, closed captioning options, and playback options.

You could do the same thing with Apple's AirPlay, but I never used that myself, so I have no experience with it.

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I use the Giant Bomb video buddy on ios, and you can send any video on the site to chromecast.

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AirPlay / ChromeCast. Roku and PS4 work, but only sometimes.

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@depecheload: It totally works in the PS4 browser. Just be sure to set it to HTML5 in the video settings on the site.

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Wii U all the way. It plays all the live shows and the touch screen makes it real easy to browse the main site.

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I second (or third) those recommending a Chromecast. The base chromecast is relatively inexpensive at $35 and works great for GB videos and its also really easy to operate which makes it a nice convenience. (Compatible with both Android and Apple mobile devices) If you don't have another streaming option other than your PS4 already, I think the Chromecast is probably your best bet.

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I've been considering picking up a Chromecast to be able to watch GB videos on the living room TV. The XB1 covers everything else just fine, but I'd vastly prefer navigating GB on my phone than the XB1's browser.

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Another solution if your TV supports it is to use the "Cast to" function in Windows. Just download the video first.

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PS4 reads from the PS3 Media Server app which is very easy to install on your Mac/PC. I don't watch much on my TV but when I do it's usually something I want to make sure I'm not distracted from, primarily the Metal Gear Scanlon and Demo Derby series', and the HD download files run flawlessly through PS3 Media Server to the PS4's media player app.

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If you happen to have a Roku TV, there's a built-in app in the store that works incredibly well. I've been using for a few weeks now and I've been able to watch way more content than I ever did before. I mostly watched a video here or there, now I'm catching most of the new stuff that I'm interested in.